New Video!

Here are my latest paper mache videos.

I just finished my Tiamat Dragon video.   To watch it just click on the photo.   Oh, and please watch in HD (since I bought the HD camera).

Paper mache Tiamat Dragon


Here is the  time-lapse video of a Paper Mache Minotaur.   Again, to watch it click on the photo below.    You can read more about the making of this project on the “My Paper Mache” page.

paper mache minotaur- front

If you want to see all of my videos in one place then go to my Youtube channel, Gourmet Paper Mache.   If you haven’t subscribed, please do.  Btw, I DO NOT MONETIZE!  Why?  Because I HATE ads on Youtube!   That’s why!    I loathe them.   So I don’t want to subject you to them either.   Just enjoy the videos.