Gourmet Paper Mache

Not your third grade paper mache

I have made hundreds of paper mache projects over the years.

Unfortunately I sold many without taking photos.    But here are a few examples of my art work.   Again, this page, like much of this site, is under construction.   I had a “Website Tonight” site before this one.  My site unexpectedly suspended because of too much traffic.  (Still makes me mad.)  So I got this one up and running quickly.  Unfortunately the site was suspended before I could grab the photos of my paper mache art work that I had posted.  I’m in the process of trying to find copies to post here.   Thank you for your patience.


Paper Mache Baby dragon

Various Paper Mache projects

Miscellaneous paper mache

November 8, 2015
paper mache zombie dragon -slider

Paper Mache Trophies.

My Paper Mache Trophies

April 1, 2015
Paper Mache Seadragon baby- featured

Some older Paper Mache Dragons

Some of my Older Paper Mache Dragons

March 14, 2015
paper mache clown face close up- featured

Paper Mache Commissions – Building from 2D Images

My Paper Mache Commissions- building from 2D images

February 28, 2015
paper mache dragon with Eddie- slider

Cats and Paper Mache

My paper mache "Cats and Dragons"

February 6, 2015

Halloween Paper Mache

My Paper Mache Halloween projects

January 31, 2015
Pascal's paper mache dragon-face close up

Pascal’s Paper Mache Dragon

My commission for Pascal and his family

January 13, 2015
Paper mache naga- new slide

Naga-Paper Mache Dragon Queen of Snakes

My "Naga-Paper Mache Dragon Queen of Snakes"

January 17, 2015
Rum and paper mache- with Eddie

Rum and Paper Mache

What do your marionettes do after you go to bed?

January 15, 2015

Outdoor Paper Mache Dragon

My Outdoor Paper Mache Dragon

January 13, 2015
paper mache Game of Thrones Baby dragons

“Game of Thrones” Paper Mache Babies

My paper mache baby dragons (for Daenary's of course)

January 9, 2015
Paper Mache Unipossum- featured image

Paper Mache Unipossum

My mythical paper mache Unipossum (just before it got run over by a car)

January 7, 2015

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