Other Paper Mache Artists

There are other great sites out there dealing with this art form.    Here are links to some of friends and fellow paper mache artists.     One thing you’ll notice as you look around, that there are as many methods as there are artists.    I love my techniques because those are the ones I use.   My artist friends will undoubtedly say the same about their methods.     I also have a couple links to other kinds of artists that I like, and to some groups with whom I associate.    Check them out.


My friend Daniel has an incredible site, not just paper mache (fabulous pumpkins and odd creatures), but great movies and other fun things.   Please check it out, BlackJarFollies.com
My friend Lori has a wonderful site.   Check out Make Craft Projects.
Please look at Seditious, a wonderfully creative blog.  Stella is just a great paper mache artist!
Here is my friend Carlos’ Facebook page.  He is a great paper mache artist!
Check out the great paper and cloth mache of James Osterberg!   His site, and his blog.
For some great Halloween fun, I present Spooky Blue!
My friend Lyman is a great artist.  I love his work.  Find him at Monster Mache
Creative Paper Mache -A wonder paper mache resource!  Galleries, recipes, ideas galore!  Check it out!

102 Wicked Things to Do (Mary’s wonderful blog!)

Driftwood Dreams – a great paper mache resource

Stolloween   Scott Stoll is one of the very best.  This is a premier resource!

Monique's paper mache bookMonique Robert Studios:  Amazing Author, Sculptor, Illustrator.

The Paper Mache of my friend Carlos (helps if you speak Spanish)

Willow’s Gallery – amazing sculpture.  Must see!

Sue McLearie– Fantastic paper mache animals, bugs, and more!

Louie Rochon sculpture-whimsical, wonderful paper mache!

Storm the Castle

Okay, for Halloween, you MUST check out Pumpkinrot!  Really cool!

dragling2  Rozani’s Dragonry Designs 

Papiermache.co.uk – Galleries, Books, instructions.  The works.  One of the first, and best  paper mache sites!
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