I make my paper mache art because I have to make art.

I don’t make individual sculptures for the money.   But I can’t keep everything I make.  So I do sell some pieces every year.   Also, I do sell by commission every so often, although I’m doing that less often these days.  It’s difficult making something that someone else envisions.      Below you will see projects that are currently for sale.   I also show several that have already sold just so you can get a general idea about how I price.   Additional note as of November, 2022.   I just haven’t been making many projects lately that are ready for sale.  I have mostly made projects that are so labor intensive that it doesn’t make sense to sell.   I encourage anyone disappointed by this to make their own project.   All the steps can be seen on my blog, PaperMacheBlog.com.   If you have any doubt that you can make something great just look at the “Your Paper Mache” section of this site!  I am always happy to answer questions as you work through the steps.

Speaking of prices… I want to add here that, despite how it looks in my videos, my art is very labor intensive.  It takes many hours, weeks, months, and a great deal of effort to make my pieces.   My prices reflect that.  I’m not embarrassed about it. Sometimes I put in so much time on a piece that I price it out of the market.   If you see a ridiculously high price on a piece it’s because for some reason or other it was particularly time consuming to make, or I really want to keep it.  If these prices are more than you’d like to pay, consider buying my books and making your own project.   Many hundreds of people have done that over the years.  Most will tell you that they love the piece they made more than the one they originally wanted from me.   And it is much more satisfying.  You can see some of these projects on the “Your Paper Mache” pages.

Also, please note that I charge for the shipping as well.  I do not charge for making the custom crate needed to ship the pieces.  I have to say that sometimes it seems harder to make the crate than the art.  I must also mention that if you don’t live in the US it will be prohibitively expensive to ship.  I can’t control that.  Sorry.

If you have questions, contact me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.

I love making dragons.   I make whole dragons once in a while.  But they require a lot of extra time to build.  So I’ve taken to making trophies.  It’s fun making just the heads.   I’ve had people get angry with me for putting these heads on a plaque.   They tell me that it’s disrespectful to imply that they were killed for their heads.   I point out to them that these dragons are just pretend.  Nothing was killed in the making of these projects.


I am selling Alduin for the usual $2000 plus shipping.   (Sorry, this has been sold)  This was an obnoxiously labor intensive project.   I think the lights look pretty good, but it was very difficult getting them where I wanted them.   Please note that these l.e.d. lights are battery powered.  So most of the time you would not have them on.  Probably just a holiday sort of thing.

You can see the making of this project on Youtube, here.

paper mache Alduin

close up Alduin

Of course most of the time the lights will be off.  So here is a photo of him with the lights off.  I like it better that way.

dark alduin

This is the “Nice” dragon in my “Naughty and Nice” video.   He/she has led lights behind the eyes, in the throat, and in the nostrils.  They are battery powered and controlled by micro switches behind the ears.  Here is a photo with the lights on, and one with the lights off.   Please note that most of the time this would have be in the lights off condition.   So it has to look good that way.  I think this one does.

Price : $2000 plus shipping.  Sorry, sold.

Nice dragon -lights on

Nice dragon -lights off

And here is the “Naughty” dragon from the video, again, with lights on and off.  I really like this dragon and wouldn’t mind keeping it.

Price is the usual $2000 plus shipping.

Naughty dragon -lights on

Naughty dragon -lights off

Here is the first golden dragon I’ve ever made.  $2000 plus shipping.   Sorry, this pieces is sold.

Paper Mache Gold Dragon -side1 Paper Mache Gold Dragon -side2

Here is a long-necked White Dragon.  It’s hard to tell what the shape is like for this one.  The neck is long and curved.  Here are three views.   $2000 plus shipping.  Sorry, sold.

Paper mache White Dragon- side 1 Paper mache White Dragon- side 2 Paper mache White Dragon- front

And here is a Blue and Grey Dragon.  Also $1500 plus shipping.

Paper Mache Blue Dragon -side2 Paper Mache Blue Dragon -side1

Below are some older projects that I have just put up for sale.  Descriptions are underneath the photos.

Son of Maleficent - lights on

“Son of Maleficent”  $2000 plus shipping.  Sorry, this is sold.  Yes, this is the one I show being made on Youtube.   I don’t know if you can tell from the photos but it is a really a big trophy.  And fairly heavy.  Shipping on this will cost a little more because even the most form-fitting crate will probably exceed the size limits of UPS and other carriers.  Usually that means surcharges.   I have l.e.d lights implanted behind the eyes, the nose, and inside the mouth.   They are battery operated and controlled by six microswitches behind the ears.  On top is a photo with the lights off.  Obviously the photo below has the lights on.

Son of Maleficent - lights off

Zombie Dragon _ eyes not lit

Zombie Dragon.  $2200 plus shipping.  Sorry, this has been sold.  Yes, this price is higher because it took me a dillion hours to make.   It was a labor of love.  But labor nevertheless.   You can also see this one being made on Youtube.  It is a very popular piece.zombie dragon other side

And by the way, these eyes also light up. I know, a little cheesy.

Zombie eye

Here is Juvenile “Drogon”.   $1900 plus shipping.  Sorry this project has sold.   I made it after the season of Game of Thrones when Dani’s dragons were about this size.   It is about three feet across, wing tip to wing tip.  Let me know if you want more measurements.

Juvenile Drogon

Speaking of Drogon…I made the trophy of the young-adult version of Drogon.  He is also the subject of a Youtube video.  He is a little more expensive than most of my trophies just because I like him so much.  I offer him for $2000 plus shipping.  Sorry, this project has also sold.

 Dragon young adult

“Albino Dragon”  $1200.  I modeled this dragon after my cat Eddie.   It’s actually one of my favorites.   Again, you can see this being made on Youtube.

Albino Dragon -front Albino dragon -side

Below are some projects that I sold.

Paper Mache trophy- sold

A Paper Mache Dragon Trophy- sold $2300

Paper Mache Maleficent-Dan Reeder

“Maleficent” from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.   Made as a commission. Sold for $2000

Paper Mache Buddha and Jo- Dan Reeder

“Buddha and Jo”.  Made for a coffee shop in Seattle- sold for  $2500

paper mache Ganesh

Made for Terri (Ballard Healing Arts) for $2500