People keep asking me to make a paper mache unicorn.   Sorry.    I just don’t want to.  Actually, I did make one a long time ago.    The publishers of my Simple Screamer book wanted me to make one project that showed you could use the techniques for something “cute” (or at least, not ugly).   So I made a unicorn.   I might get brave and post an old photo of it.   I just never liked it.   Anyway, I decided that a good compromise would be to make a “uni” something.   An opossum seemed like a good idea.  So I did.  Here it is.   If you would like to see the time-lapse video of this being made, then check out my Youtube video, here.

Paper Mache Unipossum side Paper Mache Unipossum side Paper Mache Unipossum- top