It is my pleasure to present more of your paper mache art.  As I have said many times, I certainly don’t expect everyone to use the particular techniques I teach.  “Paper mache” encompasses a broad range of methods.  But I have to admit, when someone sends me a photo of a project made using one of my books, it is really gratifying.  Makes me feel a bit like a grandparent.    If you would like to see your paper mache art profiled on this site, just send your photos to me at

andrews paper mache bat1Andrew with his paper mache Bat.  Andrew used my Papier Mache Monsters book to make this.  I just love it.

 And, here is Jean’s paper mache “Priscilla”.  What a great dragon!
Jeans paper mache priscilla
gerards paper mache troll
Gerards’s “Byorshniven the Lake Goblin.”  And his dragon, (below)
gerards paper mache dragon
Below is Rick Pelletier’s Balrog.  Rick is magnificent paper mache artist, and a good friend.
Rick,s LOTR paper mache Balr
And here is Rick’s Elephant.  Magnificent!
Rick,s paper mache Elephant
sandys paper mache frog
Here is Sandy’s Frog (above) and her Bill Clinton (below)!
andys paper mache  bill clinton
Matts paper mache Monster
Matt’s paper mache Monster.  Great!
Matts paper mache Monster
brookbends paper mache lion head
Brookbend Ferris made this paper mache Lion Head and Eagle.  Wonderful work! Visit Brookbend on Facebook.  She also raises Bengal cats.  You can find them here.
Brookbends paper mache eagle
Here is Alexander (from Moscow) with his fantastic fish!
Alex paper mache fish
Alex paper mache fish
paper mache Deep Water Bob
This is Martha’s “Deep Water Bob”
kents paper mache  mr Krinkles
This is Kent’s paper mache “Mr Krinkles”
Paper mache monster
Tom’s paper mache Screamer!
MaryAllen paper mache Fish
Mary’s excellent paper mache Angler fish!
lori codys paper mache dragon
Finally, Lori’s paper mache Dragon!
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