I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at, dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

Below is  Steve Ball’s Screamer.  Just wonderful!   Steve teaches kids to make paper mache.   This is an example he made for them.
Steve Ball's paper mache Screamer
Here is Riley’s “Dino” .  He made it with a little help from his mom, Jenna.
Riley's (with Jenna's help) paper mache Allosaurus
Here is Riley with Dino.  Perfect!
Michelle McClain’s made a great paper cache  face!
Michelle McClain's paper mache face
Along with a parrot she made.  Great work!
Michelle McClain's paper mache parrot
Here are several of Moni’s projects.  All great!  First is “Sloppy Joe”
monis paper mache sloppy joe1
Next is “Miss Meow”
Monis paper mache Miss Meow
And Moni’s “Ermine”monis paper mache ermine
And her “Chameleon”
 monis paper mache chameleon4
Oh yes, she made a bulldog as well!
monis paper mache bulldog1
Finally, Moni made this excellent “Dodo”
monis paper mache dodo

Here is Kim and Katrina’s paper mache dragon head.  They said they
couldn’t make the body because the dog “got to it”.  Bad dog!  Well, the head is wonderful.

Kim and Katrina's paper mache dragon head

Here is Natascha’s monster drinking his morning coffee.  Perfect!

natashas paper mache monster

Speaking of cool monsters.   Check out Cameron’s monster.  Both so cute!

camerons paper mache monster

And here is Grace with her monster.  Wonderful.

graces paper mache monster

Here is Meredith’s first dragon.  Very nice!

merediths paper mache dragon

Look at this fantastic project made by Teri Eichborn for a baby shower.  It’s called “Priority Mail”.  Really great!

teris paper mache stork

Below is Linda’s paper mache pig (with cat of course!).

lindas paper mache pig with cat

Look at Hayley’s “Cycloptosaurus”.  Adorable.

hayleys paper mache Cycloptosaurus

Mr Zack Brown had his students make some zombie presidents.  Here are a few.  So clever!

This is Andrew Jackson

paper mache Andrew Jackson

And paper mache Martin Van Burant.

paper mache Martin Van Burant

And finally Thomas Jefferson.

paper mache Thomas Jefferson

By the way, this is Mr Zack’s own project called “Two Face”

Mr Zack Browns paper mache Two Face

And here are a couple of final projects from Zack’s class.  It’s called “Charlie the Nematode” and “Bernie the Goblin.”

paper mache monsters Charlie the Nematode and Bernie the Goblin

And …Pru and Luke and Gus’ paper cache monsters!

Pru and Luke and Gus paper mache monsters

Below is Kim’s first paper cache project, a Tiger.   Amazing job.  I love the little cat following in the background.

Kims paper mache Tiger

Look at this cute little dragon that Shauna made.  His name is “Barry”

Shaunas paper mache Barry

Speaking of cute dragons…..check this out!   This is Thomas’ paper mache dragon trophy that he made for the back of his truck!  I love this!

While we are on a dragon roll, here is Rob’s “Gertrude”.  Beautiful.

Robs paper mache dragon Gertrude

And Renee’s cute little dragon.

renees paper mache Dragon

Renee also made this “Teddy Dragon.”   Love it.

renees paper mache teddy dragon 1

This is my friend Nacho’s dragon.   Wonderful!

nachos dragon2

Look at this great giraffe “Sweet Pea” made by Linda.  So nice!

indas paper mache Sweet Pea giraffe

This is Jeremy’s excellent robot!

jeremys paper mache robot

Here is something cute…Marilena’s “Guardian” dragon (and Sam)

marilenas paper mache guardian, and Sam

Another great dragon trophy.  This time made by Kasandra.  Terrific!

kasandras paper mache Dragon

Two last dragons.   Donna with her great  trophy!

donnas paper mache dragon trophy

and her rendition of my little “William”  (the star of my children’s book, William’s Treasure.

donnas paper mache Williamii

Look at this cool bat.  Art made this.  Lovely!arts paper mache bat

Here is something different, and really cool!  Charlene made this paper cache fireplace!  Amazing!

charlenes paper mache fireplace

Finally, here are three very special paper mache projects. Cynthia makes these to honer breast cancer survivors.  What else can you say?

The first is called, “Isis”

cynthias paper mache Isis

Here is her breast cancer “Armor”

Cynthias paper mache Breast Cancer Armor

And finally, her “Brave New World Devolution.”  Beautiful work!

Cynthias paper mache Brave New World Devolution