I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.

I just love Peter Overstreet’s paper mache “Gill” (or, aptly,  “Don’t Swim”)

I love the clipped scales and the webbing.

Peter Overstreet's paper mache "Gill" 3

From the side

peter overstreet's paper mache monster "Gill"


Here is Ryan William’s first paper mache project.   What a great mask!

Ryan's paper mache mask

Ryan has finished a couple more excellent pieces.  Here is his dragon trophy.

Ryan William's paper mache trophy

And check out Ryan’s paper mache Jaguar!  Beautiful!

Ryan William's paper mache jaguar


This Heather Hearing’s first paper mache dragon.  Fantastic job!

Heather Hearing's paper mache dragon

Check out Rose Almere’s paper mache chickens!  So fun!

Rose Almere's paper mache chickens

More chicken’s made by Rose’s students.  Fantastic!

Rose Almere's paper mache chickens 2


Here is Nat’s little paper mache dragon “Nubs.”  Very nice.

Nat's paper mache dragon "Nubs"


This is Austin Smith’s paper mache dragon.  Excellent job!

Smith's paper mache dragon


Look at Lydia Kuperus’ paper mache project.  So adorable!

Lydia Kuperus' paper mache project


Meredith made this great little paper mache monster, “Elmer”.  And what would Elmo be without his friend, “Chewie”

meredith paper mache Screamer, "Elmer"meredith paper mache Screamer, "Elmer" and Chewie

Here is a paper mache mask made by Steven Lewis.  Excellent!

steven lewis' paper mache mask 2

And below are two of Hugo Silva’s very cool paper mache dragons.

Silva's paper mache green dragon

This is the green one (obviously) and the red one is below.

hugo silva's paper mache red dragon

Here is a fun, paper mache hot air balloon made by Sue Alexander.

sue alexander's paper mache balloon.

And Craig Thompson’s paper mache dragon trophy.

Craig thompson's paper mache dragon trophy

harold hughe's paper mache monster

This is Harold Hugue’s fun little paper mache monster.  This is his first project.  Great!

harold hughe's paper mache monster2

Check out this series of paper mache horses made by Prahalad Gond.   Very nice work!

Prahalad Gond's paper mache horses1


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