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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos to make something they love.   Makes me feel like a grandpa to these projects.  Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at, dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


This is Leslie Jaramillo’s first paper mache dragon that she entered into her companies art contest.   Excellent job!

Leslie Jaramillo's paper mache dragon


Alan Faunch just finished his paper mache version of the Game of Thrones throne!  What a lot of work.  Excellent!   Please see more of Alan’s work lower on the page.

Alan Faunch's throne Alan Faunch's paper mache throne


Ffion Caines is on a mission to make 8 dragon trophies.  This is her first.  Fantastic work!   If you would like to follow her progress or see other great art, visit her art page, https://www.facebook.com/ffioncainesart/.

ffion caines paper mache dragon

ffion caines paper mache dragon2

As I said earlier, Ffion was on a mission to make 8 trophies this year.   Well, he got very close.  Here are SEVEN fabulous paper mache trophies!

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy2

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy3

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy4

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy5

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy6

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy

Excellent job Ffion!


Here is a great Halloween project made by Rich Watkins.  Fantastic!

rich watkins paper mache halloween project

This is Valerio Fracchetta’s first dragon.   Wonderful job!

valerio fracchetta drogon


Chris (from Schwabach, German) made this great dragon.  He named it, “Chrisugo.”  Excellent!

chris from Schwabach germany Chrisugo


Here is Rachel’s paper mache woman with her little “Pompette.”  Wonderful piece!

And a close up of Pompette!

achel's paper mache pompette

And this is another project by Rachel, “Gloria”

Gloria --by Rachel

This sculpture was based on the Beryl painting called ‘The Strippergram’ – you can see that in the background of photo.  Excellent!

Beryl painting called 'The Strippergram' - Rachel


Check out Tory Sonstroem’s first dragon,  “Jules Wyverne!”   Fantastic!

Tory Sonstroem juleswyverne


Here is Juliet Hwang’s paper mache dragon.  Beautifully done!

Juliet Hwang's paper mache dragon


Below are two pieces by Santisuk Sujittanonrat.  Very nice!

santisuk sujittanonrat's paper mache dog santisuk sujittanonrat's paper mache


Here is Laura Lit’s paper mache “Candy.”   Fantastic job!

Laura Doolin's paper mache "Candy"



This is Lauren Elverum’s dragon after a hearty meal!   Nicely done!  Love the smoke!

Lauren Elverum's dragon


Here is Jorge Serra’ “Viper Indu.”  Beautiful job!

Jorge Serra' Viper Indu Jorge Serra' Viper Indu2

Below is Steve Marriott’s “Vampire Frog.”  Love the sweet/evil combination!

Steve Marriott's Vampire Frog

Check out Bryan Medina’s “Boogie!”   Beautiful work with the sack!

Bryan Medina's Boogie

And this is Bryan’s “Jeff”.   Magnificent!

Bryan Medina's Jeff


This is Rebecca Gee’s smoke breathing, awesome dragon!

Rebecca Gee's paper mache dragon

Nancy Krug has been making paper mache projects for a long time.  Below are a few excellent pieces!  The first is  “Elliot.” Elliot is 4 feel long and 3 feet high.  Wonderful!

Nancy Krug's Elliot

And this is Nancy’s “Frederick”.  Love that expression!

Nancy Krug's Frederick

And finally, here is Nancy’s “Big Red Sun.”  Great!

Nancy Krug's Big Red Sun


Look at this Ice Dragon made by Troy Haas.  Magnificent!   It also has lights inside the project.  You can see the dragon with those working on his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/papabear.haas.

Troy Haas paper mache trophy

Sarah Reynolds decided to make a couple masks for her kids this Halloween.  They are so cool!  First is below.

Sarah Reynolds' mask cat

Here is mask number two.

Sarah Reynolds' mask bird

And here are the masks with Sarah’s kids!  Wonderful!

Sarah Reynolds' masks with kids


Alan Faunch has been making some great dragon trophies lately.  Below are three of them.  Fantastic!

Alan Faunch's paper mache trophy2 Alan Faunch's paper mache trophy

alan's paper mache trophy

And here are a couple more of Alan’s projects, a great little dog, and Spiderman!

alan's paper mache dog

alan's paper mache spider man



Jaedyn Grant had an assignment for her Language Arts class having to do with Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”.  She and her mother, Christy, decided to make an elephant holding a heart dripping blood as a metaphor for the themes in the book.  And what a great job they did!  It took many long hours of them both working together to accomplish this piece.  Fantastic job!

John Lo Piccolo Demon Mask

She made a paper mache heart ("Heart of Darkness" - Kurtz's heart:Colonialism) with hot glue blood drips, being held like a trophy by the elephant (Congo:Nature).



This is Hetty Liet’s first paper mache dragon.  Spectacular!

Hetty Liet's paper mache dragon


John Lo Piccolo  has made some great Halloween prop!   First, here is “Uncle Norman” (and his cute friend!).

John Lo Piccolo Uncle Norman with child

Here is a close up of “Uncle Norman”

uncle norman

Here is John’s Ghoul!  Wonderful!

John Lo Piccolo Ghoul 2

And here is John’s “Demon Mask”.    All terrific.  Happy Halloween!

John Lo Piccolo Demon Mask


Jo Jo Sammons wanted a fairytale wedding.  She needed a dragon (of course).  So she made the one below.   Simply fantastic!

Jo Jo Sammons for fairy tale wedding2

Jo Jo Sammons paper mache dragon

Jo Jo Sammons for fairy tale wedding


Kim Winch wanted a Chinese dragon.  And she made a wonderful one!

Kim Winch's paper mache dragon


Look at the adorable little baby dragon made by Vicki Scales.  Superb!

Vicki Scales' paper mache baby dragon


Here is a wonderful little hippo made by Christoph Schaffer and his daughter Lotte.    Such personality!

Christoph and Lotte Schaffer's paper mache hippo

And here is a shot of the mouth.  So fun!

Christoph and Lotte Schaffer's paper mache hippo2


Here is a dragon made by Primo Rubini.  He named it “Drogon”.   Really excellent job!

Primo Rubini Drogon

Below is a trophy named “Drogo” made by Rudney Correia.   Fantastic!

Rudney Correia's paper mache dragon

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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos to make something they love.   Makes me feel like a grandpa to these projects.  Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at, dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

This is Duain Kelaart’s Animatronic Sea Dragon.  It is really fantastic.  Operates with motion in front of it.  I can’t put the on this post, but you can see it in YouTube, here.    You can see more of Duain’s excellent projects lower on the page.   And you can see a lot more information on his website, here.

 Duain Animatronic Sea Dragon

Here is Ivona Velinovskis’ first paper mache dragon.  Beautiful job!

Ivana Velinovskis' dragon

And here is Ivona with her dragon.  A great match!

Ivona Velinovski with dragon

And here is Ivona’s newest project.    Love the lights.  Love the attitude of the animal!  Beautiful!

Ivona Velinovski's paper mache dog

Check out Jeff Mongloux paper mache dragon!  Jeff is on the left.  🙂  Excellent!

jeff mongloux paper mache dragon

This is Duain Kelaart’s paper mache dragon.  Very nice job!  Check out his Youtube channel, “DK Arts.”

duain kelaart's paper mache dragon

And Duain has made another fantastic Animatronic Sea Dragon!   Excellent work!  So great in fact that it was featured in a book and website that you can see here.

Duain_Kelaart  Sea Dragon

Here is Duain’s latest project.  This is his Chupacabra – Gargoyle Hybrid.  Just fantastic!

You can see more about this project here, https://bit.ly/2VzKrmw  and here, https://bit.ly/2S8CmTW.    .

Duain Kelaart Chupacabra - Gargoyle Hybrid Sculpture- night

It also glows in the dark.

Here is Duain’s halloween project this year.  A fantastic Werewolf!  You can see a photo progression on Youtube, here, https://youtu.be/VcTL4m7VxOw

Duain's halloween project

Another great project by Duain.   A lovely mixture of 2 and 3D.  Great work as always!Duain's bear and salmon

And here is Duain’s newest 2D/3D masterpiece!  You can see a video of this build here.

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Agnes Klein-Orban is a paper mache artist living in Vienna.   Below are three of her wonderful pieces, three beautiful women!

agnes orban's paper mache lady with octopus

agnes orban paper mache lady2 agnes orban paper mache lady 3

Here is a great “water dragon” trophy made by Maygan Frederick.  Fantastic!

Maygan Frederick's paper mache trophy Maygan Frederick's paper mache trophy

Here are some terrific sculptures made by Nareth Fernández.  First, two great owls!

Nareth Fernández's paper mache owl2 Nareth Fernández's paper mache owl

And look at Nareth Fernández’s dragon and cool monsters head!  Excellent!

Nareth Fernández's paper mache dragon2 Nareth Fernández's paper mache dragon

Here is Mark McCauley’s first dragon.  Fantastic!

Check out Kim Wendelin’s great dragon trophy!  This on her first attempt!  Excellent!

Kim Wendelin'a paper mache dragon

Here is Tamaka Bailey’s eagle.   What a great project!

Tamaka Bailey eagle1

Here is Uwe Luckhardt with his second paper mache dragon head!  You know what they say about two heads being better than one!  Excellent job!

Uwe Luckhardt's paper mache dragon

This is “Craig’s Ice Dragon.”  This is fairly large project, about 2 meters tall!  Very cool!

Craig's Ice Dragon

Below is Kipp’s first paper mache dragon trophy.   Magnificent!

Kipps paper mache dragon trophy

This is an ugly, and beautiful, little monster named “Burp” made by Barry.   I always love a good monster!

Barry & Judith's Burp

And here is Barry’s newest project, his “Terrordactyl”.   The project is articulated and the wooden mechanism makes it fly.  Excellent!

Barry's Terrordactyl

Speaking of great monsters, my friend Don Hagemeyer has been making them for a while n ow.   Here is one who just had a monster-make-over.   Meet “Mr Green, Hello Good Bye.”  Fantastic!

Here is the first dragon made by Meredith Leopard.  Fantastic!

Below are some projects made by paper mache artist Pamela Spiro Wagner.  All great!   To see more of her work go to her blog, https://arteveryday365.com

Here is “A fanciful Dr Geuss.”

This is “Decorated Betsy”

And Pamela’s “Giant Dream Tortoise”

This a “Life-size paper mâché psychiatrist John Jumoke”.  Amazing!

Here is a fantastic display of dragon trophies made by Ross Sprovieri.   He made these as a display for his business.   A great display indeed!

Justine Pipitone used my videos to make some wonderful trophies for family and friends.  Lucky them!  Here is Justine with “DeSoto.”

ustine Pipitone with paper mache DeSoto

And this is Justine’s “Kratos.”

ustine Pipitone paper mache Kratos

Heather Forster really loves paper mache.  It shows.  Here are a few of Heathers wonderful projects!

HEATHER FORSTERs paper mache penguin

HEATHER FORSTERs paper mache lady

HEATHER FORSTERs paper mache ducklike thing

Elizabeth Mason made her first paper mache dragon, “Argoth the Terrible.”  What fun!  (That’s Elizabeth with Argoth)

Elizabeth M Mason Argoth the Terrible

Duane Berry just finished his first dragon.  Very nice!

Duane Berry Dragon

Duane also made this “halfhalf” minion for his son.  Lucky!

Duane Berry halfhalf_minion

David O’Gara’s made this fantastic dragon puppet named “Shiela.”  Just amazing.

David O'Gara's paper mache Shiela 2

Here is a close-up of Shiela.  Great face!

David O'Gara paper mache Sheila-1

Here is a dragon made by Jools Dumbrell for a theater production on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.   Very striking!

Jools Dumbrell's paper mache theatre dragon

Look at this great newborn dragon made by Ann Wright.  So cute!

Ann Wright's paper mache baby dragon

Anne MacKinnon made this wonderful dragon named “Audry III.”   Love the paint job on this!  Just excellent!

Anne MacKinnon Diamond5 Anne MacKinnon Diamond Audry 111

Here is another great dragon Sandra Bäumler made using one of my books!  Love the movement of this piece!

Sandra_Bäumler's paper mache Dagon

Guido Reuter watched my dragon trophy video and made this excellent “Firedragon” for himself.  Really great job!

Guido Reuter's Firedragon

Catriona’s made this great head dress of a snapping turtle!  So cool!

Catriona's snapping turtle head dress Catriona's snapping turtle head dress2

Here is George Chave’s first paper mache dragon.    Fantastic!  Wonderful energy in this one.

George Chave's paper mache dragon

Magda lives in Poland.  After watching some of my videos she decided to make some of her own projects.  Below is her dragon trophy, and under that, her “White Dragon” costume.  Excellent job!

Magda's Brown Dragon Magda's White Dragon Costume

And here is Magda’s newest “Blue Dragon.”  excellent once again!

Magda's Blue Dragon

Here is Bert Houbrechts’ little dragon.  Lots of personality!   Excellent work!

Bert Houbrechts' paper mache dragon

And a few dragon trophies.  Below is Alexander Wachsmann’s first paper mache dragon.  Very nice job!

Alexander Wachsmann's paper mache dragon trophy

This is Marissa Plowden’s “unemployment” dragon (because she made it while between jobs.  So great!

Marissa Plowden's paper mache dragon

Christopher Re has decided to fill his workspace with dragons.  He is well on his way with these two excellent trophies!

Christopher Re's paper mache dragon

Christopher Re's paper mache dragon2

This is Milton Montaño Rojas’ dragon.  Wonderful colors! Very nice dragon!

Milton Montaño Rojas' paper mache dragon

Hannah Mae Sovinski has been making some great monsters!   Here is one  of them.

Hannah Mae Sovinski's paper mache monster

Akhilesh made his son a wonderful paper mache minion! Here it is with his son, Bhaumik.

Akhilesh Singh's paper mache

Koni Lanzius’ made this wonderful dragon, VAKAROS! Beautifully done!

Koni Lanzius' paper mache dragon

And here is the rider on the dragon.  She has her own costume!

 VAKAROS! paper mache dragon Koni Lanzius

Koni has just finished another wonderful piece, this time the Elf King from Lord of the Rings!

Connie Lantz Final work

Some close-ups….

Connie Lantz The King on his ElkConnie Lantz with saddle and landscaping

Thomas Rozek makes GREAT masks!   Some are paper mache, some are more mixed media.   But they are all very cool.  Here are a couple.   If you’d like to see more, visit Thomas here.

Check out his Scorpion mask!  Two angles.

Thomas Rozek paper mache mask scorpion-helmet2

Thomas Rozek paper mache mask scorpion-helmet

And Thomas calls this “Casual Friday Mask”. Wonderful!

Thomas Rozek paper mache mask, casual-friday

Janet Davison has made two great dragons (so far!)!    They have each won awards at a local state fair!   Great job!

janet davidson's paper mache dragon Janet Davison's second dragon

Chris Gilbert decided to give his cousin a really cool wedding gift.  And he did!  Look at the paper mache dragon he made for him!   He named it “Prometheus” after a character in Dungeons and Dragons.   Fantastic!

Chris Gilbert's paper mache dragon Prometheus

Patti Shirley has a wonderful sense of humor.  She made this paper mache “PENNYWISE” in order to sneak it into her brother’s bathroom and give him a scare.  I guess it worked!   It certainly would on me!  What a fantastic rendition!

Patti shirley's paper mache PENNYWISE

Patti has just finished this fantastic rendition of “Groot.”   Excellent!

patti shirley paper mache Groot

Shannon Gray decided to make her son, Evan a great Halloween costume.   So she made this “‘Sorceror Dragon” for him!  Fabulous!  What a lucky kid (and talented mom)!

Evan with Shannon Gray's sorceror dragon3 Evan with Shannon Gray's sorceror dragon best

Jeanne Greenleaf made this incrdible “DragonChicken!”   Love the expression!

Jeanne Greenleaf Lebow DragonChicken

Jeanne has also made a number of excellent fish!  A sample below.  Great work!

Jeanne Greenleaf Lebow Baby DragonFish 2 eanne Greenleaf Lebow Baby DragonFish 1

Jeanne Greenleaf Lebow DragonFish 2a

Check out this fantastic dragon trophy made by Marko Salomäki!  Love the textures and colors.  Excellent job!

Marko Salomäki paper mache Dragon

If you like Tolkien, you’ll enjoy this dragon!  This is Maygan’s version of Smaug over the Lonely Mountain.   Fantastic!

Mayan's paper mache Smaug

A closer look is warranted, especially the fire that she added!

Mayan's paper mache Smaug2

Nipsolass Clark has been making some great masks the last couple of years.   Here is his fabulous gremlin mask!   Wonderful!

Nipsolass Clark - gremlin mask

And here is Nipsolass’ Triceratops mask!   Incredible!

Nipsolass Clark - triceratops mask

And Nipsolass finished a couple more fantastic masks before Halloween.  Check out this dinosaur/dragon mask!

Nipsolass Clark paper mache mask

And this very strange character!

Nipsolass Clark paper mache mask2

Look at this adorable photo of Alex holding her first paper mache dragon sculpture!   (She had some help making the dragon from mom, Jessica)  Wonderful!

Alex holding our first paper mache dragon sculpture.

Bill Wehmeier made a great paper mache dragon for his Halloween display this year.  It is about 5 feet tall!  Fantastic!

Bill Wehmeier's paper mache dragon

Below are some excellent dragons made by Gord Merritt.  First are a couple of wonderful babies!

Gord Merritt's paper mache baby dragon  Gord Merritt's paper mache baby dragon2

And here are a few of Gord’s trophies.  Fantastic!

Gord Merritt's paper mache dragon4 Gord Merritt's paper mache dragon3

Gord Merritt's paper mache dragon

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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Makes me feel like a grandpa to these projects.

Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at, dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


Check this out!  Chris Burgess wanted to raise money for Talbot Primary School.  So he made this dragon which dispenses candy and breathes smoke!  Fantastic!

Chris Burgess dragon Chris Burgess dragon 2


Here is another really cool dragon (and castle!).   This one made by Belinda Hammond.  Fantastic!

belinda hammond dragon


Below is Graham Fice’s dragon  trophy.  Very nice work!

Graham Fice's dragon


Here is Marjorie Sarrazin’s Wampa (from Star Wars).   Beautiful!

Marjorie Sarrazin's Wampa from Star Wars


Below are some excellent projects made by Jennifer Buckingham.  First, is “Green Dragon.”

Jennifer Buckingham's Greendragon A

This next one is “Ice Dragon”.

Jennifer Buckingham's paper mache dragon

And here is Jennifer’s Medusa named “Vashj”. Fantastic!

Jennifer Buckingham's Vashj 1



This is Erick Angel Demetrio’s first dragon.  Looks like a super hero dragon to me.  Great job!

erick angel Demetrio's first dragon


Steven Collins made this monster for a video.  Wonderful!

Steven Collins' monster


Below are two of Sue Gregson’s dragons.  The hanging one is “Geoffrey” and the trophy is “Arthur.”  Excellent!

Sue Gregson's Geoffrey Sue Gregson's Arthur


Phil and his son Jupiter (in the photo) made their first dragon.   Fantastic!

 Jupiter with Phil's dragon


Beate (from Germany) made a couple of marvelous dragons.   First is her Chinese dragon “Long” made for good luck.  Underneath is her second dragon made to accompany the princess.   Excellent pieces!

Beate from Germany's "Long" beate's dragon Long-close up

 Germany's second dragon


Phyllis  Wheaton made this amazing dragon!   It is 50 feet long!  She used paper mache on the head.  So cool!

PHYLLIS Wheaton's dragon

Here is Kristýna_Macková’s first dragon, “Bóďa”. Wonderful!

Kristýna_Macková Bóďa

Below is a dragon trophy made by Eddie Sheffield.   He won some awards with this.  I can see why!

Eddie Sheffield's dragon2 Eddie Sheffield's dragon


Here are a couple of dragons made by Brenda Nyhof.  First, a beautiful dragon for the wall!

Brenda Nyhof's dragon

And here is Brenda’s dragon trophy.  Excellent!

Brenda Nyhof 's paper mache dragon trophy



Deborah Palazzolo lives in Geneva, Switerland.  She found a copy of my first book from years ago, The Simple Screamer.  So she made a screamer and named it “Chichila.”  I think it’s adorable.  Great job!

Deborah Palazzolo's Screamer"Chichila"

This is Hope D Clark’s dragon.   Very nicely done!

Hope D Clark's dragon


Jesus lives in Columbia.   After seeing some of my videos he decided to make hiw own dragon.  What a beautiful job!

jesus paper mache dragon

Below is Vanessa’s first paper mache dragon.   Nicely done!

Vanessa's paper mache dragon


Kyle Dickens  made this award winning two-headed dragon.  Magnificent!

Kyle Dickens 2 headed drgaon

And here is Kyle’s Frog Monster.   Wonderful!

Kyle Dickens frog monster


Here is one of Ben Juenger’s dragons!   Great!  You can see his video of this here.

Ben Juenger's dragon

Here are Gretel Krusel’s  cute cats.   The one on the right is Mabel.  Gretel’s son calls the one on the left “God Cat”.  The one in the middle is yet to be named.

Gretel Krusel's paper mache cats



Check out Mike Esker’s (Aka “This Old Geek”) King Cobra.  Excellent!

Mike Esker's King Cobra Mike Esker's King Cobra-back

And this is Mike’s new snowman, on vacation!  Funny!

This old geek (mike esker) paper mache snowman


Christopher Bach made this wonderful dragon named,  “Sharok”.

Christopher Bach's Sharok 2

This deserves another angle.   Excellent work!

Christopher Bach's sharok


Sally Atkins teaches in a school in Dorset England.  She made this Smaug, with the help of some kids, for the library she works in.   This is terrific!

Sally Atkins' -from Dorset England-Smaug in the library


Sarah Moses Earl made a dragon for her son.   He seems to like it!  Great job!

Sarah Moses Earl dragon2

Here is another view of just the dragon.

Sarah Moses Earl's dragon for son


Below are three wonderful dragons made by Tim Speyer.  Love the movement in these!

Tim Speyer's new paper mache dragon

Tim Speyer's new paper mache dragon- close up

Tim Speyer's black paper mache dragon Tim Speyer's black dragon- close up

Tim Speyer's gold paper mache dragon Tim Speyer's gold paper mache dragon- close up



Sabrina Schröer made this great dragon trophy!

Sabrina Schröer's paper mache dragon


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at: dan@gourmetpapermache.com.


Glenn Barry makes some fantastic paper mache projects!   Below is an amazing owl, a couple dragons, a lizard, birds, angler fish, and an incredible costume!    You can see more of Glenn’s work on Facebook.  Check it out!  https://www.facebook.com/berrypatch.art.14

Glenn Berry's paper mache owl Glenn Berry's paper mache dragon Glenn Berry paper mache lizard Glenn Berry's paper mache fish Glenn Berry's paper mache dragon Glenn Berry birds Glenn Berry's costume



Pete Marinelli’s is a 7th grader living in Ohio.   He loves art and has recently been obsessed with paper mache.   Below are some of his cool projects.  First, his “Seaweed” dragon trophy.

Peter Marinelli's Seaweed Dragon

Pete also made a marionette sitting, where else, on another dragon!

Peter Marinelli's marionette riding dragon

Pete also made this excellent Leprechaun.

Peter Marinelli's leprechaun

Here is Pete’s “Freak”.

Peter Marinelli's Freak

And here is Freak with his pal, a great screamer!

Finally, here is Pete’s baby dragon.  Excellent!

Pete's baby dragon

Pete has been in his workshop again making more great pieces!  Here are his new projects.  First, a new trophy.  Excellent!

Pete Davis paper mache2

And a great cyclops!  And a nice dragon winding around a branch!

Pete Davis paper mache4 Pete Davis paper mache5



Look at this fantastic zombie arm made by Sophia Barton!  Simply elegant!

Sophia Barton's paper mache zombie handSophia Barton's hand


Below is Heather Hearing’s dragon trophy.  Excellent!

Heather Hearing's paper mache dragon

Heather just finished this dragon with feathers!  Wonderful!

Heather hearing's feathered dragon Heather Hearing's paper mache dragon2

And here is her latest dragon, “Miirii.  Gorgeous!

Heather Hearing's new paper mache dragon Miirii


Lel Bevan wrote a children’s book called “Peanut Butter Boy”.  She used paper mache to make the main character.   Wonderful job!

Lel Bevan's peanut butter boy peanutbutterboy_frontcover


Here is another great trophy made by Cheyenne Badolato.  A great rendition of Smaug!

Cheyenne Badolato's smaug


This is Julia (from Russia) with her paper mache dinosaur.   She made it with her mother Zamorina.  Fantastic job!

Julia with her paper mache dinosaur

Here is another photo of Zamorina’s daughters with another dinosaur they made.   Wonderful.

Zamorina's daughters with their dinosaur


Wendy Morris’ first dragon.   Really beautiful!

Wendy Morris' paper mache dragon


Here is Katrina Ssnowski’s “Steve.”  Love that pose!

Katrina Snowski's "Steve"


Rene Schoellkopf is a middle school art teacher at The Salisbury School.  She grouped her kids and had them make dragons following the steps in my book.   What a great project!  What a brave teacher!

Here is “Toothless”

Rene Schoellkopf 's Toothless

Here is “Goldilocks”

Rene Schoellkopf 's Goldilocks

Here is “Benito”

Rene Schoellkopf 's Benito

Finally, here is “Firefly.”   Great job all!

Rene Schoellkopf 's Firefly


Here is Kimberly Winberry’s dragon trophy.   Wonderful personality!

Kimberly Winberry's paper mache dragon


And here is another great trophy.   Erin made this one.  Love the intensity!

Erins paper mache dragon


Check out Al Plata’s “Sauron” mask!   Love the detail on this.

Al Plata's Sauron mask

Al has just finished a new mask.   Love this one!

Al Plata's paper mache


Speaking of masks…. Here is a great one made by Bob Centamore.

Bob Centamore's paper mache mask



Linda Nelson made this dragon, named “Hepzahbah,” for her cabin.  She says it has freaked out many a visitor!  I believe it!  Cool!

Linda Nelson's cabin dragon


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


Judith Wade is an author, and now a sculptor!  She made the main character in her book “The Lost Dragon”.  Congratulations on both!

Judith Wade's paper mache dragon


Here is Марфа Корякина’s dragon.  Love this photo!

Марфа Корякина dragon

And here is another piece by Марфа.  Really great!

Марфа Корякина's newest

Finally, Марфа’s latest works

Марфа's paper mache wolfman Марфа's paper mache seadragon



This is John Cooper’s “Snaggletooth”.  Yes, those are real horns!  Very nice work!

John Cooper's "Snaggletooth"

Below is Dani (Rhea McCullough) and her little Drogon.    Perfect!

dany and drogon (Rhea McCullough)

Lisa Albien made this excellent dragon.  He lives in the woods.

Lisa Albien's paper mache dragon

Here is Sarah Handel’s first paper mache dragon.  Fantastic!

Sarahs paper mache Dragon

Shauntelle Thompson’s made a unicorn for daughter Sophie.  Here they are.  What a lucky girl!

shauntelle Thompson's unicorn with Sophie


Check out David Wood’s paper mache totem!  Amazing!

david Wood's paper mache totem

And here is David’s first project, a dragon trophy.   Very nice.

avid's paper mache Dragon Head

Chelsea just started making dragon trophies.  Here are her first two.   Beautiful!

chelsea's dragons


Below is Helen Köhler’s first dragon.  She likes the white of the cloth mache so she decided not to paint.   Great job!  You can see more about this dragon on Helen’s Facebook page.

Helen_Köhler's dragon

And here is Helen’s second dragon.   He loves to climb trees!

Helen_Köhler's second dragon


This is Rich Helm’s paper mache angler fish.  Fantastic.  If you’d like to read about the making of this project, check out Rich’s blog here.

Rich Helm's paper mache "Wilburine"

Below is Karin Stern’s first paper cache dragon. Beautiful!
Karin Stern's first paper mache dragon
And here is a great piece of art made by Brian Hendricks.  Excellent!
Brian Hendricks' paper mache art



Here is my friend, João Carlos’ first paper mache dragon trophy.  Beautiful job!

João_Carlos' paper mache dragon

And below is João Carlos’ second trophy, a deer head.  Excellent!

João Carlos' paper mache deer head

João continues to be very busy making art.  Look at his new works below!  First, João with his new dragon trophy.

João with his new dragon trophy

And another.. his blue Tiamat dragon.

João CarlosBlue Tiamat

And here is João’s angler fish and wolfman! Amazing!

João with his angler fishJoão's wolfman

João made this chalice as a commission.  Very cool!

João chalice




Below is Darmoyo Ramli with his dragon.  Great work!

Terima Kashish's paper mache dragon


Here is Cheri Rose’s first paper mache dragon.  Wonderful job!  Love the colors.

Cheri Rose's paper mache dragon



This is Dan Wolff’s dragon trophy.  Excellent!

Dan Wolff's paper mache dragon

And this is Dan’s “Opus”.  I love this piece!

Dan Wolff opus

And here are some of Dan’s masks.  Very cool!

Dan Wolff's paper mache masks


Kyle Breske’s also decided to do some paper mache.  Here he is with his excellent dragon!  Kyle is on the left  🙂

Kyle Breske's paper mache dragon


Coleen Johnston has made some very nice paper mache art.  Here is here baby dragon emerging from the egg! Splendid!

Coleen Johnston's paper mache dragon- baby

And here is Coleen’s dragon trophy.  Excellent.

Coleen Johnston's paper mache dragon trophy


Below is some of Fabiano Pimentel’s paper mache art.   First, a dragon.

Fabiano Pimentel's paper mache3

And this great clown!

Fabiano Pimentel's paper mache2

Finally, Fabiano’s fantastic pin head!

Fabiano Pimentel's paper mache


I conducted paper mache classes for many years with kids.  So I know how much work it can be.  Marcia Morehead teaches art for the Fowlerville Community Schools.  She runs a paper mache class based upon my blog.   I’m very flattered.   Here are some of the pieces her students made.

Abby and Chloe’s paper mache monster

Abby and Chloe's paper mache monster

Abby and Nathan’s

abby and Nathan's paper mache monster

Aliya and Bella’s

Aliya and Bella's paper mache monster

Bre and Behah’s

Bre and Behah's paper mache monster

Finally, Charlotte and Samantha’s.    Congratulations all!

Charlotte and Samantha's paper mache monster



Pamela Vogan Lynch also taught art in New York (one of many things she did over a 35 year career!)  She sent me a few photos of pieces made by her students.   I love seeing students getting the opportunity to play with this medium.  Thank you to Pam and all the art teachers out there who are brave enough offer this to their kids!

“Monstro” by Emily Metruck

"monstro" by Emily Metruck

Jessica House’s “Jerome”

Jessica House's "Jerome"

“Lounge Lizard” by Ryan Sullivan

"lounge lizard" by Ryan Sullivan


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are more photos sent to me by people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art that you would like me to display just send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

I want to start with my friend and fellow artist, Matt, aka “Nubbie.”  He’s been making some great art.  I love the size and attitude of his projects.   Let’s start with his dragons.  Here is Matt with his giant dragon trophy!  Matt is the one on the left.   🙂

matt nubies paper mache dragon

And look at this beauty!

matt-nubies paper mache trophy

And another, this time his “Wyvern.”

nubie's paper mache wyvern new

nubie's paper mache wyvern new 2

And here is Matt again with this blue woman and another big trophy.  So cool!

nubbie's newest paper mache project

Finally, Matt also made this cool unicorn.

matt-nubies paper mache unicorn


Here are some amazing paper mache projects made by Carla Shipley’s classes at Hoffmann Lane Elementary School in New Braunfels, Texas.  This is  “Artemis”.
carla shipleys paper mache artemis 2

Carla’s paper mache “Mariposa Bonita.” Very nice!

carla shipleys classes paper mache mariposa bonita

Below is Tiffany’s trophy, “Millie.”  Exceptional.

Tiffanys paper mache Mille

Check out Sharon Armstrong’s  house elves.  The first is “Bobbins”.  What fun!
Sharons paper mache 2 Bobbins- House Elf (1)
And here is “Doubie”.
Sharons paper mache Doubie
And Sharon also made this dragon.  Cool!
Sharons paper mache winchester on Halloween 11 107
Kim and Katrina made a couple of paper mache dragons.  Here is “Pete.”
kim and katrinas paper mache pete
And here is “Ruth”.  Wonderful!
kim and katrinas paper mache ruth
Here is the first monster made by the Dennis family.  Remember, the family that does paper mache together, stays together!
the dennis families paper mache monster2The dennis family paper mache monster close up
This is Suzy with her first paper mache project/costume, “Billy.”  Excellent!
Susy paper mache billy
This is Alex’s T-rex along with his son, Girassol.  Great piece, and I love this photo!
alexs paper mache trex with girassol
Okay, so Anita had cancer.  Her two friends Makayla and Madison made some cancer fighting paper mache monsters.  Perfect!
anitas paper mache cancer monsters
anitas paper mache cancer monsters2
Here is Meike’s first dragon.  Great job!
meikes first paper mache dragon
And here is Meike’s second dragon, a trophy this time.   Really great!
meikes paper mache dragon trophy2
 Lisa has been doing some great paper mache work.  Here are some of her projects.  First, the bear.
lisas paper mache bear
And her fish.
lisas paper mache fish again
And her giraffe.   Wonderful projects.
lisas paper mache giraffe trophy
Below is Jerry’s paper mache “Mean-n-Green” monster.  Fun!
jerry and lindsay paper mache Mean-n-Green
And this is Lindsay’s  monster with cat, Allie.  Lindsay is Jerry’s daughter.  You know what they say…”The family that makes monsters together….(well, you know the rest).”  Delightful.
lindsays paper mache monster with Allie
Here is Lee’s paper mache ET.   A perfect rendition.  And the finger and chest light up.
Lees paper mache ET
This is Jerry Phelans paper mache “Peep Eater”.
 kathryns brothers paper mache dragon
You need a close up of this.   So fun!
gerard phelans paper mache peep eater2
Jerry has been at it again.  Look at his newest project called “Gladiators Who Cook!”  Funny!
Jerry Phelan's paper mache "Gladiators who cook"
This is Tracie’s paper mache bust.  Just beautiful!
tracies paper mache bust
I love this paper mache rabbit made by Jo Schaefer.   Magnificent!
jo schaefers paper mache bunny
This deserves another look.  Lovely.
joshaefers paper mache bunny2
Finally, this is Charlene’s paper mache “Luis Gluton” (a.k.a. Luis the Glutto).   Excellent.
charlenes paper mache luis gluton
You have to see the tongue close up.  Look at the texture on the tongue.  And cool drool too!
charlenes paper mache luis gluton tongue
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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are more photos sent to me by people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art that you would like me to display just send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

I have to start with Jack.  I love this photo.   After watching my Paper Mache Sea Dragon video he decided to make his own mother dragon with baby.   I think he did a magnificent job!

Jack with his paper mache dragon (and baby)



Below is Ailyn Nannig’s paper mache dragon.  Look at the size of this!  What a great piece!

ailyn's paper mache dragon

It deserves a close-up.  So cool!

Ailyn Nannig's paper mache dragon



My friend Janet is an Advanced Calculus teacher by day.  By night she makes monsters!   Both are important life skills!

She just finished her first dragon trophy. Excellent!

paper mache dragon trophy

She got a hold of my “Make Something Ugly” book.   It described a project with heads in a jar.   Janet decided to make some.

janet's paper mache heads in a jar

Adorable.  Below are more of Janet’s paper mache art.  A basic Screamer!  Cute

janets paper mache screamer

Janet’s pterodactyl in a cage.

janets paper mache pterodactyl 3 janets paper mache pterodactyl 2 janets paper mache pterodactly 1

Her fish (in a plastic block)

janets paper mache fish_edited-1

Her Screamer martini!  So fun

janets new paper mache monster

And another magnificent dragon.

janet's paper mache dragon-close up  janet's paper mache dragon

Janet has been at it again.   This time a three headed dragon.   Photos just don’t do this justice.  She designed circuitry for this so that the eyes light up in all three heads, and they also cycle through different colors!  Just amazing.

Janet Roberts in jar Janet Roberts Nose and tail


Below is Robert Bunker’s paper mache “expired ouphe” (mummified Fairy).  Very cool!

Robert Bunker's paper mache ‘expired ouphe’ mummified Fairy


This is Trevor’s first paper mache dragon head.  Very nice!

Trevor's first paper mache dragon


And check out the paper mache costume Rebecca Brissette’s made for her horse!  Yes, it’s Maleficent!  Amazing.  Love her costume too.   And I love the photo.

Rebecca Brissette's paper mache horse costume-2nd place in comp


Below is Miguels’ paper mache dragon trophy.   He named it “Shenron”.  The eyes light up as well.  Cool!

Miguels' paper mache dragon trophy3 shenron


This is different…. look at Bryan’s paper mache “Santa Cruz Skate Hand”.  Very nice!

Bryan's paper mache Santa Cruz Skate Hand

Here is another of Bryan’s paper mache art pieces.   Love the eyes in the hands of this monster!

Bryan's paper mache monster




Here is another great paper mache dragon trophy, this time made by Casey.   Excellent job!

Casey's paper mache dragon trophy


My friend Don Hagemeyer has been making great paper mache art for a while now.  Look at his “Bird Eater”

Dons paper mache Bird Eater

And here is one of Don’s Screamers.

don hagemeyers paper mache screamer

And Don’s paper cache “Frog.”  Very cute!

Don Hagemeyer's paper mache frog

It’s the Christmas season and Don made an adorable little snowman for his niece Layla.  His name is “Olaf.”   Wonderful gift.

Don Hagemeyer's paper mache %22Olaf%22 made for his great niece Layla.

This is Shawn’s paper mache dragon trophy.  Beautiful!

Shawn's paper mache dragon trophy



Below Bryan Kyle’s paper mache mask.   He just finished it for Halloween.  Wonderful!

Bryan Kyle's paper mache maske 2015


Kamila Plicha is from Poland.  Here is her first paper mache dragon.  Love the colors!

Kamila Plicha's paper mache dragon

Kamila also made this fantastic mask!  Lovely!

Kamila's mask


Here is Seth Bleeker’s paper mache dragon.   Very nice job!

Seth's paper mache dragon


Here is Paul Disdle’s paper mache dragon trophy.   Very nice job!

Paul Disdle's paper mache dragon trophy

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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  More photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


I’ll start with Noe’s paper mache masterpieces.   So incredible!    You can find more at Noe’s art blog here.

noes paper mache 3 noes paper mache 2 noes paper mache 1


My friend Aaron Stewart has his own style of paper mache.   He makes some very unique dragons.   I think they are magnificent!

aaron stewart's paper mache green dragon


aaron stewart's paper mache "glacier"

And look at this dragon trophy!  Wonderful!

aaron's paper mache Guardian Dragon Trophy

Look at this very cool skull that Aaron made!

Aaron Stewart's paper mache skull

Finally, here is one of Aaron’s first paper mache dragons.  I think it is wonderful!

aaron stewarts paper mache dragon 2


Another paper mache artist friend friend of mine, Kelvin, does some great work.   First is one of my favorites.   The term “Paper Mache” in the US often conjures up images of paper mache piggies made by school children.   I’ve often made fun of that characterization of the medium.  But I totally approve of this version.   Not the smoking…but the attitude!  So funny!

kelvins paper mache pig thing


Kelvin also does some fantastic fish!  Here are two.


kelvins paper mache fish

kelvin's paper mache fish

And Kelvin’s wonderful paper mache dog!   This is quite large.

kelvins paper mache dog3

And look at Kelvin’s Predator.   Amazing rendition!


Kelvins paper mache predator

Then there is this funny little guy that Kelvin made.  Not sure what it’s called.

kelvins paper mache thing


My friend Tyson Horn teaches sculpture in his art classes.   His 8th grade student, Makenna, made this fantastic paper mache dog.  I love it!

Makenna's paper mache dog


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.


Mike Stones and his two daughters, Hannah and Abby have been making the most of their stay-at-home time!  Look at this adorable,  “Yoda-creature from the Mandalorian,” they made!  Such a great expression!

Mike and Hannah and Abby - Yoda creature from the Mandalorian

And here is an earlier project made by Mike and Hannah.  This is “Olaf”.  Wonderful!

mIke and hannah's paper mache snowman


My friend Miguel Ruiz Fuentes has been making paper mache for a while now.  Have you ever had heartburn?  Just wondering.   I love this.

Miguel's paper mache heart

And here is another of Miguel’s pieces, “Sunshine”.  I love this!

Miguel Ruiz Fuentes's paper mache "Sunshine"

And here is Miguel’s Rabbit in a Hat.  Wonderful!

Miguel Ruiz Fuentes Rabbit in a hat



Lorena Tauton teaches art to sixth graders.   One of her students, Colby,  made this totally wonderful paper mache dragon.   Colby named him  “Frederick.”   Really great work Colby!

Colby's "Frederick" from Lorena Taunton's sixth grade paper mache class


Here’s something fun.  Look at this paper mache tree made by Amanda Gathright.  Excellent!

Jesse Gathright's paper mache tree


Paul Langwade  made a great paper mache dragon.  He loves to lounge around the house.   Really great!

Paul Langwade's paper mache dragon

Here is a close-up.

Paul Langwade's paper mache dragon-close up

Paul just finished this great trophy!  He added l.e.d. lights to the eyes.  Cool!

Paul Langwade's paper mache dragon2 Paul Langwade's paper mache dragon


Check out Lena’s paper mache deep sea animal.  I love the light!

lena's paper mache deep sea animal


A great paper mache dragon trophy made by Devon.  Excellent!

Devon's paper mache dragon trophy


Pedro makes very cool paper mache bird/human hybrids.   Here a couple.

pedro's paper mache bird man2

Pedro's paper mache bird man


This is Zbigniew’s paper mache trophy.  Nice job!

Zbigniew's paper mache dragon trophy

And here is Zbigniew’s paper mache two-headed dragon.  Fantastic!

Zbigniew's paper mache two-headed dragon


Look at this.  Rainy Dodd’s made this paper mache project for a school project.  Amazing!

Rainy Dodd's paper mache project


Gordon John Wendling decided give paper mache a try.   Look at his first attempt.  Great work!  He titled it, appropriately,

“Saint George’s Trophy”.

Gordon John Wendling's paper mache dragon


Marty and Dianne have been working with paper mache.   Marty made this cyclops named


marty's paper mache cyclops Hugo

And here is Dianne’s Dianne’s “Frankie”

Dianne's paper mache Frankie

Below is Marty’s “Louie” with Dianne’s “Flo”

Marty's Louie dianne's paper mache Flo


Miriam Heijnen made her own paper mache dragon.  Magnificent!

Miriam Heijnen's paper mache dragon

And then Miriam made a double dragon.  Excellent!

Miriam's paper mache double dragons


Mike and his daughter Hannah made this paper mache snowman named “Olaf”.  What fun!

mIke and hannah's paper mache snowman


Below is Anna’s dragon trophy.  Very nice!

Anna's paper mache dragon trophy


And another paper mache dragon made by Meredith.  I love how it matches the decor in the room!

merediths paper mache dragon




Elena has been hard at work in the kitchen cooking up paper mache dragons!

Elena's paper mache dragon trophy


And Alex’s made this excellent paper mache trophy!  He calls it his “Frost Dragon”.  Looks very cold, and cool, to me!

Alex's paper mache trophy


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If you know anything about my paper mache art, you know that I like to make trophies.   Not because I approve of animal heads hanging on the wall.    Truth is, I would never kill an animal (not even a dragon) in order to make a decoration out of the head.   I’m sure I’ll get in trouble here, but I’ll say it anyway.    A real animal trophy represents a very one-sided affair.  Humans with their high powered rifles…animals with their….hmmm…..with nothing.   Now, I would feel differently if there was some sort of law that said that you could only hang trophies of animals you killed with your bare hands.    Then I’d be impressed by that bear or lion (or even deer) trophy over the mantle!    But I digress.  Making a trophy allows me to create bigger sized dragons, even close to full sized, without making the entire animal.   Not that I’m opposed to whole dragons.   But making one full dragon would fill my entire studio.  Two, and my house would be full.  Then I’d have to make art in my front yard.   Since I make a lot of trophies I decided to make a post on just that topic.  Here it is.

As I mentioned in another post, the first trophy I ever made was the one pictured below.  I called it “Igba agondray.”  I made it because I wanted a mother for the very first dragon I made, little “Punk.”  I displayed them together in the little apartment I rented near the Seattle zoo many years ago.   It is a really large dragon head.  And heavy.  I made the teeth out of “baker’s clay”, flour, salt, and water, baked until they split.  Then I covered them with clear casting resin (more about that later).  They looked great, but weighed a ton.

Paper mache Igbay Agondray

Paper Mache "punk" dragon

Punk Dragon

After that I made a lot of dragon trophies that just hung on the wall.   Here is a sample of a very early trophy.  They were fairly easy to make.  I couldn’t make them fast enough to sell at the art fairs I attended.

paper mache dragon head

My trophies got more sophisticated over time.  I really like the one below.    This was the trophy in my first time-lapse trophy video.   You can see it here if you want (although it’s really hard to watch.  Very grainy)(but the music is nice).

Paper Mache Dragon Trophy

I didn’t just make dragon heads.  Check out this crazy beast!  I’m talking about the head on the wall.   This was circa 1980-ish.  I have no idea what happened to this thing.  It was actually pretty cool.   This photo is really faded.  It was very colorful.  Lots of colored washes.

Crazy paper mache trophy

Then there is the occasional offensive trophy.  Can’t help it.   It has to be done.

paper mache baby on a plaque


After a while I started using wooden plaques with my trophies.   I think it looks better overall.  I buy these plaques online from various taxidermy stores.   Below is “Maleficent” from Disney’s classic movie, “Sleeping Beauty.”   I made this as a commission for a Disney fan.    You can read more about that in this blog post.    Actually, this blog post provided my first viral internet experience.   This post got passed around the world, several times over.   It was re-posted thousands of times.   I got hundreds of requests to buy her.  But I only made one.   I never make duplicate commissions.   It is a promise I make to my patrons, that if they buy a piece of my art, it will be unique.    Here is Maleficent with the l.e.d. lights turned off.

Paper Machemaleficent- lights off -dan reeder

Here she is with her lights turned on .

Paper Mache Maleficent-Dan Reeder

The attention Malecifent received did convince me to make her “son”, a variation on the theme.  Below is “Son of Maleficent”, first with the lights off, then with the lights on.

Paper mache Son of Maleficent

Paper mache son of Maleficent-eyes on

Funny thing….. Even though I made the son more fierce, with more horns, and many more led lights than his mother, it wasn’t nearly as popular.   People liked him, but there wasn’t the same frenzy surrounding his making.   Personally, I like him better than his mother.  Such is life.


Then there is the trophy whose video went truly viral in December of this last year (2014).  The “reach” of that video on Facebook hit over a hundred million per week for a month!  Bizarre.   I taught math for many years.   I taught many lessons on “geometric” growth.   This would have been a great example.  I traced the beginnings of the explosion to just a few people sharing with their friends on Facebook, who shared with their friends, etc., until I was getting emails from relatives in Austria saying that they’d just watched my video.  It was unbelievable.   All that has died down.  I am very relieved.   Between the hundreds of emails and messages I didn’t have time to do any art.   If you are the one person on the planet who didn’t see that video, and you want to see what all the fuss was about, then you can watch it here.   I’m not sure what pushed this video over the top.   Maybe it was Eddie making a cameo appearance at the end. Or maybe it was the music.  People seemed to like both.

Paper mache dragon trophy-red

The video that SHOULD have gone viral is of the trophy below, my paper mache Zombie dragon.  It is a much more interesting trophy I think.

paper mache Zombie Dragon-

I am particularly proud of the muscles showing through the neck.

paper mache sinew

While I’m a bit disappointed with this side of the trophy.

Zombie paper mache dragon- side2

If I had it to do over, I would have make him much more radically rotten.   Originally I wanted to maintain enough of the dragon to show what it might have looked like while alive.   So I left this side much less dead.   It just didn’t work.   But it was too late to fix once it was done.   I also have to say that the color scheme made him look much more pretty than ghostly and rotten.   I would change that as well.    What is the lesson here children?   What’s alive should look alive and what’s dead should look very dead.  If you want to see the time-lapse video of this dragon, click here.

Someone recently asked me, “What is your favorite project?”   My answer is always, “The one I finished last.”   This is my most recent trophy.   It is my Paper Mache Drogon- Young Adult Version.   So it’s my favorite paper mache dragon trophy to date.   But I just know that the next trophy will be even better! (It really will be.  Trust me.)

paper mache Drogon Sometimes I add “drool” to a project.   It is a really messy process, and dangerous.   It will also stink for a good month after it’s applied.   I use “clear casting” resin.   It is basically liquid plastic.  You need a catalyst to start the reaction.  This is the really dangerous stuff.  I’ve heard that it will blind you if you get it into your eyes, whether you get prompt medical attention or not.  That’s probably not true.  But it sure sounds dramatic.  I wear eye protection.  And I work outdoors.    I always add much more catalyst than the directions demand.    Then the resin will stay liquid for about ten minutes.  Then it will quickly start to congeal and the drips will begin to harden.   During this hardening, too much resin will slowly drip off.  Too little and it won’t drip enough.   But if it’s just right, you get beautiful little drips of drool.

Paper Mache Drogon- drool