I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at: dan@gourmetpapermache.com.

If you are ever wondering if doing paper mache can make you happy….then I offer this photo as proof.   This is Kiran with a paper mache monster that he and his grandmother, Leslie, made.   Wonderful.  By the way, you just have to check out Leslie’s home made books.  Unbelievable.  You can find them here.

Leslie's grandson, Kiran, and their paper mache monster


It seems that trophy making is all the rage right now.  That’s great!  I love making trophies myself.   So I’ll start with a few of them.

Below is Miranda’s paper mache dragon trophy.  Excellent!

Miranda's paper mache dragon trophy

Below is Vinicius’ paper mache dragon trophy.   Very cool colors and textures!

Vinicius' paper mache dragon trophy



Here is Steven Lewis’ trophy.  Very nice!  Steven intends to make more dragons.  You can follow his progress here.

Steven Lewis' paper mache dragon trophy

And here is Steven’s Halloween costume for this year.  Excellent job!

Steven Lewis' paper mache Halloween costume

And here are a couple Steven’s latest dragons!

Steven Lewis' Dragon2

This one is in a tree!  Great!

Steven Lewis' Dragon


Here is something different.  Check out Kel’s paper mache Horny Toad!  So cool!  I love the bug in his mouth!

Kel's paper mache Horny Toad1


Here is Pip’s first paper mache dragon trophy.  Fantastic!

Pip's first paper mache dragon trophy


And here are a couple of Julien’s paper mache dragons.

Julien's paper mache dragon


julien's paper mache dragon trophy


And look at Ashley’s dragon.  Magnificent.   I love how different all of these trophies are!

Ashley's paper mache dragon trophy


Of course some people enjoy making full dragons.   Look at Andrew Tower’s paper mache dragon.  Very nice!

Andrew Tower's paper mache dragon- portfolio


Here is Pandora’s paper mache dragon.  Wonderful!

pandora's paper mache dragon

Pandora also made this excellent octopus!

pandora's paper mache octopus


And Luca’s complete paper mache dragon.  Great!

Luca's paper mache dragon

Luca makes other projects besides dragons.  Here are a couple.  First, a bunny.

Luca's paper mache rabbit

And Luca’s Elf!  Fun!

Luca's paper mache Elf

And here is Luca’s paper mache Pegasus.  You can see more of Luca’s work on his blog.

Luca's paper mache Pegausu


Some people make dragons in order to smash them to bits.  Look at Rene’s paper mache dragon pinata!  I love it.

Rene's paper mache pinatas

Here are a couple more of Rene’s paper mache pinatas.  Spiderman…

Rene's paper mache pinatas2

and ninja turtle!   There is Rene on the left.

Rene's paper mache pinatas3


Look at Ricki’s paper mache Panda!  Very nice work!

Ricki's paper mache Panda


Finally, here is Andrea De Luca’s paper mache shark.  Magnificent!

Andrea De Luca's paper mache shark

And Vicki’s first paper mache dragon.  Great job!

Vicki's paper mache dragon

Thank you all for sharing!


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