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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos to make something they love.   Makes me feel like a grandpa to these projects.  Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at, dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

Brian is a master craftsman, not just with the paper mache art, but with the way he embellishes the pieces with home-made weapons and various props.    His goblins are fantastic.  Here are a few.

Goblins with weapons

Goblin close up by Brian

Brian's goblin on Warg

Yes, that goblin is on a Warg!  Excellent!

Brian's mordleeyes byBrian's daughter foil behind glass

And this is a Mordle (with eyes made by Brian’s daughter!)

And a dwarf complete with chain mail!

Dwarves by Brian

Here are a couple wonderful projects made by Gill Heritage.  The first is her wyvern (a dragon with arms aside from the wings).   Under that is her “Goats and Troll at the Well.”   What fun!

Gill Heritage wyvern

Gill Heritage goatsandtrollatthewell-2

Look at this adorable little monster made by Eric van Vugt!  Wonderful!

Eric Vugt's Little Ape

A closer look at this mischievous face!

Eric van Vugt's little monster

This is Juliane Block’s cute little monster!  Just adorable.   If you’d like to see a great little video just click on the photo!

Juliane Block's Monster

Below is a fabulous monster made by Maxime Dénommé.  Great work!Maxime Dénommé paper mache monster

And here is also a dragon trophy made by Maxime.  Wonderful!

Maxime Dénommé trophy final

Check out Patti Shirley’s six and a half foot tall alien!   Excellent!  And a perfect display! (You can see more of Shirley’s paper mache on page 35!)

Patti Shirley's six and a half foot tall alien!

Rychie Floyd made a great gift for his daughter!   She made a drawing that she said was like him, and then he turned the drawing into a paper mache project!  This is “Smug.”  What fun!

Rychie Floyd;s Smug

Gordon is using his own techniques to great effect!  Below are four of his excellent works!

Visit Gordon’s website for more information about his art, here.

First is “Leaping”

scherCShells Sculpture 142

And “Hummingbird Moth”.  These are very large!

gordon EscherCShells Sculpture2

And this is “Pelican King. ”  It is a smaller piece.

gordon EscherCShells Sculpture 005

And finally “Scorpion Snake”.   All great works!

ordon EscherCShells Sculpture 142

This is Hannah Wilson’s first paper mache dragon, a little baby!  What a beauty it is!

Hannah Wilson's first paper mache dragon

Here is Hannah’s latest dragon, a darker one.    Beautiful!

Hannah Wilson's new paper mache dragon

Bill Stringer is making some excellent paper mache dragon trophies!  Here is Bill with Vol-Arynn (red dragon) and Lapil-Rim (the blue dragon).    You can see more on Bill’s Facebook page.

Bill Stringer with Vol-Arynn and Lapil-Rim

A close-up of “Lapil-Rim”  Great job!

Bill Stringer Lapil-Rim

Here is Bill’s  “Cern-Uannos”.   Great horns!

Bill Stringer Cern-Uannos

And another green dragon!

Bill Stringer another dragon

Finally, this is Bill with “Flutterix”,  a project he made for a sick little girl.  It doesn’t get any nicer than that!

Bill Stringer with Flutterix

This is Florentyna Leow’s “Amabie” which represents a supernatural spirit in Japan.  Excellent work!  You can read about the making of this project on a newsletter, here.

Florentyna Leow- Amabie (a supernatural spirit in Japan

Check out Marc Tsakiris’ amazing version of “Tik-Tok Crok!”   Just beautiful work!

marc tsakiris tik tok crok marc tsakiris tik tok crok front

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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at, dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

This is Teresa Sizemore’s “Templeton”.    He got into the candy.  This is me on Halloween!  Love this piece!

Teresa Sizemore's paper mache Templeton
And here is Teresa’s “Homer”.   Adorable!
Teresa sizemore's paper mache Homer
This is Sam, Teresa’s dachshund.  Just fantastic!
Teresa Sizemore's dachshund sam3
This deserves a second look.  Here is Sam from the front.

Teresa Sizemore's dachshund sam2

Teresa has another dog, Abby.  Check out this portrait of both.   Wonderful!

Teresa Sizemore's Sam and Abby



Linda Ogden has been making some great paper mache projects!  Look at this one!  Fun!

Linda Ogden's paper mache project

And here is Linda’s “Cat Dragon”.  Magnificent!

Linda Ogden's paper mache "cat:dragon"

Here is a dragon that Joe made for his daughter.   What a great dad!

Joe's paper mache dragon

And here is Joe with his daughter.  Cute!

Joe, his daughter and dragon


Here are a few great trophies made by Rob Tracey.  First is his latest.

Rob Tracey's paper mache dragon

And more of  Rob’s dragons.   Very nice!
rob's paper mache dragon

And another.

robs newest paper mache dragon

And another!

rob's paper mache dragon2

And yet another great trophy by Rob!

Robert Tracey's paper mache dragon



Below is Junior Vieira’s fish.  Great job!
Junior Vieira's paper mache fish

And here is Kaitlyn Jordan’s dragon. Excellent work!

Kaitlyn Jordan's dragon

Below is Hakan Özcan’s paper mache dragon.  Beautiful!

Hakan Özcan's paper mache dragon

Ellie Taylor teaches art.   This is “Fred the Dragon”, a collaboration of her 2016 class.  Magnificent!

Ellice Taylor's student's dragon
Fred deserves a close-up.
Ellice Taylor's student's dragon -close up

Here is a dragon trophy made by Raymond Bennett.  Beautiful!

Raymond Bennett 's paper mache trophy
And here is Ray’s second “white dragon” trophy.  Excellent!
ray bennett's paper mache white dragon
Here is Raymond’s Red dragon!
And Raymond’s version of Game of Thrones Drogon.  Great!
Rayond Bennett's Drogon

Yehonathan (and his dad Alon) made this mask for the festival of Purim.  Wonderful job!

Yehonathan (and Alon) paper mache mask


Below is Sarah Reynold’s first paper mache trophy. Amazing!
Sarah Reynold's paper mache trophy
Sarah certainly didn’t stop here.  Check out the Jabba the Hut she made for a church event (based upon Star Wars).  Amazing!

sara reynold's paper mache jabba

And here is a shark Sarah just finished.   Very cool!

sarah reynold's paper mache shark


Speaking of cool trophies…look at this unusual one made by Bill Bradley.

Bill's paper mache dragon trophy



And here is a project Bill refurbished to give to his mum.   This is “Bradley”.  Crazy!

Bill's mum's paper mache project Bradley

Bill also made this very cool mask!

Bill's paper mache head


And here is a great project Dana Douin.  It’s called, “Psst, I´m a birdbath.”  Love it!
Dana Douin's "Psst, I´m a birdbath"

Here is Uwe Morgenstern’s cat, “Moritz.” Adorable

Uwe Morgenstern's cat "Moritz"
Uwe also makes dragons.  This one is “Thyzon”
Uwe Morgenstern's paper mache dragon "Thyzon"
And here is another of Uwe’s dragons.
Uwe Morgenstern's dragon
You can see more of Uwe’s projects on page 31.



I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  And more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


Michael Mccaffrey’s made his first paper mache dragon trophy.   Here it is with daughter Raven.   Beautiful on both counts!

Michael Mccaffrey's paper mache dragon trophy with daughter Raven


Dulcie Horwitz never does anything small.   Below are a couple of examples.  First, she belongs to a tae kwan do club and they wanted a dragon to be their mascot.  So she assembled a group of volunteers and using my paper mache techniques they made it.  What a beautiful dragon! Fantastic work!

dulcies paper mache dragonDulcie also made a paper mache dragon to accompany a story line her son was involved in at school.   Here are her kids working on the dragon (great book he is using as a guide!).

dulcie and kids making their paper mache dragon

And here is the dragon hanging at school.

dulcie paper mache dragon

Even better, here is “Master Gordon and Company” with paper mache dragon.   Where?  In the castle of course!  Such fun!

Master Gordon and Company with paper mache dragon


I have knows Carlos for a long time.   He is a great paper mache artist.   He is a great artist, period.    Here are some of his pieces.   First, check out his Predator!  Here is the face.

carlos paper mache pedator1

And here is the entire project.  Here is Carlos with his Predator and his son.  Wonderful!

carlos new paper mache predator

carlos paper mache zombie with daughterAnd here is Carlos’ paper mache project along with another one of his adorable kids.

Carlos also made a great paper mache crocodile dragon!  (He dedicated this project to me.  I’m severely flattered.  Thank you my friend Carlos!)

carlos paper mache dragon

And his paper mache dinosaur!   Excellent work!

carlos paper mache dinosaur

Carlos also made this wonderful paper mache alien bust.

carlos paper mache alien

carlos paper mache alien- back

Here is another project made by Carlos.  Magnificent!

Carlos Alberto Moran Martinez's paper mache

And here is Carlos’ latest projects.  A speckled bear and and condor.  Excellent as always!

carlos moran's paper mache spectacled bear 2 carlos moran's paper mache spectacled bear

carlos moran's paper mache condor

Thanks Carlos!  To see more of Carlos’ work, check out his Facebook page.


Now here is Justin and Bonnie with their first paper mache monster “Mantenna.”  Cool!   justin and bonnie's creature

Even though these aren’t made of paper mache, they send a few photos of other work they have done, mainly with gourds!  This guy is called “Salad Fingers”.  Not sure what he is made of.

justin bonnie paper mache salad fingers

And here is Justin and Bonnie’s “Shrek” made out of pumpkins and paint!

justin bonnie Shrek made out of pumpkin

And finally, here is Justin and Bonnie’s “Krang” made entirely out of gourds!  Amazing.

justin bonnie Krang made out of gord


Back to paper mache.  Nicole has some pretty great paper mache creations!  First, it’s always nice to have  part of a beast coming through your wall!

nicoles paper mache beast


And some eyeballs as well!


nicoles paper mache eyeball thing

Nicole also made some cool paper mache license plate covers!  Look at the mouth!  So great!

nicoles paper mache license plate cover

And look at Nicole’s version of a paper mache piggy.   I love this!

nicoles paper mache pig


And one good piggy deserves another.  This time a paper mache “Zombie Piggy”.   Wonderful wonderful!

nicoles paper mache zombie pig

Finally, here is Nicole’s paper mache “Mini-Moose.”    All terrific!

nicoles paper mache mini moose


Here is Michelles paper mache snake.  Very nice!

michelles paper mache snake

And here paper mache Owl!  Excellent!

michelle paper mache sowl

This is Austin Robinson’s first paper mache project, a Lion’s Head.     I love the mane!
austins paper mache lion head
Jane Lennon mades wonderful paper mache pieces.  They are also waterproof, a very difficult thing to accomplish with paper mache.   Here is “Meat and Greet”  Jane is out of Australia.
lennons paper mache meat and greet
Karen made a paper mache throne.    What a great idea!  A few views.
Karens paper mache throne with footstool
Karens paper mache throne
karens paper mache back of throne
Marc with his paper mache “Griffin Monster” costume.  Love it!
marc and griffin paper mache monster1
marc and griffin paper mache monster2


Lisa made this turtle with Celuclay.   The detail is simply amazing I think!

Lisas paper mache boxed turtle1

Lisas paper mache boxed turtle2


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.
Look at this very cool paper mache dragon that Dede Lifgren made!  She used an epoxy based “skin” to weatherproof it.  Wonderful!
Dede Lifgren's paper mache dragon
Here is a close up of the face.
Dede Lifgren's paper mache dragon
Cat loves making paper mache monsters.    She says that she sees monsters in every situation.  Me too!  She has shared some of them.
Here is Elvis Horatio
cat's paper mache -elvis horatio
Here is Cats “Twig”
cat's paper mache "twig"
Cat’s Mr Buster Move
cat's paper mache monsters
And here is “Bug”
cat's paper mache monsters2

Look at Cerberus’ paper mache Spider-Spiderman.  So great!

Cerberus' paper mache spiderman


I’ve known Luca Nesler for a long time.   Here are a few of his paper mache projects.  Here is his troll.  Excellent!luca Nesler's paper mache troll

Another of Luca’s projects.

luca Nesler's paper mache troll

And Luca’s paper mache fairy

Luca Nesler's paper mache fairy

Luca also made a couple of dragons.  Cool!

Luca Nesler's paper mache dragon

luca's paper mache dragon

Luca’s paper mache Elf

Luca Nesler's paper mache elf

And Lucca’s paper mache pig

luca's paper mache pig

And his pirate

luca's paper mache pirate 2

Luca's paper mache pirate

And here is Lucca’s paper mache witch

Luca's paper mache witch


Sarah Beegan made this really cool paper mache monster.  Adorable.  Look closely and you will see an insulin pump, a wonderful personal statement.

sarah beegan's paper mache monster with pump

Up close

sara beegan's paper mache monster


Leigh’s makes fantastic paper mache trophies.   Much cooler than real animals.

Here is her Persephone

leigh's paper mache persephone

Leigh’s paper mache “Agnes”

leigh's paper mache agnes

And her ram.

leigh's paper mache ram

And look at Leigh’s Rhino

leigh's paper mache rhino


Many people flattered me by using my Youtube mask tutorials this last Halloween to make their masks.  Here are few.

Look at Whitney Keen’s amazing dragon mask!  Fantastic

whitney keen's paper mache mask

Here she is with her head poking out.  So cool!

whitney keen's paper mache dragon mask

My friend and musician jJohn Daly’s made a great paper mache costume for his kid.  Check this out!

john Daly's paper mache costume


Here is Gianna’s paper mache mask.  Fantastic!

Gianna's paper mache mask


Below is Elizabeth’s paper mache Screamer.  Excellent!

elizabeth hess' paper mache screamer


This is “Jean Claude”, Dustie’s first paper mache dragon.  Wonderful job!

dustie's paper mache dragon

Here is Matt’s paper mache “Chun Li”.  So fun!

matt's paper mache Chun li

I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at: dan@gourmetpapermache.com.

If you are ever wondering if doing paper mache can make you happy….then I offer this photo as proof.   This is Kiran with a paper mache monster that he and his grandmother, Leslie, made.   Wonderful.  By the way, you just have to check out Leslie’s home made books.  Unbelievable.  You can find them here.

Leslie's grandson, Kiran, and their paper mache monster


It seems that trophy making is all the rage right now.  That’s great!  I love making trophies myself.   So I’ll start with a few of them.

Below is Miranda’s paper mache dragon trophy.  Excellent!

Miranda's paper mache dragon trophy

Below is Vinicius’ paper mache dragon trophy.   Very cool colors and textures!

Vinicius' paper mache dragon trophy



Here is Steven Lewis’ trophy.  Very nice!  Steven intends to make more dragons.  You can follow his progress here.

Steven Lewis' paper mache dragon trophy

And here is Steven’s Halloween costume for this year.  Excellent job!

Steven Lewis' paper mache Halloween costume

And here are a couple Steven’s latest dragons!

Steven Lewis' Dragon2

This one is in a tree!  Great!

Steven Lewis' Dragon


Here is something different.  Check out Kel’s paper mache Horny Toad!  So cool!  I love the bug in his mouth!

Kel's paper mache Horny Toad1


Here is Pip’s first paper mache dragon trophy.  Fantastic!

Pip's first paper mache dragon trophy


And here are a couple of Julien’s paper mache dragons.

Julien's paper mache dragon


julien's paper mache dragon trophy


And look at Ashley’s dragon.  Magnificent.   I love how different all of these trophies are!

Ashley's paper mache dragon trophy


Of course some people enjoy making full dragons.   Look at Andrew Tower’s paper mache dragon.  Very nice!

Andrew Tower's paper mache dragon- portfolio


Here is Pandora’s paper mache dragon.  Wonderful!

pandora's paper mache dragon

Pandora also made this excellent octopus!

pandora's paper mache octopus


And Luca’s complete paper mache dragon.  Great!

Luca's paper mache dragon

Luca makes other projects besides dragons.  Here are a couple.  First, a bunny.

Luca's paper mache rabbit

And Luca’s Elf!  Fun!

Luca's paper mache Elf

And here is Luca’s paper mache Pegasus.  You can see more of Luca’s work on his blog.

Luca's paper mache Pegausu


Some people make dragons in order to smash them to bits.  Look at Rene’s paper mache dragon pinata!  I love it.

Rene's paper mache pinatas

Here are a couple more of Rene’s paper mache pinatas.  Spiderman…

Rene's paper mache pinatas2

and ninja turtle!   There is Rene on the left.

Rene's paper mache pinatas3


Look at Ricki’s paper mache Panda!  Very nice work!

Ricki's paper mache Panda


Finally, here is Andrea De Luca’s paper mache shark.  Magnificent!

Andrea De Luca's paper mache shark

And Vicki’s first paper mache dragon.  Great job!

Vicki's paper mache dragon

Thank you all for sharing!


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If you know anything about my paper mache art, you know that I like to make trophies.   Not because I approve of animal heads hanging on the wall.    Truth is, I would never kill an animal (not even a dragon) in order to make a decoration out of the head.   I’m sure I’ll get in trouble here, but I’ll say it anyway.    A real animal trophy represents a very one-sided affair.  Humans with their high powered rifles…animals with their….hmmm…..with nothing.   Now, I would feel differently if there was some sort of law that said that you could only hang trophies of animals you killed with your bare hands.    Then I’d be impressed by that bear or lion (or even deer) trophy over the mantle!    But I digress.  Making a trophy allows me to create bigger sized dragons, even close to full sized, without making the entire animal.   Not that I’m opposed to whole dragons.   But making one full dragon would fill my entire studio.  Two, and my house would be full.  Then I’d have to make art in my front yard.   Since I make a lot of trophies I decided to make a post on just that topic.  Here it is.

As I mentioned in another post, the first trophy I ever made was the one pictured below.  I called it “Igba agondray.”  I made it because I wanted a mother for the very first dragon I made, little “Punk.”  I displayed them together in the little apartment I rented near the Seattle zoo many years ago.   It is a really large dragon head.  And heavy.  I made the teeth out of “baker’s clay”, flour, salt, and water, baked until they split.  Then I covered them with clear casting resin (more about that later).  They looked great, but weighed a ton.

Paper mache Igbay Agondray

Paper Mache "punk" dragon

Punk Dragon

After that I made a lot of dragon trophies that just hung on the wall.   Here is a sample of a very early trophy.  They were fairly easy to make.  I couldn’t make them fast enough to sell at the art fairs I attended.

paper mache dragon head

My trophies got more sophisticated over time.  I really like the one below.    This was the trophy in my first time-lapse trophy video.   You can see it here if you want (although it’s really hard to watch.  Very grainy)(but the music is nice).

Paper Mache Dragon Trophy

I didn’t just make dragon heads.  Check out this crazy beast!  I’m talking about the head on the wall.   This was circa 1980-ish.  I have no idea what happened to this thing.  It was actually pretty cool.   This photo is really faded.  It was very colorful.  Lots of colored washes.

Crazy paper mache trophy

Then there is the occasional offensive trophy.  Can’t help it.   It has to be done.

paper mache baby on a plaque


After a while I started using wooden plaques with my trophies.   I think it looks better overall.  I buy these plaques online from various taxidermy stores.   Below is “Maleficent” from Disney’s classic movie, “Sleeping Beauty.”   I made this as a commission for a Disney fan.    You can read more about that in this blog post.    Actually, this blog post provided my first viral internet experience.   This post got passed around the world, several times over.   It was re-posted thousands of times.   I got hundreds of requests to buy her.  But I only made one.   I never make duplicate commissions.   It is a promise I make to my patrons, that if they buy a piece of my art, it will be unique.    Here is Maleficent with the l.e.d. lights turned off.

Paper Machemaleficent- lights off -dan reeder

Here she is with her lights turned on .

Paper Mache Maleficent-Dan Reeder

The attention Malecifent received did convince me to make her “son”, a variation on the theme.  Below is “Son of Maleficent”, first with the lights off, then with the lights on.

Paper mache Son of Maleficent

Paper mache son of Maleficent-eyes on

Funny thing….. Even though I made the son more fierce, with more horns, and many more led lights than his mother, it wasn’t nearly as popular.   People liked him, but there wasn’t the same frenzy surrounding his making.   Personally, I like him better than his mother.  Such is life.


Then there is the trophy whose video went truly viral in December of this last year (2014).  The “reach” of that video on Facebook hit over a hundred million per week for a month!  Bizarre.   I taught math for many years.   I taught many lessons on “geometric” growth.   This would have been a great example.  I traced the beginnings of the explosion to just a few people sharing with their friends on Facebook, who shared with their friends, etc., until I was getting emails from relatives in Austria saying that they’d just watched my video.  It was unbelievable.   All that has died down.  I am very relieved.   Between the hundreds of emails and messages I didn’t have time to do any art.   If you are the one person on the planet who didn’t see that video, and you want to see what all the fuss was about, then you can watch it here.   I’m not sure what pushed this video over the top.   Maybe it was Eddie making a cameo appearance at the end. Or maybe it was the music.  People seemed to like both.

Paper mache dragon trophy-red

The video that SHOULD have gone viral is of the trophy below, my paper mache Zombie dragon.  It is a much more interesting trophy I think.

paper mache Zombie Dragon-

I am particularly proud of the muscles showing through the neck.

paper mache sinew

While I’m a bit disappointed with this side of the trophy.

Zombie paper mache dragon- side2

If I had it to do over, I would have make him much more radically rotten.   Originally I wanted to maintain enough of the dragon to show what it might have looked like while alive.   So I left this side much less dead.   It just didn’t work.   But it was too late to fix once it was done.   I also have to say that the color scheme made him look much more pretty than ghostly and rotten.   I would change that as well.    What is the lesson here children?   What’s alive should look alive and what’s dead should look very dead.  If you want to see the time-lapse video of this dragon, click here.

Someone recently asked me, “What is your favorite project?”   My answer is always, “The one I finished last.”   This is my most recent trophy.   It is my Paper Mache Drogon- Young Adult Version.   So it’s my favorite paper mache dragon trophy to date.   But I just know that the next trophy will be even better! (It really will be.  Trust me.)

paper mache Drogon Sometimes I add “drool” to a project.   It is a really messy process, and dangerous.   It will also stink for a good month after it’s applied.   I use “clear casting” resin.   It is basically liquid plastic.  You need a catalyst to start the reaction.  This is the really dangerous stuff.  I’ve heard that it will blind you if you get it into your eyes, whether you get prompt medical attention or not.  That’s probably not true.  But it sure sounds dramatic.  I wear eye protection.  And I work outdoors.    I always add much more catalyst than the directions demand.    Then the resin will stay liquid for about ten minutes.  Then it will quickly start to congeal and the drips will begin to harden.   During this hardening, too much resin will slowly drip off.  Too little and it won’t drip enough.   But if it’s just right, you get beautiful little drips of drool.

Paper Mache Drogon- drool





I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.
Below is Joey’s paper mache “Jabberwock”.   It is an amazing articulated head.  The jaws will open and close! 
Joey's paper mache jabberwock
Below is Liza with her pet paper mache dragon!  This is her first paper mache project!  Love it!
Liza's paper mache dragon 1
Sandys paper mache Kylie
Sandy’s paper mache “Kylie”.   Can’t tell which dog is cuter! Okay, both are adorable.
Jeremey's paper mache critter
This is Jeremy’s paper mache “Critter”.   Personality plus!
Jeremy is also a master at paper mache zombies.  Here is his “Toxic Zombie”
Jeremys paper mache zombie
Bailey and paper mache paper mache Nibbles

Bailey and Calvin are brother and sister (Mike’s kids).  Above is Bailey with her paper mache “Nibbles”.  Below is Calvin with “Marlin”.   These two photos are a couple of my favorites.  Calvin and paper mache MarlinJulies paper mache Dimi This is Julie’s paper mache (articulated!) dragon, “Dimi”

My good friend Suz makes the most fantastic shoes…out of paper mache!  Well, she alters shoes using paper mache.  I just think they are the coolest things!  (And Suz is cool too!)

Suz paper mache shoe fish
Fish and Shoe
suz paper mache shoe giraffe
And her Giraffe shoe.  Magnificent!
suz paper mache shoe giraffe
And of course Suz would have a dragon shoe!
Suz's paper mache dragon
See more of Suz’s work here.
Below is Maria’s little paper mache dragon named “Genaro JeJeJeJe”.  Great job!
marias green paper mache dragon
Here is Nessa’s first (amazingly) paper mache project.  A Cheshire Cat.  Fantastic!!
Nessa's paper mache cheshirecat
My friend Mona has made some great paper mache projects. 
I really love this little guy riding a turtle!  It’s called “Faster Faster!”  So much fun!
Monas paper mache two headed turtle with driver
Mona also made this little guy called “Franky the Dentist”.  Mona’s cat loves it!
monas paper mache dentist

sabines paper mache dollCheck out Sabine’s giant paper mache Doll!  And her first paper mache dragon (below).

sabines paper mache dragon front
jean's paper mache goldfishJean made a paper mache goldfish.  Cool! paper mache fish face best

Up close.  And Jean’s paper mache Seahorse below.
jeans paper mache seahorse

Oh…and she made a paper mache dragon coming out of a wall!
jeans paper mache dragon


Check out Sonja’s full size, paper mache “Tinkerbelle” pinata.   So cool!  But I would hate to hit this with a bat!

Sonja paper mache Tinkerbell1

From the back

sonja paper mache tinkerbell


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.

First, let me introduce my friend from Turkey, Salih Bugra Algan with his amazing red paper mache dragon!    Some people use falcons, others use dragons!   Wonderful!   You can find Salih here.

salih's paper mache dragon 2

This is Richard Anthony Drakke’s paper mache Dragon head.  Made for the “Shrek- the Musical” school play.  Excellent!  You can see his blog here.

Richard Drakke's paper mache dragon mask

and the eyes light up!

richard drakke's paper mache dragon mask lit up

Here are Richard’s two new projects.  So fun!   The first is “Frank the Beholder!”

Frank the Beholder Richard Anthony Drakke

And then there is “Gary”.  Wonderful!

Gary- Richard Anthony Drakke

Below  is Sarah Clisby and her paper mache dragon trophy.  Wonderful!

sarah clisby's paper mache dragon trophy2

From the side.  I love these colors!

sarah clisby's paper mache dragon trophy


Check out Marion Uithol’s paper mache lizard!  Magnificent!

marion's paper mache lizard

And here is Marion’s newest paper mache project.   This piece is a statement against the hunting of whales, a very good one at that!  Excellent work!

marion's paper mache whale


Below is Joe Heppler’s paper mache “Christmas Krampus”.  Excellent!

joe Heppler's paper mache Christmas Krampus


Here is Kay and her first paper dragon.  Fun!

Kay's paper mache dragon Kay's paper mache dragon 2

This is so cool.  Look at Allie Henson’s paper mache mask.  It is from the “Helm of Morpheus”

Allie Henson's paper mache Sandman mask

Per Roslund's paper mache dragon trophy1

Here is some art from Sweden.   Per Rosland’s paper mache dragon trophy.   Perfect!


Below is Ginger’s paper mache monster.  Wonderfully creepy I think!

ginger's paper mache monster

and Ginger’s paper mache head.

ginger's paper mache head


Ricardo's paper mache trophy

Here is Ricardo Castaneda Salazar’s first paper mache dragon trophy.  Great work!


Below is “Yorgy”, Diane Sorensen’s paper mache dragon.  Perfect!   You can see more of Diane’s paper mache art on her Facebook page.

Diane Sorenson's paper mache dragon' Yorgy

Another amazing paper mache dragon trophy.   This from Anastasia Ruso.  Beautiful!

anastasia's paper mache dragon trophy

Finally, here is “Mr. G”, Mary Jane’s paper mache Goat.  I love him!

mj 's paper mache goat


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