I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.


Mike Stones and his two daughters, Hannah and Abby have been making the most of their stay-at-home time!  Look at this adorable,  “Yoda-creature from the Mandalorian,” they made!  Such a great expression!

Mike and Hannah and Abby - Yoda creature from the Mandalorian

And here is an earlier project made by Mike and Hannah.  This is “Olaf”.  Wonderful!

mIke and hannah's paper mache snowman


My friend Miguel Ruiz Fuentes has been making paper mache for a while now.  Have you ever had heartburn?  Just wondering.   I love this.

Miguel's paper mache heart

And here is another of Miguel’s pieces, “Sunshine”.  I love this!

Miguel Ruiz Fuentes's paper mache "Sunshine"

And here is Miguel’s Rabbit in a Hat.  Wonderful!

Miguel Ruiz Fuentes Rabbit in a hat



Lorena Tauton teaches art to sixth graders.   One of her students, Colby,  made this totally wonderful paper mache dragon.   Colby named him  “Frederick.”   Really great work Colby!

Colby's "Frederick" from Lorena Taunton's sixth grade paper mache class


Here’s something fun.  Look at this paper mache tree made by Amanda Gathright.  Excellent!

Jesse Gathright's paper mache tree


Paul Langwade  made a great paper mache dragon.  He loves to lounge around the house.   Really great!

Paul Langwade's paper mache dragon

Here is a close-up.

Paul Langwade's paper mache dragon-close up

Paul just finished this great trophy!  He added l.e.d. lights to the eyes.  Cool!

Paul Langwade's paper mache dragon2 Paul Langwade's paper mache dragon


Check out Lena’s paper mache deep sea animal.  I love the light!

lena's paper mache deep sea animal


A great paper mache dragon trophy made by Devon.  Excellent!

Devon's paper mache dragon trophy


Pedro makes very cool paper mache bird/human hybrids.   Here a couple.

pedro's paper mache bird man2

Pedro's paper mache bird man


This is Zbigniew’s paper mache trophy.  Nice job!

Zbigniew's paper mache dragon trophy

And here is Zbigniew’s paper mache two-headed dragon.  Fantastic!

Zbigniew's paper mache two-headed dragon


Look at this.  Rainy Dodd’s made this paper mache project for a school project.  Amazing!

Rainy Dodd's paper mache project


Gordon John Wendling decided give paper mache a try.   Look at his first attempt.  Great work!  He titled it, appropriately,

“Saint George’s Trophy”.

Gordon John Wendling's paper mache dragon


Marty and Dianne have been working with paper mache.   Marty made this cyclops named


marty's paper mache cyclops Hugo

And here is Dianne’s Dianne’s “Frankie”

Dianne's paper mache Frankie

Below is Marty’s “Louie” with Dianne’s “Flo”

Marty's Louie dianne's paper mache Flo


Miriam Heijnen made her own paper mache dragon.  Magnificent!

Miriam Heijnen's paper mache dragon

And then Miriam made a double dragon.  Excellent!

Miriam's paper mache double dragons


Mike and his daughter Hannah made this paper mache snowman named “Olaf”.  What fun!

mIke and hannah's paper mache snowman


Below is Anna’s dragon trophy.  Very nice!

Anna's paper mache dragon trophy


And another paper mache dragon made by Meredith.  I love how it matches the decor in the room!

merediths paper mache dragon




Elena has been hard at work in the kitchen cooking up paper mache dragons!

Elena's paper mache dragon trophy


And Alex’s made this excellent paper mache trophy!  He calls it his “Frost Dragon”.  Looks very cold, and cool, to me!

Alex's paper mache trophy


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