I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

Kristin is another terrific art teacher.   She teaches in Missouri.  After watching a few of my videos one of her 10th grade student’s made this amazing paper mache trophy!

kristin's 10th grade student's paper mache project

 Look at Wade’s paper mache rabbit mask!  And his Steam Punk fish!   Awesome!Wade's paper mache rabbit mask

Wade’s magnificent paper mache fish!

wade's paper mache fish

Cory made this excellent paper mache dragon costume for his daughter.   Beautiful…the costume and the girl!

cory's paper mache costume

Bill Wehmeier made this very nice paper mache “Baby Dragon”.  If you would like to see more of his work, you can do so here.

Bill Wehmeier's paper mache "Baby Dragon"

I love this project.  This is Xenia’s first paper mache project.   A zombie bigger than she is! (Xenia is on the right!  🙂

xenias paper mache zombie outside

This deserves a couple more shots.

Xenia's paper mache zombie

and from the back.

xenias paper mache zombie-back

And check this out.  It even lights up!  Wow!   Fantastic job Xenia!

xenia's paper mache zombie


Beth Bowden decided that her grandson needed something nice for his bedroom.  So she made this paper mache dinosaur!  What a lucky kid!

Beth Bowden's paper mache dinosaur


This is Julie Joest’s paper mache monster, “Bertha”.  What fun!

julie joest's paper mache monster front


Nikki made a paper mache monster, but added a really cool twist…fur!  So adorable!

Nikki's paper mache furry monster

Diann McDonald has been making lot’s of paper mache projects.   Here is a sampling.

Diann Mcdonald's paper mache girl Diann Mcdonald's paper mache man on the moon


Diann’s “Man on the Moon”

Diann Mcdonald's paper mache project

diann mcdonalds paper mache tree house

And Diann’s paper mache “Tree House”.  And below is a cute sculpture based upon her dad and his special car.

diann's paper mache car2

Great work Diann!


Lisa is also a prolific paper mache artist!   Here is some of her work.   First, a great dragon!

Lisa's paper mache dragon

And this is one of my favorite paper mache pieces, a little artist mouse!  Adorable!

Lisa's paper mache mouse

And what would life be without a band of paper mache pickles!  Wonderful Lisa!

Lisa's paper mache pickles


Here is a great paper mache monster made by Colin! Wonderful!

Collin's paper mache monster

John Paul Junk is a teacher.  He made this amazing paper mache dragon for his classroom.  He removed ceiling tiles for this.  I’m sure his students think he’s the best.   I agree.
John Paul Junk's paper mache dragonBart watched my mask making tutorials on Youtube and made his own mask.  Excellent job Bart!
Bart's paper mache mask
Speaking of cool paper mache masks, this is Todd’s.
Todd's paper mache mask
And my friend Miguel Ruiz’s made this fantastic paper mache Ganehsa mask!
miguel Ruiz's paper mache Ganehsa mask


Below is Arthur’s paper mache dragon trophy.   Excellent!
arthur's paper mache dragon face

My friend Glenn Terry has been making great paper mache projects for a while now.   Here are a couple  You can see more on his website

Glenn Terry's paper mache eagle mask

Glenn’s excellent Eagle mask.  And look at his paper mache bike helmet!  I’m sure he gets some strange looks!

Glenn Terry's paper mache mask

And here is one of Glenn’s paper mache monsters.   So fun!
Glenn Terry's green monster

I am a cat lover, so you know how much I love Jaime Diaz’s paper mache cat.

Jamie's paper mache cat
And Jamie’s amazing paper mache alligator…
Jamie's paper mache alligator
Jamie's paper mache alligator 2
Jamie's paper mache fish
… and fish!  Terrific Jamie!
Finally, here is Lisa Dawn Cornwell’s paper mache Gargoyle.   Perfect!
Lisa Dawn Cornwell's paper mache Gargoyle
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