I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  More photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

I love this photo.   This young man, Tosin Olagunju, made some fantastic paper mache birds!  I’ll start with them.

Tosin Olagunju paper mache birds


Peter Thomas is a great artist.   Check out this Tyrannosaurus. It is a combination of paper mache and plastic wrap.   Just amazing.  Peter Thomas' paper mache dinosaur2

And if that isn’t enough, look at his paper mache alien!

Peter Thomas's paper mache alien

Here is Peter using my cloth mache technique on this dinosaur.   That’s pretty cool too.

peter thomas' paper mache dinosaur


I have another friend Juan Beltran who lives in Spain and has become obsessed with paper mache.    I love it!  Here are some of his projects.

You can find him on Facebook here.  Here are some of Juan’s pieces.  First, here is Juan with some of his dragons.

juan beltran's paper mache dragon 2

His blue dragon.

juan beltran's paper mache blue dragon

juan beltran's paper mache dragon 3

And Juan with more dragons and one of his great kids.   I love her attitude!

juan's paper mache dragons


Juan has also made some paper mache insects.   Check out this mosquito.

juans beltrans paper mache bug

And his scorpion.

Juan beltran's paper mache scorpion

And here is his version of my Dark Butterfly.

juan beltran's paper mache dark butterfly

And his paper mache warrior elf princess.

juan's new paper mache woman

And another little dragon with Juan’s son.   Wonderful!

uans beltrans paper mache monster 3

Finally, here is another little baby dragon.

juan beltran's paper mache dragon


Lynne Boltons  makes some great paper mache art.   I love this next piece.

lynne bolton's paper mache art


And here is Lynne’s paper mache girl.  So cool.

lynne boltons paper mache girl


This is Diann’s first paper mache monster, “Snort”.  Cute!

dianns paper mache mr snort2


And here is Tracy’s monster in a cage, “Petunia.”  I love using old bird cages for monsters.

tracys paper mache monster in cage

I love these Screamers.   Travis is a professor in a university in Texas.   He wrote me a very nice note (and written and sent in the mail!) a long time ago telling me that my first book, The Simple Screamer, changed his life, that he would have been an accountant, or something as dreadful (his words) if he hadn’t seen my book.   He made some Screamer  and it changed his life.  Now he is a professor of art history.   I was (still am) so incredibly flattered.

Here is Travis’ alien screamer.   Look at the spaceship he is riding!   So fun!

travis paper mache screamer 1

And here is his screamer on a rope.   Wonderful!  Thank you Travis!

travis paper mache screamer 2


Now I’ve argued that people who send me photos often look like the art they create.   This is Niles with his paper mache dragon “Miguel”.  Q.E.D.

Great work Niles!

Niles paper mache dragon Miguel

Here is Nicole’s paper mache dragon.   Cute!
nicoles paper mache dragon2
And here is her cat with a dragon head.
nikkis cat with paper mache head
And here is Nicole wearing another paper mache dragon head.    Terrific!
nicoles paper mache dragon head
Al Sugarman has been making lots of dragons.  He has certainly mastered my  “cloth mache” techinques.   Here are a few.   He also makes some fantastic Halloween displays.   If you’d like to see more, you can at Sliver of Darkness.
als paper mache dragon2
als paper mache dragon 5
als paper mache dragon1
als paper mache dragon 3
Here are a pair of Alison’s paper mache dragons.  They are the subject of a book she is writing.   Very nice!
alisons paper mache dragons
Here is my French friend Marie’s paper mache monster plant.   Love it!

maries paper mache monster plant


Phyl works at an elementary school.  She made this paper mache dragon for her library.   She is named “Lucy”.

Here she is sans the wings.

phyls paper mache Lucy sans wings

And a surprise was added!  Check out the baby!  What fun!

Phyls paper mache lucy

Mario makes paper mache heads for Halloween.   Here are a few.  So great!
marios paper mache nightmare head
marios paper mache yoda head
marios paper mache marvin head
marios paper mache charlie brown head
Dan C. makes some great paper mache pieces.   Here are a few.   First, his wall hanging called “The Piece”
dans paper mache piece
Here is “Jeeves”
dans paper mache jeeves
Dan’s scene called, “The Move”
dans paper mache the move
A few assorted Screamer Ants!
dans paper mache screamer ants
This is Dan’s “Trapper”
dans paper mache trapper
And finally, Dan’s “Boog”
dans paper mache boog
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