I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are more photos sent to me by people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art that you would like me to display just send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


Look at these two beautiful pieces made by Chris Riccio.  The first is called “Crimson Angel”

Chris Riccios paper mache Crimson

And the next is called “Stone Angel”.  If you’d like to see more of Chris’ work, visit her on Facebook.

Chris Riccios paper mache Stone Angel


Here are a few very cool paper mache masks made by people.

First, Theresa De Hoyos’ “Big bad wolf” and that’s her daughter Dana as Little Red Riding Hood. Wonderful!

Theresa De Hoyos's paper mache "Big bad wolf"



And Zachary Jackson Brown’s paper mache mask.  Fantastic!

Zachary Jackson Brown's paper mache mask

And here is Zach’s new project!  Excellent!

Zachary Jackson Browns paper mache


Remember the video game Zelda?  Here is Ethan Brett’s “Majora’s Mask.”  Very nice!

Ethan Brett's paper mache "Majora's Mask"

And look at Dave Meyer’s Cthulu costume!  Fantastic mask!

Dave Meyer's paper mache Cthulu costume

Speaking of great costumes, check out Benjamin Baugh’s elaborate costume.   This is obviously from Jim Henson’s “Dark Crystal” movie.   In fact, if you want to see this in motion, look at Benjamin’s video on Youtube of this costume.

Benjamin Baugh's paper mache -Halloween2015


Below is Frank Carrillo’s paper mache dragon.  Beautiful!

Frank Carrillo's paper mache dragon

Here it is with another of Frank’s dragons.   Frank Carrillo's paper mache dragons

And here is Frank’s latest dragon (with his son Kobe).  Wonderful!

Frank Carrillo's paper mache dragon with Kobe

Before Frank started making dragons he made great pinatas for his kids.  Here are a few…

Frank Carrillo's paper mache shoe pinata Frank Carrillo's paper mache pinatas Frank Carrillo's paper mache elephant pinata



Look at this sweet baby dragon made by Joanne Secord.  It is reading a book!  Nice to know that some dragons are literate!

Joanne Secord's paper mache baby dragon

Joanne Secord's paper mache baby dragon2

And here is another cool dragon.  This is Alex Mitro’s “Earth Dragon.”

Alex Mitro's paper mache dragon

Alex Mitro's paper mache "Earth Dragon"- back


Andrée Deedee and her kids, Gabriel and Rock, made these wonderful paper mache projects.   A dolphin.

Gabriel and Rock (with mom Andrée Deedee)'s paper mache dolphin

Sponge Bob!

Gabriel and Rock (with mom Andrée Deedee)'s paper mache sponge Bob

And this cute little Minion.  Very nice work!

Gabriel and Rock (with mom Andrée Deedee)'s paper mache Minion


Below is Joanne Secord’s paper mache dragon trophy.  Love these colors!  Great project!

Joanne Secord's paper mache dragon trophy


And this is Frances Summers’ version of Maleficent.   Excellent!

Frances Summers' paper mache dragon trophy


And here is another great dragon made by Courtney Ames!

Courtney Ames' paper mache dragon trophy2


This is David Bombara’s first paper mache dragon.   Beautiful!

David Bombara's first paper mache dragon

David just finished his second dragon.  This one is called Rex.  Wonderful!

David Bombara's REx


Below is Dom Bianco’s paper mache dinosaur.  Great job!

Dom Bianco's paper mache dinosaur


Here is Jason’s paper mache dragon.  Love these colors!

Jason's paper mache dragon


Here is Geoffrey Wonderdog’s paper mache dragon trophy.  Wonderful!

Geoffrey Wonderdog's paper mache dragon trophy


Below is Jennifer Pratley’s paper mache dragon.   Wonderful colors!

Jennifer Pratley's paper mache dragon

I love marionette’s.  Below is Gregga Johnn’s paper mache puppet named “Trollee”.  Excellent!

Gregga Johnn's paper mache puppet Trollee


Davide Felicione’s paper mache dragon.  Very nice!

Davide Felicione's paper mache dragon


This is just to cool!  Amanda Gathright’s paper mache “Frankenweenie”.  Adorable!

Amanda Gathright's paper mache Frankenweenie2


This is Tanya Johnson’s first paper mache dragon.  Amazing job!

Tanya Johnson's paper mache dragon


And this is Jake Hickey’s dragon.  Wonderful!

Jake Hickey's paper mache dragon

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