I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.

First, let me introduce my friend from Turkey, Salih Bugra Algan with his amazing red paper mache dragon!    Some people use falcons, others use dragons!   Wonderful!   You can find Salih here.

salih's paper mache dragon 2

This is Richard Anthony Drakke’s paper mache Dragon head.  Made for the “Shrek- the Musical” school play.  Excellent!  You can see his blog here.

Richard Drakke's paper mache dragon mask

and the eyes light up!

richard drakke's paper mache dragon mask lit up

Here are Richard’s two new projects.  So fun!   The first is “Frank the Beholder!”

Frank the Beholder Richard Anthony Drakke

And then there is “Gary”.  Wonderful!

Gary- Richard Anthony Drakke

Below  is Sarah Clisby and her paper mache dragon trophy.  Wonderful!

sarah clisby's paper mache dragon trophy2

From the side.  I love these colors!

sarah clisby's paper mache dragon trophy


Check out Marion Uithol’s paper mache lizard!  Magnificent!

marion's paper mache lizard

And here is Marion’s newest paper mache project.   This piece is a statement against the hunting of whales, a very good one at that!  Excellent work!

marion's paper mache whale


Below is Joe Heppler’s paper mache “Christmas Krampus”.  Excellent!

joe Heppler's paper mache Christmas Krampus


Here is Kay and her first paper dragon.  Fun!

Kay's paper mache dragon Kay's paper mache dragon 2

This is so cool.  Look at Allie Henson’s paper mache mask.  It is from the “Helm of Morpheus”

Allie Henson's paper mache Sandman mask

Per Roslund's paper mache dragon trophy1

Here is some art from Sweden.   Per Rosland’s paper mache dragon trophy.   Perfect!


Below is Ginger’s paper mache monster.  Wonderfully creepy I think!

ginger's paper mache monster

and Ginger’s paper mache head.

ginger's paper mache head


Ricardo's paper mache trophy

Here is Ricardo Castaneda Salazar’s first paper mache dragon trophy.  Great work!


Below is “Yorgy”, Diane Sorensen’s paper mache dragon.  Perfect!   You can see more of Diane’s paper mache art on her Facebook page.

Diane Sorenson's paper mache dragon' Yorgy

Another amazing paper mache dragon trophy.   This from Anastasia Ruso.  Beautiful!

anastasia's paper mache dragon trophy

Finally, here is “Mr. G”, Mary Jane’s paper mache Goat.  I love him!

mj 's paper mache goat


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