I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Note: Partly because of my trophy videos that went viral (and my books showing how to make them) I’ve received many photos of paper mache dragon trophies.  They are all great.   There are quite a few on this page.

Here are the first two dragon trophies made by Andy Matthews.   Excellent work!

Andy's first paper mache dragon tropies

Andy also made this great Panda for his nephew as part of an endangered species project.

Andy's paper mache panda


Below is Hunter Wickersham’s.   I love these colors.  Great look on the face.   Fabulous!

Hunter Wickersham's paper mache dragon trophy1


Of course I get other wonderful paper mache project photos as well.   Here is Laura Moleman’s adorable little elephant.

Laura Moleman's paper mache elephant


And here is Dara’s paper mache “IMEddie” head prop.  Very cool.

Dara's paper mache IMEddieHeadProp


Here is Jim Popp’s paper mache “Voltathrax the Wicked”.  Great job!

Jim Popp's paper mache Voltathrax the Wicked


Not all paper mache trophies are dragons.  Check out Ashley’s paper mache unicorn!   Wonderful!

Ashley's paper mache unicorn 1


Bob Sigsbury runs a pawn shop with many animal trophies hanging on the walls.  He decided to make his own trophy, a  paper mache dragon!  Perfect!

Bob Sigsbury's paper mache dragon trophy1

Bob also made a fantastic paper mache pumpkin.  Every day is Halloween when you have something like this!

Bob's paper mache pumpkin


Look at Laura Moleman’s first paper mache project, a very cute elephant that she gave to a little girl.  Adorable!

Laura Moleman's paper mache elephant


Below is Vicki’s paper mache dragon trophy.  Very nice job!   It looks like a brother or sister is close by!

Vicki's paper mache dragon trophy



Here is Catharine Kennedy’s paper mache dragon.   It’s tricky to get a dragon to stand.  Nice job!

Catharine Kennedy's paper mache dragon 2

And here is Catharine’s second dragon.

Katharine Kennedy's paper mache dragon 2

And her third!

Catharine Kennedy's paper mache dragon 3


This is Arnie’s paper mache “ice” dragon trophy, complete with crystals.   Cool (literally)!

Arnie's paper mache dragon trophy


And this is Kel’s paper mache dragon trophy.  I love the colors, and the intensity, of this piece!  Excellent!

Kel's paper mache dragon trophy

And look at Arial and Leah in the new paper mache witch masks that their dad, Steven made!  Adorable.

Arial and Leah with their paper mache witch masks


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