I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.


My friend Stephane has made some amazing paper mache projects.   But his birds are simply stunning.   Here is his paper mache “Harfang”.  Wow.

stephanes paper mache harfang3

And here is Stephane’s paper mache Eagle.  Unbelievable!


stephanes paper mache eagle

Stephane also makes great paper mache dragons.   Below are three.

stephanes paper mache dragon2

Stephane calls this one “Lildragon”.

stephanes paper mache lildragon

And his third, green masterpiece.

stephanes paper mache dragon

Oh, and Stephane also made this paper mache unicorn.  Very nice work!

stephanes paper mache unicorn2


I have another friend, Lyman, who makes incredibly strange and wonderful paper mache pieces.

Here is his “Dispenserator”.

Lyman's paper mache Dispenserator

And here is Lyman’s “Hindenbug”

Lyman's paper mache Hindenbug

And his “Stalag Tiger”.  I love this creepy things that hang from the ceiling! Lyman's paper mache Stalag Tiger

But this is my favorite of Lyman’s paper mache projects.   This is his full sized “Gluk” from the ground breaking video game “Odd World”.   This is just spectacular.   You can see more of Lyman’s art here.

Lymans paper mache Gluk


I love this.   Here are a self-described “bunch of Librarians” who used my dragon-making book to make dragons for their libraries.  Congratulations (from left to right) Betty, Judy, Sarah, Merrill, and Lena.

Bunch of librarian's paper mache dragons


Here is Barb with her paper mache “Grumpfish”.   I love the staging!

Barb's paper mache Grumpfish


This is Lisa’s paper mache Dog.  Cute!

Lisa's paper mache Dog


Then there is Margot’s paper mache “Mr Rat”

Margot's paper mache "Mr Rat"

and her “Franky Baby”  and “Clown”

Margot's paper mache Franky and Clown


Below is Joseph’s paper mache “Izzy” and Barney (you can figure out which is which)

Joseph Wilkey's paper mache Izzy and Barney


Here is Martina’s paper mache dragon.  Very cool!

Martina's paper mache dragon


Here are two of David’s paper mache projects.   “Bad Santa” (Indeed) and his Gorilla mask.

David's paper mache bad santa David's paper mache gorilla


Here is Angie’s first paper mache project.  His name is “Booger”.  Cute

Angie's paper mache Booger


Look at Marc D’s amazing paper mache snake “Nessie!”

Marc's paper mache snake

and Marc’s paper mache “Wildwood Willy”

Marc's paper mache owls


Here is another paper mache dragon made my Randolph.  Excellent!

Randolph's paper mache dragon

Randolph also made a couple of cool fish.  A yellow one…

Randolph's paper mache fish

…and a blue one.

Randolph's paper mache blue fish


Check out Bridget’s paper mache gargoyle.  Excellent!

Bridget's paper mache gargoyle


Tony made a cool paper mache dinosaur head and a monster in a cage.

Tony's paper mache dinosaur Tony's paper mache monster in cage


Here are some great paper mache pumpkins made by Ljgato.

Ljgato's paper mache pumpkin Ljgato paper mache pumpkins


Chrissy made a couple nice paper mache pieces.  Her Bird Marionette…

Chrissy's paper mache bird marionette

and her Sea Dragon.  Great job!

Chrissy's paper mache Sea Dragon

Finally, here are some paper mache projects made by students.  First, from Renee Capp’s art classes (County High School, Taylorsville, Kentucky)

Renee Capp's paper mache art class Renee Capp's paper mache art class2

Renee Capp's paper mache art class3 Renee Capp's paper mache art class4

Renee Capp's paper mache art class5

And Nancy’s elementary art class.  They made traditional “Screamers” (from my book The Simple Screamer– 1984)  I feel like a grandparent looking at these Screamers.  (P.S. Can you find Nancy?)

Nancy's paper mache Screamer class Nancy's paper mache Screamer class2


Nancy's paper mache Screamer class3

These photos remind me of my early “Screamer” classes.  What fun!  What a mess!  I think teachers who take on a challenge like this are saints.  All kids should have an experience with paper mache!


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