I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

First, look at Nancy Arsenault’s paper mache birds!   Just incredible pieces! Here is one of her owls.

Nancy Arsenault's paper mache owl

And another wonderful owl just completed by Nancy.

Nancy Arsenault's paper mache owl2 Nancy Arsenault's paper mache owl- back

And some amazing eagles!

Nancy Arsenault's paper mache eagles

Here are a few more projects made by Nancy.  All fantastic!  First, here Zebra.

nancy arsenault's zebra

And a giraffe.

nancy arsenault 's giraffe2

A doll.

nancy arsenault 's pape mache

And Nancy’s Lion.

nancy arsenault's lion

Nancy just sent me her newest project, a fantastic elephant!  Amazing as always!

Nancy Arsenault's elephant

And from the side.

Nancy Arsenault"s elephant side

Oh, and here is Nancy with her dolphin!   Excellent!

Nancy Arsenault and her dolphin


Tetiana Monnier used my videos to make her own paper mache dragon and fish.   Great job!

Tetyana's paper mache dragon Tetyana's paper mache fish

Tetiana just finished another dragon, this time white.  Beautiful work!   And look at her Trojan Horse.  Amazing!

Tetiana Monnier's White Dragon Tetiana Monnier's Trojan Horse


I love Pamela Siter’s paper mache octopus.  Just wonderful!

Pamela Siter's paper mache octopus


Thomas Thiem has made a few paper mache dragons.   Here are a couple.  Excellent.

Thomas' paper mache dragon 1 Thomas' paper mache dragon2


Here is a great paper mache Goblin!   This was made by Jeanne Greenleaf Lebow and is called  “NeneFest.”

Jeanne Greenleaf Lebow's paper mache Goblin NeneFest


Ann-Christine Borja’s  has been making some very nice paper mache art.  Here are three of her pieces.

The first is titled, “Ugglepippi” (owlbird).    Very nice work!

Ann-Christine Borja's paper mache “Ugglepippi” (owlbird)bird

The next is her Ann-Christine’s “Dinobird.”   This is an alebrije, in the mexican tradition of one of her teachers.

Ann-Christine Borja's paper mache alebrije “Dinobird”

And this is Ann-Christine’s “Pica Pica”  (magpie).  Great job!

Ann-Christine Borja's paper mache "Pica Pica" (magpie)


Here is a great paper mache dragon trophy made by Pauline Marshall.   I think this is a really nice trophy!

Pauline's paper mache dragon tophy2


Speaking of dragons, here is Sharyn Evanich’s first paper mache dragon.   Nicely done!

sharyn evanich's red dragon 2


Arthur made this paper mache bird based upon the Pixar short movie “For the Birds”.   If you watch that you’ll know which one this is.

arthurs paper mache bird


Here are a few of Joquim’s paper mache projects, two men and a bug.  Lots of fun here!

Joaquim's paper mache man 1

Joaquim's paper mache man 2 joaquim's paper mache bug

I really like this dragon.  John Cicilio brought it to work and hung it up.    Everyone should have a dragon at work!
john Cicilio's paper mache dragon
This is the paper mache mask Forest made for his son.   Lucky kid!
forest's paper mache mask2
John Dawson has been doing paper mache for a long time.  It shows.  Here are some of his pieces.
First, his excellent Imperial dragon!
paper mache Imperial Dragon By John Dawson
“Hello There” by John Dawson
Paper mache Hello There by John Dawson
And here is John’s “Barbiefeeder”
Paper mache Barbiefeeder By John Dawson
John is also a Bronco fan.   Here is his paper mache fan!
Paper mache Broncos Fan By John Dawson
And here is John himself with one of his masks!
John Dawson's paper mache Dragon head cropped
Below is John’s “Angry Golfer”
paper mache Angry Golfer By John Dawson
Another cool fish.  John calls this his “Ugly Fish”.
paper mache Ugly Fish by John Dawson
And finally, here is John’s paper mache bat.   Great work John!
john Dawson's paper mache bat
I love it when teachers do paper mache with kids.   It is messy and hard work.  I did it for years so I know what I’m talking about.  But the kids will remember those lessons forever.    Josh Young had his kids make “Screamer” heads.    First, here is a “Screamer Convention” (note: “Screamers” refer to the monsters from my first book, The Simple Screamer:  A Guide to the Art of Paper and Cloth Mache (1984, Gibbs Smith Publisher))
paper mache Screamer Convention
And here is a sample of the individual heads.
paper mache screamer head4
paper mache screamer head2
paper mache screamer head3
paper mache screamer head1
And Emily Hamlin teaches paper mache to 6th graders.   What a great bunch of kids!  I got to talk to them on Skype as they were working on their projects.  Again, here is a sampling of the finished pieces.    I didn’t have room for all of the photos.  Great job kids!
emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 2 emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 3 emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 4 emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 5
emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 6 emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project
Here are a couple of Eric Pilkington’s paper mache projects.   A fantastic dragon and a great fish!
Eric Pinlkington's paper mache dragon
eric's paper mache fish 2
And here is William Benson’s first paper mache dragon head (along with some assorted weapons).   Good job!
william benson's paper mache dragon 2
Patricia Thompson has been using my books to make Screamers for a while now.   She even teaches classes to other adults.  Here are a couple of her wonderful paper mache Screamers, Sammy and his brother Stan.    What fun!
Patricia Thompson's paper mache Screamers
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