I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are more photos sent to me by people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art that you would like me to display just send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

This is Mike Murphy’s paper mache “Audrey”.  Great!

MIke Murphy's paper mache Audrey

Mike also made this Marlin. He based it upon the one in the house on the Adam’s Family TV show.   Fantastic!

Mike Murphy's Addam's Family Marlin

Rachel Sarsfield is a terrific artist!  She has been sending me photos for a long time.   I love each project!   Below you will see quite a few.   The first is her most recent masterpiece, obviously  based upon the Predator concept.   She called this one, “Fred the Head.”    Excellent!

Rachel Sarsfield Fred the Head

Here is one of my favorites of Rachel’s.  It’s also one of her oldest.  It’s called the “Three Wise Gollums!”

Rachel's paper mache ThreeWiseGollums1

Here is Rachel’s cute little dragon.

rachels paper mache Dragon front

Below is another piece by Rachel,  a very cute monkey with hat.

Rachel's paper mache monkey with hat2

This is Rachel’s Billy Bob

Rache's paper mache Billy Bob

Also Rachel’s paper mache “Arthur Pendragon”.  Adorable.

Rachel's paper mache Arthur Pendragon

Here a few of Rachel’s fantastic Mariachis!

Rachel's Mariachi

Rachel's paper mache Mariachi

Here is Rachel’s latest… “Marcie” as in ‘Lady of Marseilles’.  Wonderful!

Rachel's Marcie

And here’s Marcie from the back.

Marcie from the back

Rachel has been at it again.   This time she chose to create Arnold Schwarzenegger!  She noted how much clay it took just for the muscles on the arm.   And love the shiny surface,!   “Arnie” never looked so good!  So fun!

Rachels Arnie

Here is Siebe Vu’s first paper mache dragon trophy.  Very nice job!

Siebe Vu's paper mache dragon trophy

Here is a project made by the art class run by Bryan Medina Mr Hill.  It won an award at an exhibition.  Congratulations!

Bryan Medina and Mr Hill's class with their paper mache award winning dinosaur

This is Que Bigg’s paper mache dragon.  Wonderful.  Look at those scales!

Que Bigg's paper mache dragon

Now this is something amazing.  Paolo Orlando’s made a paper mache Empire State Building.  That is astounding enough.  But then he made two paper mache dragons climbing it!    If you look closely you can see Spider Man attempting to capture one of them.  Really cool!

Paolo Orlando's paper mache dragons on the Empire State Building3

Another look.

Paolo Orlando's paper mache dragons on the Empire State Building2

And a close up.

paolo's paper mache dragon on empire state building

Here are a few of Jolene De Swardt’s paper mache projects.  First, a great dragon!

Jolene De Swardt's paper mache dragon

Next, a cool paper mache mask!  And then a great “Angry Birds” pinata.

Jolene De Swardt's paper mache head Jolene De Swardt's paper mache Angry Birds pinata

Check out John Daly’s paper mache Praying mantis costume that he made for his son!   What a lucky kid!

John Daly's paper mache Praying mantis costume

This is Heath Lambert’s paper mache dragon trophy.  If you look closely you will see metal parts because it is a Terminator dragon.  Very cool!

Heath Lambert's paper mache dragon2 Heath Lambert's paper mache dragon

And here is another of Heath’s dragons.   Wonderful!

Heath Lambert's paper mache trophy

This is Kelly Mazzeo’s paper mache “Toothless”.  Perfect rendition!

Kelly Mazzeo's paper mache Toothless

Look at Inga Aleknaviciute’s giant, paper mache white bear.  This is one of two.  They are in Watermill Center, NY.  Wonderful!

Inga Aleknaviciute's paper mache white bear

This is Mattie Sue Athan’s paper mache project she calls “Head Shot”.   Beautiful!

Mattie Sue Athan's paper mache "Head Shot"

And here is Mattie Sue’s mask.  Very cool indeed!

Mattie Sue Athan's paper mache mask

And here is David Syer’s dragon!   Nice!

David Syer's paper mache dragon

Below is Castelletti Carla’s paper mache Halloween project.   Kid’s will be running by this house!

Castelletti Carla's paper mache Halloween project

While I’m thinking of Halloween, here is a paper mache mask made by Brandon Jackson.  So fun!

brandon Jackson's paper mache fox head

Here is another great dragon made by Craig Jameson.  Excellent job!

Craig Jameson's paper mache dragon3

Craig decided to take a break from making dragons to make this amazing Jackolantern.  Fantastic!Craig Jameson's jackolatern

And another really great dragon trophy.  This by Arnd Willmann.  The eyes light up!   I love these colors!

Arnd Willmann's paper mache dragon trophy

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