It is my pleasure to present more of your paper mache art.  I will reiterate…these are not all made using my paper mache techniques.   “Paper mache” encompasses a broad range of methods.  And they are all correct.   I do what I do because it works for me.  Your job is to find techniques that work for you.   If you would like to see your paper mache art profiled on this site, just send your photos to me at
Below is Joey’s paper mache “Jabberwock”.   It is an amazing articulated head.  The jaws will open and close! 
Joey's paper mache jabberwock
Below is Liza with her pet paper mache dragon!  This is her first paper mache project!  Love it!
Liza's paper mache dragon 1
Sandys paper mache Kylie
Sandy’s paper mache “Kylie”.   Can’t tell which dog is cuter! Okay, both are adorable.
Jeremey's paper mache critter
This is Jeremy’s paper mache “Critter”.   Personality plus!
Jeremy is also a master at paper mache zombies.  Here is his “Toxic Zombie”
Jeremys paper mache zombie
Bailey and paper mache   paper mache Nibbles
Bailey and Calvin are brother and sister (Mike’s kids).  Above is Bailey with her paper mache “Nibbles”.  Below is Calvin with “Marlin”.   These two photos are a couple of my favorites.  Calvin and paper mache MarlinJulies paper mache Dimi This is Julie’s paper mache (articulated!) dragon, “Dimi” 

My good friend Suz makes the most fantastic shoes…out of paper mache!  Well, she alters shoes using paper mache.  I just think they are the coolest things!  (And Suz is cool too!)

Suz paper mache shoe fish
Fish and Shoe
suz paper mache shoe giraffe
And her Giraffe shoe.  Magnificent!
suz paper mache shoe giraffe
And of course Suz would have a dragon shoe!
Suz's paper mache dragon
See more of Suz’s work here.
Below is Maria’s little paper mache dragon named “Genaro JeJeJeJe”.  Great job!
marias green paper mache dragon
Here is Nessa’s first (amazingly) paper mache project.  A Cheshire Cat.  Fantastic!!
Nessa's paper  mache cheshirecat
My friend Mona has made some great paper mache projects. 
I really love this little guy riding a turtle!  It’s called “Faster Faster!”  So much fun!
Monas paper mache two headed turtle with driver
Mona also made this little guy called “Franky the Dentist”.  Mona’s cat loves it!
monas paper mache dentist

sabines paper mache dollCheck out Sabine’s giant paper mache Doll!  And her first paper mache dragon (below).

sabines paper mache dragon front
jean's paper mache goldfishJean made a paper mache goldfish.  Cool!

 paper mache  fish face best

Up close.  And Jean’s paper mache Seahorse below.
jeans paper mache seahorse

Oh…and she made a paper mache dragon coming out of a wall!
jeans paper mache dragon


Check out Sonja’s full size, paper mache “Tinkerbelle” pinata.   So cool!  But I would hate to hit this with a bat!

Sonja paper mache Tinkerbell1

From the back

sonja paper mache tinkerbell


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