I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  More photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


I’ll start with Noe’s paper mache masterpieces.   So incredible!    You can find more at Noe’s art blog here.

noes paper mache 3 noes paper mache 2 noes paper mache 1


My friend Aaron Stewart has his own style of paper mache.   He makes some very unique dragons.   I think they are magnificent!

aaron stewart's paper mache green dragon


aaron stewart's paper mache "glacier"

And look at this dragon trophy!  Wonderful!

aaron's paper mache Guardian Dragon Trophy

Look at this very cool skull that Aaron made!

Aaron Stewart's paper mache skull

Finally, here is one of Aaron’s first paper mache dragons.  I think it is wonderful!

aaron stewarts paper mache dragon 2


Another paper mache artist friend friend of mine, Kelvin, does some great work.   First is one of my favorites.   The term “Paper Mache” in the US often conjures up images of paper mache piggies made by school children.   I’ve often made fun of that characterization of the medium.  But I totally approve of this version.   Not the smoking…but the attitude!  So funny!

kelvins paper mache pig thing


Kelvin also does some fantastic fish!  Here are two.


kelvins paper mache fish

kelvin's paper mache fish

And Kelvin’s wonderful paper mache dog!   This is quite large.

kelvins paper mache dog3

And look at Kelvin’s Predator.   Amazing rendition!


Kelvins paper mache predator

Then there is this funny little guy that Kelvin made.  Not sure what it’s called.

kelvins paper mache thing


My friend Tyson Horn teaches sculpture in his art classes.   His 8th grade student, Makenna, made this fantastic paper mache dog.  I love it!

Makenna's paper mache dog


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