I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  And more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


Michael Mccaffrey’s made his first paper mache dragon trophy.   Here it is with daughter Raven.   Beautiful on both counts!

Michael Mccaffrey's paper mache dragon trophy with daughter Raven


Dulcie Horwitz never does anything small.   Below are a couple of examples.  First, she belongs to a tae kwan do club and they wanted a dragon to be their mascot.  So she assembled a group of volunteers and using my paper mache techniques they made it.  What a beautiful dragon! Fantastic work!

dulcies paper mache dragonDulcie also made a paper mache dragon to accompany a story line her son was involved in at school.   Here are her kids working on the dragon (great book he is using as a guide!).

dulcie and kids making their paper mache dragon

And here is the dragon hanging at school.

dulcie paper mache dragon

Even better, here is “Master Gordon and Company” with paper mache dragon.   Where?  In the castle of course!  Such fun!

Master Gordon and Company with paper mache dragon


I have knows Carlos for a long time.   He is a great paper mache artist.   He is a great artist, period.    Here are some of his pieces.   First, check out his Predator!  Here is the face.

carlos paper mache pedator1

And here is the entire project.  Here is Carlos with his Predator and his son.  Wonderful!

carlos new paper mache predator

carlos paper mache zombie with daughterAnd here is Carlos’ paper mache project along with another one of his adorable kids.

Carlos also made a great paper mache crocodile dragon!  (He dedicated this project to me.  I’m severely flattered.  Thank you my friend Carlos!)

carlos paper mache dragon

And his paper mache dinosaur!   Excellent work!

carlos paper mache dinosaur

Carlos also made this wonderful paper mache alien bust.

carlos paper mache alien

carlos paper mache alien- back

Here is another project made by Carlos.  Magnificent!

Carlos Alberto Moran Martinez's paper mache

And here is Carlos’ latest projects.  A speckled bear and and condor.  Excellent as always!

carlos moran's paper mache spectacled bear 2 carlos moran's paper mache spectacled bear

carlos moran's paper mache condor

Thanks Carlos!  To see more of Carlos’ work, check out his Facebook page.


Now here is Justin and Bonnie with their first paper mache monster “Mantenna.”  Cool!   justin and bonnie's creature

Even though these aren’t made of paper mache, they send a few photos of other work they have done, mainly with gourds!  This guy is called “Salad Fingers”.  Not sure what he is made of.

justin bonnie paper mache salad fingers

And here is Justin and Bonnie’s “Shrek” made out of pumpkins and paint!

justin bonnie Shrek made out of pumpkin

And finally, here is Justin and Bonnie’s “Krang” made entirely out of gourds!  Amazing.

justin bonnie Krang made out of gord


Back to paper mache.  Nicole has some pretty great paper mache creations!  First, it’s always nice to have  part of a beast coming through your wall!

nicoles paper mache beast


And some eyeballs as well!


nicoles paper mache eyeball thing

Nicole also made some cool paper mache license plate covers!  Look at the mouth!  So great!

nicoles paper mache license plate cover

And look at Nicole’s version of a paper mache piggy.   I love this!

nicoles paper mache pig


And one good piggy deserves another.  This time a paper mache “Zombie Piggy”.   Wonderful wonderful!

nicoles paper mache zombie pig

Finally, here is Nicole’s paper mache “Mini-Moose.”    All terrific!

nicoles paper mache mini moose


Here is Michelles paper mache snake.  Very nice!

michelles paper mache snake

And here paper mache Owl!  Excellent!

michelle paper mache sowl

This is Austin Robinson’s first paper mache project, a Lion’s Head.     I love the mane!
austins paper mache lion head
Jane Lennon mades wonderful paper mache pieces.  They are also waterproof, a very difficult thing to accomplish with paper mache.   Here is “Meat and Greet”  Jane is out of Australia.
lennons paper mache meat and greet
Karen made a paper mache throne.    What a great idea!  A few views.
Karens paper mache throne with footstool
Karens paper mache throne
karens paper mache back of throne
Marc with his paper mache “Griffin Monster” costume.  Love it!
marc and griffin paper mache monster1
marc and griffin paper mache monster2


Lisa made this turtle with Celuclay.   The detail is simply amazing I think!

Lisas paper mache boxed turtle1

Lisas paper mache boxed turtle2


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