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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos to make something they love.   Makes me feel like a grandpa to these projects.  Of course other people have their own techniques.  Either way, it’s great to see other people enjoying this medium.  Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at, dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!




Here is Paul Ferrara’s paper mache dragon trophy appropriately titled, “Yin and Yang.”  Beautiful job!   See more of Paul’s work on his website, www.paul-ferrara.com.

Paul Ferraras paper mache Yin and Yang Paul Ferrara's paper mache Yin and Yang



Here you see Jan’s dragon.  While some people have struggled to fill their “Covid time”, Jan used it to create this fantastic piece of art!  Congratulations!Jan's paper mache dragon

A closer view of the face.

Jan's dragon face



Here is Nancy Schall’s first dragon trophy.  Magnificent!   Excellent work!

Nancy Schall's paper mache dragon

Here is Nathan Kirk’s first paper mache dragon.  And a magnificent dragon it is!   This is Nathan’s version of Maleficent.   Great job!

Nathan Kirk's paper mache dragon2

Her is Denise Wilkin’s first paper mache dragon.  Love the expression!  Fantastic job!

Denise Wilkin's paper mache dragon


Below is Aaron’s first paper mache dragon!  Wonderful job!   Great personality!

Aaron's paper mache dragon!

And here is Aaron!

Aaron with his dragon



This is Heather Murphy’s “Amethyst Dragon”.  Beautiful!  Love the colors!

Heather Murphy Amethyst Dragon

And Heather got some well deserved publicity recently for her new pieces!  Here is is! j Congratulations!

Heather Murphy and her paper mache projects


Memory Bradley just finished her first dragon.   What a beauty!

Memory Bradley-Dragon Side 2

And here is Memory’s dog sculpture.  Excellent job!

Memory Bradley dog


Andrew Sheshunof’s just finished this paper mache masterpiece!  You can see his video about this dragon here, https://youtu.be/XsiVdWerK9M.

Andrew Kalish's paper mache dragon

From the front.

Andrew Kalish's paper mache dragon- front

And it has lights inside the mouth!  Excellent!

Andrew Kalish's paper mache dragon lights

And a close up.  Great work Andrew!

Andrew Kalish's paper mache dragon2

And below is Andrew’s newest dragon!  Fantastic once again!

Andrew Sheshunoff's paper mache dragon2

And here is Andrew with this new project.  They compliment each other!

Andrew Sheshunoff's paper mache dragon

Below is another great dragon made by Andrew.   Very nicely done as always!

andrews new dragon


Here is Beth Kroeker’s first paper mache dragon.   A beauty it is!

Beth Kroeker's paper mache dragon2

From a different perspective.  Wonderful!

Beth Kroeker's paper mache dragon



Below are two great projects by Jeff Fibus.  The first is a cool starfish, the second a  “Fantasy Fish”.  Wonderful!

Starfish -Jeff Fibus Jeff Fibus- Fantasy Fish


Cheri Rose is making some excellent dragons down under (in Australia).  Below are a few of her masterpieces!   If you’d like to see more about Cheri and her work visit her Facebook page.  Look at this metal dragon!

Dragon in the forest-Cheri Rose

Here is a beautiful red dragon.  Underneath shows it with the l.e.d.s light up!

Cheri Rose paper mache dragon

Cheri Rose dragon with lights

And here is Cheri’s Blue dragon.  Wonderful!

Cheri Rose blue dragon

And a tranquil, sleeping dragon.

Cheri Rose sleeping dragon

Finally, here is Cheri’s dragon trophy!  Great work!

dragon cheri Rosejpg


Okay so check out Daniele Pons’ dragon costume!   Amazing!   This costume won at the Venice Carnival 2020 (Italy), a well deserved honor!  Titled “SAN GIORGIO E IL DRAGO”

Daniele Pons Venice Carnival 2020 (Italy) SAN GIORGIO E IL DRAGO2 Daniele Pons Venice Carnival 2020 (Italy) SAN GIORGIO E IL DRAGO


Fabien SAVIGNOL’s son wanted a dragon.   So Fabien used my video to make a dragon for his son.   What a great job!   What a great dad!

Fabien SAVIGNOL's paper mache dragon

Below is Carmen Martin’s “Blue Dragon”.  Love the blue in contrast with the eyes! Magnificent!

Carmen martin's Blue dragon


Myles Konstantinos made his first paper mache dragon trophy.  And it is a beauty!  Wonderful colors and detail!   Here is a photo from the front and then another close up.

Myles Konstantinos paper mache trophy -front Myles Konstantinos paper mache trophy

And below are a few photos of Myles’ “Alien” series.  Excellent!

Myles Konstantinos-alien

And here is his “face hugger”!   So cool!

Myles Konstantinos- face hugger

And of course the alien pod!  Fantastic project!

Myles Konstantinos- alien pod


Below are some of Eb Jones’ wonderful dragons!

Eb Jones dragon Eb Jones paper mache dragon

Eb also makes fabulous baby dragons!  Samples below

Eb Jones baby dragon Eb Jones baby dragon 3

And here is a gator made by Eb.

Eb alligator paper mache

EB paper mache alligator2



Tom Hering is an artist living in Germany.   Below are a few of his excellent progress.   First is his “Sir Daniel Fortesque.”  Terrific!

Tom Hering Sir_Daniel_Fortesque

A closer view!

om Hering Sir_Daniel_Fortesque (2)

And here is his Red Dragon….

Tom Hering Red_Dragon

And his Tom’s Green Dragon.  You can see see a short video showing the making of this dragon here.   And you can see more about Tom’s work here.

Tom Hering green_Dragon


Just in time for Halloween!   Look at this great “Scary Doll” made by Sam, Isaac, and Bessie Madden!  Wonderful!

-Sam, Isaac, and Bessie Madden


Below is David Angelo’s red dragon.   Here it is on display.  Fantastic!

David Angelo's paper mache dragon David Angelo's dragon

Crystal Heller’s decided to make paper mache dragon.  She set to work and look at what she made!   Fantastic!

crystal Heller's paper mache dragon trophy


These are Mandrakes inspired from the Harry Potter series.  Vivien, who lives in Germany, made these.  Wonderful!

mandrakes from Vivien from Germany


Here is Tristen MacArthur’s first paper mache dragon head!  Very nice!

Tristen MacArthur's paper mache dragon

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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are more photos sent to me by people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art that you would like me to display just send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

This is Tanya’s paper mache dragon.   His name is “Nero”.  Perfect!

Tanya's paper mache Nero

Colin wanted something dramatic for the front of his house.  He succeeded!   Colin is Swiss.  He calls this piece “Drouw:  A Swiss Demon.”

Colin's paper mache "Drouw" the Swiss Demon

Here is a photo of Colin with his project, so that you get a sense of scale.  So cool!

Colin's paper mache "Drouw" the Swiss Demon-with Colin

Below is Annie Shao’s first paper mache dragon.  What great work!

Annie Shao's paper mache dragon trophy

Nilly Conyard and her son made tis paper mache Face Hugger  (from “Alien”).   I think this is magnificent!

Nilly and son's paper mache "Face Hugger"

You can see the top of the Hugger in this photo, along with a very sweet cat!   Very nice job!

nilly and son's paper mache Face Hugger with cat

Check out Bonnie Case’s paper mache dragon!  Love the paint job!  Wonderful!

Bonnie Case's paper mache dragon

Kelly Moran’s makes some great paper mache art!   Look at this trophy of a fighting cock!   Fantastic!

Kelly Moran's paper mache fighting cock

And look at Kelly’s raven.   Astounding!

Kelly Moran's paper mache raven

Michelle and daughter Emily’s made this cool paper mache dragon.  Look the eyes light up!  Excellent!

michelle and emily's paper mache dragon

This is Andre Ferreira (Andrew) with his paper mache dragon trophy “Muriaé Dragoes.”   Andrew sends his greetings from Brazil.  Well done Andrew!

Andre Ferreira's paper mache dragon trophy "Muriaé Dragoes"

This is “Fluffy”, a paper mache dragon project made by Danielle (back row on the right and her daughters Destiny and Jessica.  That’s Danielle’s brother, Paul, on the left.

Paper mache "TeamFluffy"
Fluffy shoots dry ice “smoke” out of her mouth.   I saw a video of this in action.  Nice touch indeed.
Check out Brian’s paper mache skull mask!  Fantastic!
brians paper mache skull
Speaking of paper mache masks, here is what Andy made for Halloween.  He calls it his “Regan” mask.  Great job!
Andys paper mache regan mask
Mike Meile loves to work in paper mache.   He made a couple commissions for a company called Bottleworks in Seattle (where I live).
The first is called “Hop Goblin”
Mike's paper mache Hop Goblin
And here is “Hop Devil”
Mikes paper mache Hop Devil
Mile and his wife, Mikaela, also made this paper mache “Medusa”.    Fantastic!
Mikes paper mache Medusa

Richard is another paper mache enthusiast.  Here are some of his projects.
richards paper mache dinosaur
His Dinosaur
richards paper mache fish
His Fish
richards paper mache dragon
His dragon.
richards paper mache pig
Finally, Richard’s “Angel Pig”   Excellent!

 Robert sent me a photo of his paper mache monster.   Terrific job!

Robert's paper mache monster
My friend Alberto made this incredible paper mache “Wind Dragon.”   Here is Alberto with his dragon.
Albertos paper mache dragon
He also made this smaller dragon.
Albertos paper mache dragon 1
It’s hard to see the face, so here is a close up.  Wonderful work I think.
Albertos paper mache dragon 1
Look at Beth’s first paper mache dragon.   Very nice!
Beths paper mache dragon2
Here is Danny’s paper mache project peeking over the cabinet.  He calls the piece “Hannes the cigar smoking monster.”  What fun!
Dannys paper mache monster2
Tony made “Giddeon”, this paper mache monster (front and side view).   Perfect!
Toni's paper mache Gideon - front
Toni's paper mache Gideon - side

Here is another project Toni made called “Alickina:  Defender of All Mankind!”

Toni's paper mache Alickena

Sylvie made this cute little paper mache bird.  His name is “Albert”.  Adorable!
Paper mache "Albert"
Sylvie also made  this wonderful paper mache dragon, “Leopold”
Sylvie's paper mache "Leopold"
This is Brandon’s paper mache sloth.   Very nice!
Brandons paper mache sloth
This is fun.  Shea used my paper and cloth mache techniques to make this tap handle.  Perfect for drawing your favorite beer!
Shea's paper mache tap handle
Art saw my post about Maleficent.  That inspired him to make this Gargoyle with eyes that light up.   Nicely done!
Arthurs paper mache gargoyle
Arthurs paper mache gargoyle -eyes lit
Below is Gabe’s “Tentacle Monster”.  Fun!
 Gabes paper mache tenticle monster
And here is Garret’s paper mache “Venom Hanging Squared”
Garret's paper mache "Venom Hanging Squared"

And finally, Sam’s paper mache hanging Golfish.Sam's paper mache goldfish


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  And more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


Michael Mccaffrey’s made his first paper mache dragon trophy.   Here it is with daughter Raven.   Beautiful on both counts!

Michael Mccaffrey's paper mache dragon trophy with daughter Raven


Dulcie Horwitz never does anything small.   Below are a couple of examples.  First, she belongs to a tae kwan do club and they wanted a dragon to be their mascot.  So she assembled a group of volunteers and using my paper mache techniques they made it.  What a beautiful dragon! Fantastic work!

dulcies paper mache dragonDulcie also made a paper mache dragon to accompany a story line her son was involved in at school.   Here are her kids working on the dragon (great book he is using as a guide!).

dulcie and kids making their paper mache dragon

And here is the dragon hanging at school.

dulcie paper mache dragon

Even better, here is “Master Gordon and Company” with paper mache dragon.   Where?  In the castle of course!  Such fun!

Master Gordon and Company with paper mache dragon


I have knows Carlos for a long time.   He is a great paper mache artist.   He is a great artist, period.    Here are some of his pieces.   First, check out his Predator!  Here is the face.

carlos paper mache pedator1

And here is the entire project.  Here is Carlos with his Predator and his son.  Wonderful!

carlos new paper mache predator

carlos paper mache zombie with daughterAnd here is Carlos’ paper mache project along with another one of his adorable kids.

Carlos also made a great paper mache crocodile dragon!  (He dedicated this project to me.  I’m severely flattered.  Thank you my friend Carlos!)

carlos paper mache dragon

And his paper mache dinosaur!   Excellent work!

carlos paper mache dinosaur

Carlos also made this wonderful paper mache alien bust.

carlos paper mache alien

carlos paper mache alien- back

Here is another project made by Carlos.  Magnificent!

Carlos Alberto Moran Martinez's paper mache

And here is Carlos’ latest projects.  A speckled bear and and condor.  Excellent as always!

carlos moran's paper mache spectacled bear 2 carlos moran's paper mache spectacled bear

carlos moran's paper mache condor

Thanks Carlos!  To see more of Carlos’ work, check out his Facebook page.


Now here is Justin and Bonnie with their first paper mache monster “Mantenna.”  Cool!   justin and bonnie's creature

Even though these aren’t made of paper mache, they send a few photos of other work they have done, mainly with gourds!  This guy is called “Salad Fingers”.  Not sure what he is made of.

justin bonnie paper mache salad fingers

And here is Justin and Bonnie’s “Shrek” made out of pumpkins and paint!

justin bonnie Shrek made out of pumpkin

And finally, here is Justin and Bonnie’s “Krang” made entirely out of gourds!  Amazing.

justin bonnie Krang made out of gord


Back to paper mache.  Nicole has some pretty great paper mache creations!  First, it’s always nice to have  part of a beast coming through your wall!

nicoles paper mache beast


And some eyeballs as well!


nicoles paper mache eyeball thing

Nicole also made some cool paper mache license plate covers!  Look at the mouth!  So great!

nicoles paper mache license plate cover

And look at Nicole’s version of a paper mache piggy.   I love this!

nicoles paper mache pig


And one good piggy deserves another.  This time a paper mache “Zombie Piggy”.   Wonderful wonderful!

nicoles paper mache zombie pig

Finally, here is Nicole’s paper mache “Mini-Moose.”    All terrific!

nicoles paper mache mini moose


Here is Michelles paper mache snake.  Very nice!

michelles paper mache snake

And here paper mache Owl!  Excellent!

michelle paper mache sowl

This is Austin Robinson’s first paper mache project, a Lion’s Head.     I love the mane!
austins paper mache lion head
Jane Lennon mades wonderful paper mache pieces.  They are also waterproof, a very difficult thing to accomplish with paper mache.   Here is “Meat and Greet”  Jane is out of Australia.
lennons paper mache meat and greet
Karen made a paper mache throne.    What a great idea!  A few views.
Karens paper mache throne with footstool
Karens paper mache throne
karens paper mache back of throne
Marc with his paper mache “Griffin Monster” costume.  Love it!
marc and griffin paper mache monster1
marc and griffin paper mache monster2


Lisa made this turtle with Celuclay.   The detail is simply amazing I think!

Lisas paper mache boxed turtle1

Lisas paper mache boxed turtle2


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I love Halloween.  But when I was writing my book “Papier Mache Monsters” I was very resistant to my editor’s request to make a “Halloween” section.   Specifically, they wanted a paper mache pumpkin and a paper mache Vampire.  I resisted because I didn’t want people to think it was a Halloween book.   I think monsters and other fantasy creatures are great, year-round projects.  But I gave in when I was told that a major book chain would be interested only if it had a Halloween section.  That was going to be their “hook” to sell the book.  So strange.   So I made these projects for the book, although the Gargoyle ended up getting left out.   Poor Gargoyle!

I have to say that because I was given this task I ended up creating one of my favorite paper mache projects.   Below is “Fab Frank”, my interpretation of the ageless Frankenstein monster.   I wanted more a lounge-lizard look.  So I gave him a suede coat and some nice “bling” (the pad lock and the bolt above the eye).  Perhaps you have met someone like this.   Oh….and he has human teeth (I have dentist friends).

Fab paper mache Frank

Here is the paper mache pumpkin my publishers wanted.

Paper Mache Pumpkin

And the required Vampire.  He’s not very interesting.  But he IS a vampire.   Requirement met!

Paper Mache Vampire


I also made a paper mache bat for that section of the book.   I like bats.  I think he turned out kind of cute.

Paper Mache Bat

And finally, the poor, unpublished Gargoyle.


Paper Mache Gargoyle