I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are more photos sent to me by people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art that you would like me to display just send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

I have to start with Jack.  I love this photo.   After watching my Paper Mache Sea Dragon video he decided to make his own mother dragon with baby.   I think he did a magnificent job!

Jack with his paper mache dragon (and baby)



Below is Ailyn Nannig’s paper mache dragon.  Look at the size of this!  What a great piece!

ailyn's paper mache dragon

It deserves a close-up.  So cool!

Ailyn Nannig's paper mache dragon



My friend Janet is an Advanced Calculus teacher by day.  By night she makes monsters!   Both are important life skills!

She just finished her first dragon trophy. Excellent!

paper mache dragon trophy

She got a hold of my “Make Something Ugly” book.   It described a project with heads in a jar.   Janet decided to make some.

janet's paper mache heads in a jar

Adorable.  Below are more of Janet’s paper mache art.  A basic Screamer!  Cute

janets paper mache screamer

Janet’s pterodactyl in a cage.

janets paper mache pterodactyl 3 janets paper mache pterodactyl 2 janets paper mache pterodactly 1

Her fish (in a plastic block)

janets paper mache fish_edited-1

Her Screamer martini!  So fun

janets new paper mache monster

And another magnificent dragon.

janet's paper mache dragon-close up  janet's paper mache dragon

Janet has been at it again.   This time a three headed dragon.   Photos just don’t do this justice.  She designed circuitry for this so that the eyes light up in all three heads, and they also cycle through different colors!  Just amazing.

Janet Roberts in jar Janet Roberts Nose and tail


Below is Robert Bunker’s paper mache “expired ouphe” (mummified Fairy).  Very cool!

Robert Bunker's paper mache ‘expired ouphe’ mummified Fairy


This is Trevor’s first paper mache dragon head.  Very nice!

Trevor's first paper mache dragon


And check out the paper mache costume Rebecca Brissette’s made for her horse!  Yes, it’s Maleficent!  Amazing.  Love her costume too.   And I love the photo.

Rebecca Brissette's paper mache horse costume-2nd place in comp


Below is Miguels’ paper mache dragon trophy.   He named it “Shenron”.  The eyes light up as well.  Cool!

Miguels' paper mache dragon trophy3 shenron


This is different…. look at Bryan’s paper mache “Santa Cruz Skate Hand”.  Very nice!

Bryan's paper mache Santa Cruz Skate Hand

Here is another of Bryan’s paper mache art pieces.   Love the eyes in the hands of this monster!

Bryan's paper mache monster




Here is another great paper mache dragon trophy, this time made by Casey.   Excellent job!

Casey's paper mache dragon trophy


My friend Don Hagemeyer has been making great paper mache art for a while now.  Look at his “Bird Eater”

Dons paper mache Bird Eater

And here is one of Don’s Screamers.

don hagemeyers paper mache screamer

And Don’s paper cache “Frog.”  Very cute!

Don Hagemeyer's paper mache frog

It’s the Christmas season and Don made an adorable little snowman for his niece Layla.  His name is “Olaf.”   Wonderful gift.

Don Hagemeyer's paper mache %22Olaf%22 made for his great niece Layla.

This is Shawn’s paper mache dragon trophy.  Beautiful!

Shawn's paper mache dragon trophy



Below Bryan Kyle’s paper mache mask.   He just finished it for Halloween.  Wonderful!

Bryan Kyle's paper mache maske 2015


Kamila Plicha is from Poland.  Here is her first paper mache dragon.  Love the colors!

Kamila Plicha's paper mache dragon

Kamila also made this fantastic mask!  Lovely!

Kamila's mask


Here is Seth Bleeker’s paper mache dragon.   Very nice job!

Seth's paper mache dragon


Here is Paul Disdle’s paper mache dragon trophy.   Very nice job!

Paul Disdle's paper mache dragon trophy

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