I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are more photos sent to me by people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art that you would like me to display just send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

This is Tanya’s paper mache dragon.   His name is “Nero”.  Perfect!

Tanya's paper mache Nero

Colin wanted something dramatic for the front of his house.  He succeeded!   Colin is Swiss.  He calls this piece “Drouw:  A Swiss Demon.”

Colin's paper mache "Drouw" the Swiss Demon

Here is a photo of Colin with his project, so that you get a sense of scale.  So cool!

Colin's paper mache "Drouw" the Swiss Demon-with Colin

Below is Annie Shao’s first paper mache dragon.  What great work!

Annie Shao's paper mache dragon trophy

Nilly Conyard and her son made tis paper mache Face Hugger  (from “Alien”).   I think this is magnificent!

Nilly and son's paper mache "Face Hugger"

You can see the top of the Hugger in this photo, along with a very sweet cat!   Very nice job!

nilly and son's paper mache Face Hugger with cat

Check out Bonnie Case’s paper mache dragon!  Love the paint job!  Wonderful!

Bonnie Case's paper mache dragon

Kelly Moran’s makes some great paper mache art!   Look at this trophy of a fighting cock!   Fantastic!

Kelly Moran's paper mache fighting cock

And look at Kelly’s raven.   Astounding!

Kelly Moran's paper mache raven

Michelle and daughter Emily’s made this cool paper mache dragon.  Look the eyes light up!  Excellent!

michelle and emily's paper mache dragon

This is Andre Ferreira (Andrew) with his paper mache dragon trophy “Muriaé Dragoes.”   Andrew sends his greetings from Brazil.  Well done Andrew!

Andre Ferreira's paper mache dragon trophy "Muriaé Dragoes"

This is “Fluffy”, a paper mache dragon project made by Danielle (back row on the right and her daughters Destiny and Jessica.  That’s Danielle’s brother, Paul, on the left.

Paper mache "TeamFluffy"
Fluffy shoots dry ice “smoke” out of her mouth.   I saw a video of this in action.  Nice touch indeed.
Check out Brian’s paper mache skull mask!  Fantastic!
brians paper mache skull
Speaking of paper mache masks, here is what Andy made for Halloween.  He calls it his “Regan” mask.  Great job!
Andys paper mache regan mask
Mike Meile loves to work in paper mache.   He made a couple commissions for a company called Bottleworks in Seattle (where I live).
The first is called “Hop Goblin”
Mike's paper mache Hop Goblin
And here is “Hop Devil”
Mikes paper mache Hop Devil
Mile and his wife, Mikaela, also made this paper mache “Medusa”.    Fantastic!
Mikes paper mache Medusa

Richard is another paper mache enthusiast.  Here are some of his projects.
richards paper mache dinosaur
His Dinosaur
richards paper mache fish
His Fish
richards paper mache dragon
His dragon.
richards paper mache pig
Finally, Richard’s “Angel Pig”   Excellent!

 Robert sent me a photo of his paper mache monster.   Terrific job!

Robert's paper mache monster
My friend Alberto made this incredible paper mache “Wind Dragon.”   Here is Alberto with his dragon.
Albertos paper mache dragon
He also made this smaller dragon.
Albertos paper mache dragon 1
It’s hard to see the face, so here is a close up.  Wonderful work I think.
Albertos paper mache dragon 1
Look at Beth’s first paper mache dragon.   Very nice!
Beths paper mache dragon2
Here is Danny’s paper mache project peeking over the cabinet.  He calls the piece “Hannes the cigar smoking monster.”  What fun!
Dannys paper mache monster2
Tony made “Giddeon”, this paper mache monster (front and side view).   Perfect!
Toni's paper mache Gideon - front
Toni's paper mache Gideon - side

Here is another project Toni made called “Alickina:  Defender of All Mankind!”

Toni's paper mache Alickena

Sylvie made this cute little paper mache bird.  His name is “Albert”.  Adorable!
Paper mache "Albert"
Sylvie also made  this wonderful paper mache dragon, “Leopold”
Sylvie's paper mache "Leopold"
This is Brandon’s paper mache sloth.   Very nice!
Brandons paper mache sloth
This is fun.  Shea used my paper and cloth mache techniques to make this tap handle.  Perfect for drawing your favorite beer!
Shea's paper mache tap handle
Art saw my post about Maleficent.  That inspired him to make this Gargoyle with eyes that light up.   Nicely done!
Arthurs paper mache gargoyle
Arthurs paper mache gargoyle -eyes lit
Below is Gabe’s “Tentacle Monster”.  Fun!
 Gabes paper mache tenticle monster
And here is Garret’s paper mache “Venom Hanging Squared”
Garret's paper mache "Venom Hanging Squared"

And finally, Sam’s paper mache hanging Golfish.Sam's paper mache goldfish


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