Anyone who knows me knows about my relationship with cats.   I like dogs too.  I have a granddog that I love dearly.  But I own cats.  I’ve always thought that there is a strong relationship between cats and dragons.  In fact, when Eddie is in a bad mood, I’m very happy he can’t spit fire.  Every so often I make a dragon with a cat in mind.   My albino dragon is a case in point.   Here he is in the very early stages with Eddie.  See the resemblance?

Eddie and paper mache Albino

Here is that project finished.

Paper Mache albino dragon-frontpaper mache albino dragon side

By the way, if you are going to argue with me about the albino coloration of this project, then look at the photo of this real, albino alligator.

albino alligator

I made another dragon with cat features in mind.   I made he forearms to match a cat’s forearms.  I think I captured that pretty well.

paper mache dragon forearms

I envisioned a cat scratching himself.  Here is the dragon in progress, before adding the head.

paper mache dragon in progress

And from the back.  Note the cat photos I was using as a guide.

paper mache dragon in progress from the back

Here she is finished, with a couple of her babies.   If you look closely, you will see a resemblance to kittens in those projects as well.

paper mache dragon mother- with babies

Eddie loves to stand on top of this project.

Eddie on top of paper mache dragon

I have two cats (I had three until recently).  Max is always around for the crumpling and tearing of paper.   Eddie shows up later in the process.  When he wants attention he will work hard to get in the way of whatever I’m trying to do.

Eddie and paper mache dragon in progress

Max loves to tear paper so much that I keep a pile of it behind my chair in my office just so that he can chew it up when he wants.

max and paper

Here is Eddie next to my dragon puppet.  He just loves dragons.

paper mache dragon with Eddie