Last December I was approached by the Dragon Master Foundation.   They were looking for some help raising money for their efforts in fighting cancer.  They asked my if I would make them a paper mache dragon to give away in a campaign.   Now, I get asked all the time to contribute something or other to many causes, most of them worthy.  But as I got to know the people involved in this foundation, the more inclined I was to help.  Trust me, these are dedicated, good people.   They really want to beat this disease.   (Their expense ratio is less than 1%!  No paid staff.  ALL the proceeds  go to fighting this disease.) And I decided I wanted to help.    And they have such a great name (and logo)!  So I made them this dragon.   That is the least I can do to help.   I put a lot of time into this.   I’m hoping that all the people who have asked me to make them dragons will consider trying to win this.  Better yet, I hope they decide to join this fight, with the chance of winning this dragon.   The campaign runs from May 1 to June 15, 2015.

So watch the dragon being made by clicking on the photo below.   The go here to support the cause and get your chance to win the dragon.

Paper mache dragon- white profile

Click this to watch the video