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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are more photos sent to me by people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art that you would like me to display just send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

I want to start with my friend and fellow artist, Matt, aka “Nubbie.”  He’s been making some great art.  I love the size and attitude of his projects.   Let’s start with his dragons.  Here is Matt with his giant dragon trophy!  Matt is the one on the left.   🙂

matt nubies paper mache dragon

And look at this beauty!

matt-nubies paper mache trophy

And another, this time his “Wyvern.”

nubie's paper mache wyvern new

nubie's paper mache wyvern new 2

And here is Matt again with this blue woman and another big trophy.  So cool!

nubbie's newest paper mache project

Finally, Matt also made this cool unicorn.

matt-nubies paper mache unicorn


Here are some amazing paper mache projects made by Carla Shipley’s classes at Hoffmann Lane Elementary School in New Braunfels, Texas.  This is  “Artemis”.
carla shipleys paper mache artemis 2

Carla’s paper mache “Mariposa Bonita.” Very nice!

carla shipleys classes paper mache mariposa bonita

Below is Tiffany’s trophy, “Millie.”  Exceptional.

Tiffanys paper mache Mille

Check out Sharon Armstrong’s  house elves.  The first is “Bobbins”.  What fun!
Sharons paper mache 2 Bobbins- House Elf (1)
And here is “Doubie”.
Sharons paper mache Doubie
And Sharon also made this dragon.  Cool!
Sharons paper mache winchester on Halloween 11 107
Kim and Katrina made a couple of paper mache dragons.  Here is “Pete.”
kim and katrinas paper mache pete
And here is “Ruth”.  Wonderful!
kim and katrinas paper mache ruth
Here is the first monster made by the Dennis family.  Remember, the family that does paper mache together, stays together!
the dennis families paper mache monster2The dennis family paper mache monster close up
This is Suzy with her first paper mache project/costume, “Billy.”  Excellent!
Susy paper mache billy
This is Alex’s T-rex along with his son, Girassol.  Great piece, and I love this photo!
alexs paper mache trex with girassol
Okay, so Anita had cancer.  Her two friends Makayla and Madison made some cancer fighting paper mache monsters.  Perfect!
anitas paper mache cancer monsters
anitas paper mache cancer monsters2
Here is Meike’s first dragon.  Great job!
meikes first paper mache dragon
And here is Meike’s second dragon, a trophy this time.   Really great!
meikes paper mache dragon trophy2
 Lisa has been doing some great paper mache work.  Here are some of her projects.  First, the bear.
lisas paper mache bear
And her fish.
lisas paper mache fish again
And her giraffe.   Wonderful projects.
lisas paper mache giraffe trophy
Below is Jerry’s paper mache “Mean-n-Green” monster.  Fun!
jerry and lindsay paper mache Mean-n-Green
And this is Lindsay’s  monster with cat, Allie.  Lindsay is Jerry’s daughter.  You know what they say…”The family that makes monsters together….(well, you know the rest).”  Delightful.
lindsays paper mache monster with Allie
Here is Lee’s paper mache ET.   A perfect rendition.  And the finger and chest light up.
Lees paper mache ET
This is Jerry Phelans paper mache “Peep Eater”.
 kathryns brothers paper mache dragon
You need a close up of this.   So fun!
gerard phelans paper mache peep eater2
Jerry has been at it again.  Look at his newest project called “Gladiators Who Cook!”  Funny!
Jerry Phelan's paper mache "Gladiators who cook"
This is Tracie’s paper mache bust.  Just beautiful!
tracies paper mache bust
I love this paper mache rabbit made by Jo Schaefer.   Magnificent!
jo schaefers paper mache bunny
This deserves another look.  Lovely.
joshaefers paper mache bunny2
Finally, this is Charlene’s paper mache “Luis Gluton” (a.k.a. Luis the Glutto).   Excellent.
charlenes paper mache luis gluton
You have to see the tongue close up.  Look at the texture on the tongue.  And cool drool too!
charlenes paper mache luis gluton tongue
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