I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at,  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


We’ll start with Giovanni’s “Fantasy Paper Mache Design”.  Magnificent!

Giovanni's "Fantasy Paper Mache Design"


Below are a few of Cindy Newbry’s projects.  First, a very nice dragon!

Cindy Newbry's paper mache dragon

Cindy also made this cool puppet.

Cindy Newbry's puppet

And another excellent looking piece.  Great job Cindy!

Cindy Newbry's paper mache project

Here is Cindy Newbry’s newest project.  An amazing multi-piece deep water dragon!  Fantastic work!

cindy newbry sea dragon

cindy newbry water dragon

Here is another great project made by Cindy.  Amazing!

cindy newbry cindy newbry5


This Peter Scott’s cat head.  I love cats, and this is wonderful.  Better yet, he makes his paper mache projects to raise awareness of cat rescue.  Couldn’t be a better cause.   To see more of his work, and his rescue efforts, visit, snuzplanet.com

Peter Scott's paper mache cat head for snuzplanet



Below is elementary teacher John Rose’s dragon. He  made this for a float.  Excellent!

John Rose's paper mache dragon

Here is another shot of the dragon with his friends.  This shows you the scale.   Love the costumes too!

John Rose's paper mache dragon 2

Speaking of great dragons, look at the one Chantilly Ortiz made.   Really beautiful!

Chantilly Ortiz's paper mache dragon

Here are a few of Jonathan Gunter’s “abominations!”  Love them!  First, the rabbit mask.

Jonathan Gunter's paper mache abomination3

Then this thing coming out of the wall.   I think “abomination” is a perfect description!


Jonathan Gunter's paper mache abomination2

And finally Jonathan’s last abomination.  Cool!

Jonathan Gunter's paper mache abomination1


Here is Maureen Pitz’s dragon.  Wonderful!

Maureen Pitz's paper mache dragon

From the back.  I know how long it takes to add that many scales!  Very impressive Maureen!


Maureen Pitz's paper mache dragon-back


Below is Bob “the artist” Sigsbury’s  pumpkin.  What a great theme!

Bob "the artist" Sigsbury paper mache pumpkin


Another great dragon.  This made by Darren Whittaker.

Darren Whittaker's paper mache dragon

Here is a close up of the face.  Great colors!


Darren Whittaker's paper cache dragon- close up


I love this photo.  This is “Ramitheen” who soars above the Mineral Springs, Texas High School Library joined by the Readers of the Written Forest Library Club.

library club with "Ramitheen" dragon


Here is Cindy Bushell with her family and her new dragon, “Eracorn”.  What a lovely photo!

Cindy Bushnell's paper mache dragon "Eracorn"


Here are two pieces of Susanne’s art.   First her Tapir…

Susanne's paper mache tapir

…and her deer trophy.  Beautiful work!


Susanne's paper mache deer head


Look at Mimi Nouveau’s paper mache dragon heads.  Magnificent!

Mimi Nouveau's paper mache dragon

I really love the teeth!  And the colors.   Very nice!

Mimi Nouveau's paper mache dragon head 2


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