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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.

Here is Annie Joy’s paper mache snake.  She saw the video of my Naga and made her own snake.  This has way more charm than my snake.  I really like it.

Annie Joy's paper mache snake

Below is Dakota’s first paper mache dragon trophy.  Fantastic!

Cortney's paper mache dragon trophy

And here is Dakota’s second dragon (two views).  Amazing!

Dakotas paper mache dragon  Dakotas paper mache dragon2

Speaking of dragon trophies, check out Luke Salter’s first trophy.  Again, fantastic job!

luke salter's paper mache dragon

Here is something a little different. Jeff Sherer decided he needed a drinking helmet.   (Luke is the one in front, with the beer)  Fun!

Jeff Sherer's paper mache drinking helmet

Jeff has been at it again.  Look at his viking helmet below!  Wonderful!

Jeff Sherer's paper mache viking helmet

Jeff doesn’t just make masks  Here is his “Krampus” with “Freaky the Snowman”.  Love them!

Jeff Sherer's paper mache Freaky the snowman and Krampus


Here is Megan’s first paper mache dragon.  So cute!

megan's paper mache dragon


Check out Marty Armentrout’s paper mache projects!   How would you like to have this staring at you while you work!

Marty Armentrout's paper mache spider

And Marty also made this paper mache “Baba Yaga’s house on legs”.  Incredible!

Marty Armentrout's paper mache Baba Yaga's house on legs

Those of you who have played the video game “Zelda”, you’ll recognize this.   It is Maria’s paper mache “Majora’s mask”.   I love it!

Maria's paper mache Majora's mask


Garth and Marisol have been busy making paper mache.   Below is their “Medusa” followed by “Zeus.”

garths paper mache medusa

Garth and Marisol's paper mache Zeus

And here is something different!  This is Garth and Marisol’s latest, “Baby Tyson” and “Baby Grover.”  Cute… I think.

paper mache baby tyson and babyt grover garth dennis


I love marionettes. Below is Marcus’ paper mache puppet.   Great job!

marcus paper mache puppet


Dan Fitzpatrick goes all out for Halloween.  Look at this paper mache Dragon over his door!   Just fantastic!

Dan fitzpatricks paper mache dragon1

This deserves a close-up.  I love it this.

dan fitzpatricks paper mache dragon2


Sherie made a paper mache mask for her fiance, Nick.   What a great mask!  that is Sherie on the right with Nick wearing his mask.

sharies paper mache masks


Speaking of masks, here are some “Walking Heads” made by Willow Roseaux.  These people are on their way to Mardi Gras.  What fun!   See more at Willows website here.

Willows paper mache Walking Heads @ Mardi Gras 2014



My friend Justin decided to make a very large paper mache dragon for a castle close to where he lives.  Look at what he made!  Just unbelievable!

justins paper mache dragon2
Here is Justin hanging his dragon.   In this context you can see how big this dragon is.  He definitely pushed the paper mache envelope! Wonderful!
justins paper mache dragon1
Speaking of big paper mache projects.   Steven Lott was asked to make a paper mache “Smaug” for a theater production of “The Hobbit.”   This was his first paper mache attempt!   Check out what he made!   Anyone who tells me that they can’t do this work, that they think paper mache is just too far beyond their experience…. I show them this photo.    Amazing!
stephen lotts paper mache Smaug 1
By the way…. It’s articulated!  The mouth opens and closes!
stephen lotts paper mache Smaug 2
Below are two of Miguel Ruiz Fuentes’ paper mache Mexican “catrinas”.   Great examples of a wonderful tradition!
miguels paper mache catrina 2 miguels paper mache catrina
Marco is a wonderful kid from Spain.     He watched me make Daenerys’ baby dragons (from the Game of Thrones) and decided that he wanted a baby dragon and egg.   So he made his own.   Look at this!
marcos paper mache baby dragon with egg
He also saw my Naga- Paper Mache Dragon Snake video and wanted his own snake.   I’m very proud of him.  Great job Marco!
marco paper mache snake
PS.  You can see these videos on my Youtube channel, here.
This is Aarons paper mache angler fish.   What a great job!   I made something like this once.  This makes me want to make another.
aarons paper mache angler fish3
And here is Aaron’s paper mache dragon trophy.  He calls it “The Predator.”  Magnificent!
Aaron's paper mache The Predator
I met Merin on Youtube.  She goes by “Blackdragon7468”.   Now I know why.  She has made some great paper mache dragons.  Here are a few.
First, her “Red Dragon”.
merins paper mache red dragon
Then, her “Green Dragon.”
merins paper mache green dragon
And then her “Blue Dragon”.
merins paper mache blue dragon
With a little close up.   Wonderful work!
merins paper mache blue dragon head
Look at this cute little fellow.  This is Devin’s paper mache monster.   Great personality!
devins paper mache monster
And finally, here is Andy’s paper mache mask.  Just a great job!
andys paper mache mask



This is just a page with photos of a few dragons.  Most are old photos, from back in the day when cameras used film and you had to get them processed at “One Hour Photo” (which always took a full day), resurrected from boxes.

I thought I’d start with my first paper mache dragon, made in 1980-ish.   His name was Punk.  He was supposed to be a young dragon, almost fresh from the egg.

Paper Mache "punk" dragon

Punks stands about 5 feet tall.   I still have him in my studio, although he has fallen into severe disrepair.  In fact, I just took his eyes to use for my latest iteration of Drogon (the young adult version).   It’s a bit sacrilegious to do such a thing.  But, it’s also kind of the circle of life when it comes to paper mache art.

Now the second paper mache dragon I made was his mother.  It was also the first drogon trophy I made.  I wanted it to look like his mother, big and protective.  She also had to have features that would lead you to believe that punk would some day grow up and like her.   Now the photo of punk is terrible by today’s standards.   He actually had elements of orange and red on him.  And she had elements of green on her that matched her son’s colors.

Paper mache Igbay Agondray

I am severely disappointed that I never got a photo of them displayed together, as they were intended.   He stood underneath her in my grungy, little, monster-making apartment by the zoo.  She hovered over him protectively.  They were a perfect pair of dragons.

Some other older dragons include the one that hangs over my bathtub.

paper mache bathroom dragon

A little closer look.

paper mache dragon close up

And then there is this red dragon.   It was very large and very heavy.   I donated this to a school that is housed in a public building at the base of the Space Needle (in Seattle, where I live).   They are the “Center School Dragons”.  It is permanently displayed outside the front door of the school.   Sorry, this is a terrible photo.

paper mache red dragon

And another older project, a paper mache “Sea Dragon”.   It is obviously based upon those little sea dragons that live in the sea.

paper mache red dragon

As opposed to another paper mache Sea Dragon that I made within the last couple of years.   It is still my current, favorite dragon.

Paper Mache Seadragon- Dan Reeder

I really like the baby in the nest.

Paper Mache Seadragon baby

Speaking of babies…here is a dragon I made as a commission .   It was supposed to be a “toddler”.

paper mache toddler dragon

Here is another older project that I made for my daughter, Allison.   It is titled “Family Jewels”

paper mache familiy jewels

I forgot.  Here is another very old paper mache dragon.   I show it because it has a very different shape than most of my dragons.  I wanted it to look more like a dinosaur, a raptor.  Hence the short neck and stubby head.

paper mache blue dragon

I do want to mention another little dragon I made in conjunction with a baby lion.   I call this project “Parallel Paper Mache”.   I tried to maintain parallelism in every aspect of the two pieces, the same basic shape, the same look on their faces, the same attitude.  It was quite a challenge.  I think it turned out very well.

Parallel paper mache


I’ll end with a notable project.   This are not terribly old, but interesting.   Here is a piece I call “Double Trouble.”

The challenge here was to entwine two dragons.

Paper Mache Double Trouble



I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.  If you would like to share a paper mache project on this site, send it to me at:  dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Note: Partly because of my trophy videos that went viral (and my books showing how to make them) I’ve received many photos of paper mache dragon trophies.  They are all great.   There are quite a few on this page.

Here are the first two dragon trophies made by Andy Matthews.   Excellent work!

Andy's first paper mache dragon tropies

Andy also made this great Panda for his nephew as part of an endangered species project.

Andy's paper mache panda


Below is Hunter Wickersham’s.   I love these colors.  Great look on the face.   Fabulous!

Hunter Wickersham's paper mache dragon trophy1


Of course I get other wonderful paper mache project photos as well.   Here is Laura Moleman’s adorable little elephant.

Laura Moleman's paper mache elephant


And here is Dara’s paper mache “IMEddie” head prop.  Very cool.

Dara's paper mache IMEddieHeadProp


Here is Jim Popp’s paper mache “Voltathrax the Wicked”.  Great job!

Jim Popp's paper mache Voltathrax the Wicked


Not all paper mache trophies are dragons.  Check out Ashley’s paper mache unicorn!   Wonderful!

Ashley's paper mache unicorn 1


Bob Sigsbury runs a pawn shop with many animal trophies hanging on the walls.  He decided to make his own trophy, a  paper mache dragon!  Perfect!

Bob Sigsbury's paper mache dragon trophy1

Bob also made a fantastic paper mache pumpkin.  Every day is Halloween when you have something like this!

Bob's paper mache pumpkin


Look at Laura Moleman’s first paper mache project, a very cute elephant that she gave to a little girl.  Adorable!

Laura Moleman's paper mache elephant


Below is Vicki’s paper mache dragon trophy.  Very nice job!   It looks like a brother or sister is close by!

Vicki's paper mache dragon trophy



Here is Catharine Kennedy’s paper mache dragon.   It’s tricky to get a dragon to stand.  Nice job!

Catharine Kennedy's paper mache dragon 2

And here is Catharine’s second dragon.

Katharine Kennedy's paper mache dragon 2

And her third!

Catharine Kennedy's paper mache dragon 3


This is Arnie’s paper mache “ice” dragon trophy, complete with crystals.   Cool (literally)!

Arnie's paper mache dragon trophy


And this is Kel’s paper mache dragon trophy.  I love the colors, and the intensity, of this piece!  Excellent!

Kel's paper mache dragon trophy

And look at Arial and Leah in the new paper mache witch masks that their dad, Steven made!  Adorable.

Arial and Leah with their paper mache witch masks


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