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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos to make something they love.   Makes me feel like a grandpa to these projects.  Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at, dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


This is Leslie Jaramillo’s first paper mache dragon that she entered into her companies art contest.   Excellent job!

Leslie Jaramillo's paper mache dragon


Alan Faunch just finished his paper mache version of the Game of Thrones throne!  What a lot of work.  Excellent!   Please see more of Alan’s work lower on the page.

Alan Faunch's throne Alan Faunch's paper mache throne


Ffion Caines is on a mission to make 8 dragon trophies.  This is her first.  Fantastic work!   If you would like to follow her progress or see other great art, visit her art page, https://www.facebook.com/ffioncainesart/.

ffion caines paper mache dragon

ffion caines paper mache dragon2

As I said earlier, Ffion was on a mission to make 8 trophies this year.   Well, he got very close.  Here are SEVEN fabulous paper mache trophies!

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy2

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy3

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy4

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy5

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy6

Ffion Caines paper mache trophy

Excellent job Ffion!


Here is a great Halloween project made by Rich Watkins.  Fantastic!

rich watkins paper mache halloween project

This is Valerio Fracchetta’s first dragon.   Wonderful job!

valerio fracchetta drogon


Chris (from Schwabach, German) made this great dragon.  He named it, “Chrisugo.”  Excellent!

chris from Schwabach germany Chrisugo


Here is Rachel’s paper mache woman with her little “Pompette.”  Wonderful piece!

And a close up of Pompette!

achel's paper mache pompette

And this is another project by Rachel, “Gloria”

Gloria --by Rachel

This sculpture was based on the Beryl painting called ‘The Strippergram’ – you can see that in the background of photo.  Excellent!

Beryl painting called 'The Strippergram' - Rachel


Check out Tory Sonstroem’s first dragon,  “Jules Wyverne!”   Fantastic!

Tory Sonstroem juleswyverne


Here is Juliet Hwang’s paper mache dragon.  Beautifully done!

Juliet Hwang's paper mache dragon


Below are two pieces by Santisuk Sujittanonrat.  Very nice!

santisuk sujittanonrat's paper mache dog santisuk sujittanonrat's paper mache


Here is Laura Lit’s paper mache “Candy.”   Fantastic job!

Laura Doolin's paper mache "Candy"



This is Lauren Elverum’s dragon after a hearty meal!   Nicely done!  Love the smoke!

Lauren Elverum's dragon


Here is Jorge Serra’ “Viper Indu.”  Beautiful job!

Jorge Serra' Viper Indu Jorge Serra' Viper Indu2

Below is Steve Marriott’s “Vampire Frog.”  Love the sweet/evil combination!

Steve Marriott's Vampire Frog

Check out Bryan Medina’s “Boogie!”   Beautiful work with the sack!

Bryan Medina's Boogie

And this is Bryan’s “Jeff”.   Magnificent!

Bryan Medina's Jeff


This is Rebecca Gee’s smoke breathing, awesome dragon!

Rebecca Gee's paper mache dragon

Nancy Krug has been making paper mache projects for a long time.  Below are a few excellent pieces!  The first is  “Elliot.” Elliot is 4 feel long and 3 feet high.  Wonderful!

Nancy Krug's Elliot

And this is Nancy’s “Frederick”.  Love that expression!

Nancy Krug's Frederick

And finally, here is Nancy’s “Big Red Sun.”  Great!

Nancy Krug's Big Red Sun


Look at this Ice Dragon made by Troy Haas.  Magnificent!   It also has lights inside the project.  You can see the dragon with those working on his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/papabear.haas.

Troy Haas paper mache trophy

Sarah Reynolds decided to make a couple masks for her kids this Halloween.  They are so cool!  First is below.

Sarah Reynolds' mask cat

Here is mask number two.

Sarah Reynolds' mask bird

And here are the masks with Sarah’s kids!  Wonderful!

Sarah Reynolds' masks with kids


Alan Faunch has been making some great dragon trophies lately.  Below are three of them.  Fantastic!

Alan Faunch's paper mache trophy2 Alan Faunch's paper mache trophy

alan's paper mache trophy

And here are a couple more of Alan’s projects, a great little dog, and Spiderman!

alan's paper mache dog

alan's paper mache spider man



Jaedyn Grant had an assignment for her Language Arts class having to do with Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”.  She and her mother, Christy, decided to make an elephant holding a heart dripping blood as a metaphor for the themes in the book.  And what a great job they did!  It took many long hours of them both working together to accomplish this piece.  Fantastic job!

John Lo Piccolo Demon Mask

She made a paper mache heart ("Heart of Darkness" - Kurtz's heart:Colonialism) with hot glue blood drips, being held like a trophy by the elephant (Congo:Nature).



This is Hetty Liet’s first paper mache dragon.  Spectacular!

Hetty Liet's paper mache dragon


John Lo Piccolo  has made some great Halloween prop!   First, here is “Uncle Norman” (and his cute friend!).

John Lo Piccolo Uncle Norman with child

Here is a close up of “Uncle Norman”

uncle norman

Here is John’s Ghoul!  Wonderful!

John Lo Piccolo Ghoul 2

And here is John’s “Demon Mask”.    All terrific.  Happy Halloween!

John Lo Piccolo Demon Mask


Jo Jo Sammons wanted a fairytale wedding.  She needed a dragon (of course).  So she made the one below.   Simply fantastic!

Jo Jo Sammons for fairy tale wedding2

Jo Jo Sammons paper mache dragon

Jo Jo Sammons for fairy tale wedding


Kim Winch wanted a Chinese dragon.  And she made a wonderful one!

Kim Winch's paper mache dragon


Look at the adorable little baby dragon made by Vicki Scales.  Superb!

Vicki Scales' paper mache baby dragon


Here is a wonderful little hippo made by Christoph Schaffer and his daughter Lotte.    Such personality!

Christoph and Lotte Schaffer's paper mache hippo

And here is a shot of the mouth.  So fun!

Christoph and Lotte Schaffer's paper mache hippo2


Here is a dragon made by Primo Rubini.  He named it “Drogon”.   Really excellent job!

Primo Rubini Drogon

Below is a trophy named “Drogo” made by Rudney Correia.   Fantastic!

Rudney Correia's paper mache dragon

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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Makes me feel like a grandpa to these projects.

Here are some more photos of paper mache art people have sent to me. If you would like me to post your photos, send them to me at, dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


Check this out!  Chris Burgess wanted to raise money for Talbot Primary School.  So he made this dragon which dispenses candy and breathes smoke!  Fantastic!

Chris Burgess dragon Chris Burgess dragon 2


Here is another really cool dragon (and castle!).   This one made by Belinda Hammond.  Fantastic!

belinda hammond dragon


Below is Graham Fice’s dragon  trophy.  Very nice work!

Graham Fice's dragon


Here is Marjorie Sarrazin’s Wampa (from Star Wars).   Beautiful!

Marjorie Sarrazin's Wampa from Star Wars


Below are some excellent projects made by Jennifer Buckingham.  First, is “Green Dragon.”

Jennifer Buckingham's Greendragon A

This next one is “Ice Dragon”.

Jennifer Buckingham's paper mache dragon

And here is Jennifer’s Medusa named “Vashj”. Fantastic!

Jennifer Buckingham's Vashj 1



This is Erick Angel Demetrio’s first dragon.  Looks like a super hero dragon to me.  Great job!

erick angel Demetrio's first dragon


Steven Collins made this monster for a video.  Wonderful!

Steven Collins' monster


Below are two of Sue Gregson’s dragons.  The hanging one is “Geoffrey” and the trophy is “Arthur.”  Excellent!

Sue Gregson's Geoffrey Sue Gregson's Arthur


Phil and his son Jupiter (in the photo) made their first dragon.   Fantastic!

 Jupiter with Phil's dragon


Beate (from Germany) made a couple of marvelous dragons.   First is her Chinese dragon “Long” made for good luck.  Underneath is her second dragon made to accompany the princess.   Excellent pieces!

Beate from Germany's "Long" beate's dragon Long-close up

 Germany's second dragon


Phyllis  Wheaton made this amazing dragon!   It is 50 feet long!  She used paper mache on the head.  So cool!

PHYLLIS Wheaton's dragon

Here is Kristýna_Macková’s first dragon, “Bóďa”. Wonderful!

Kristýna_Macková Bóďa

Below is a dragon trophy made by Eddie Sheffield.   He won some awards with this.  I can see why!

Eddie Sheffield's dragon2 Eddie Sheffield's dragon


Here are a couple of dragons made by Brenda Nyhof.  First, a beautiful dragon for the wall!

Brenda Nyhof's dragon

And here is Brenda’s dragon trophy.  Excellent!

Brenda Nyhof 's paper mache dragon trophy



Deborah Palazzolo lives in Geneva, Switerland.  She found a copy of my first book from years ago, The Simple Screamer.  So she made a screamer and named it “Chichila.”  I think it’s adorable.  Great job!

Deborah Palazzolo's Screamer"Chichila"

This is Hope D Clark’s dragon.   Very nicely done!

Hope D Clark's dragon


Jesus lives in Columbia.   After seeing some of my videos he decided to make hiw own dragon.  What a beautiful job!

jesus paper mache dragon

Below is Vanessa’s first paper mache dragon.   Nicely done!

Vanessa's paper mache dragon


Kyle Dickens  made this award winning two-headed dragon.  Magnificent!

Kyle Dickens 2 headed drgaon

And here is Kyle’s Frog Monster.   Wonderful!

Kyle Dickens frog monster


Here is one of Ben Juenger’s dragons!   Great!  You can see his video of this here.

Ben Juenger's dragon

Here are Gretel Krusel’s  cute cats.   The one on the right is Mabel.  Gretel’s son calls the one on the left “God Cat”.  The one in the middle is yet to be named.

Gretel Krusel's paper mache cats



Check out Mike Esker’s (Aka “This Old Geek”) King Cobra.  Excellent!

Mike Esker's King Cobra Mike Esker's King Cobra-back

And this is Mike’s new snowman, on vacation!  Funny!

This old geek (mike esker) paper mache snowman


Christopher Bach made this wonderful dragon named,  “Sharok”.

Christopher Bach's Sharok 2

This deserves another angle.   Excellent work!

Christopher Bach's sharok


Sally Atkins teaches in a school in Dorset England.  She made this Smaug, with the help of some kids, for the library she works in.   This is terrific!

Sally Atkins' -from Dorset England-Smaug in the library


Sarah Moses Earl made a dragon for her son.   He seems to like it!  Great job!

Sarah Moses Earl dragon2

Here is another view of just the dragon.

Sarah Moses Earl's dragon for son


Below are three wonderful dragons made by Tim Speyer.  Love the movement in these!

Tim Speyer's new paper mache dragon

Tim Speyer's new paper mache dragon- close up

Tim Speyer's black paper mache dragon Tim Speyer's black dragon- close up

Tim Speyer's gold paper mache dragon Tim Speyer's gold paper mache dragon- close up



Sabrina Schröer made this great dragon trophy!

Sabrina Schröer's paper mache dragon


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  And more photos sent to me by people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

Ben is a friend from Australia.  He does great paper mache work.  Here a few example.  First, his latest three.  Look at this trophy!  Magnificent!

ben's paper mache dragon2

And Ben’s full dragon.   Wow!

ben's paper mache dragon

And he makes great dinosaurs.  Look at this!

ben's paper mache dinosaur

Speaking of dinosaurs, here is one of Ben’s earlier pieces.

Ben's paper mache T-rex

And another of his dragons.  Really wonderful work Ben!

Ben's paper mache dragon

This is Pene Steven’s paper mache dragon.  I love the photo!

Pene Steven's paper mache dragon2

Speaking of dragons, here is Phillip Stone’s paper mache  baby dragon.  Very cute!

Phillip Stone's paper mache dragon

Here is something different!  Sheri Tamaddon made this paper mache monster on this staircase.  So fun!

Sheri Tamaddon's paper mache monster

Then Sheri made this chair.   I love the melted look!

Sheri Tamaddon's paper mache chair

Victoria lives in Mexico, a country rich in paper mache history.  This is her “Chinelo on parade”

Victoria's paper mache chinelo on parade-1

This is Richelle Gardner with her paper mache dragon head.  Fantastic!

Richelle Gardner's paper mache dragon

Look at Marie Morrison’s paper mache werewolf!  She calls him, appropriately, “Harry”.  This is really amazing!

Marie Morrison's paper mache werewolf

Below is Heath Lambert’s paper mache dragon.  Very nicely done.

Heath Lambert's paper mache dragon

And here is another of Heath’s dragons.  This time a trophy.

Heath Lambert's paper mache trophy head2

Heath just finished another trophy.   Wonderful work!

Heath Lambert's paper mache dragon trophy

Paper mache has long been used for political statements.   Check out Elise Reed’s paper mache “Scalia pinata”

Elise Reed's paper mache Scalia pinata

I love a great photograph.  Below is Lisa Albien’s paper mache dragon, in context.   So cool!

Lisa Albien's paper mache dragon

And here is another dragon of Lisa’s.

Lisa Albien's paper mache dragon

Now this is a show stopper.  Bonnie made this paper mache horse head named “chrome'”.  It sits on top of a full sized horse topiary in her yard.   Wonderful!

Bonnie's paper mache "chrome'", the horse

Below is Etienne’s paper mache mask.  Great!

Etienne's paper mache mask

Jens Schmidt made this paper mache dragon.  Here it is with his son.   Very nice!

Jens Schmidt's paper mache dragon 2

Look at Ben’s paper mache T-rex.  Outstanding!

Ben's paper mache T-rex

Ben also made this excellent paper mache dragon.   Wonderful!

Ben's paper mache dragon

And here is another great dragon made by Rebecca Nichols.  Fantastic job!

rebecca nichol's paper mache dragon;

Here is a close-up.

rebecca Nichol's paper mache dragon

Below is Jason Sluder’s paper mache dragon.   Another wonderful dragon! jason's paper mache dragon close up jason's paper mache dragon

This is Doug Ferrin’s paper mache Bat-Devil Girl!   Very nice!

Doug Ferrin's paper mache bat-devil girl


Sue Guildford has been working hard on her paper mache.  She has made some delightful dragons…

mark and sues paper mache monsters 4

…as well as this crazy chicken- like thing.

mark and sues paper mache monsters 2

Sue teaches kids how to view trash as potential art  (a subject close to my heart considering the title of my monster book)!   You can see what she is up to here.

James Osterberg decided to try his hand at paper and cloth mache “about a year ago” (he tells me).    That’s astounding considering what he has made in that time.  Fantastic work!   Check out …

“Hambone”  I love this piece.
james osterberg paper mache hambone
And this beautiful little dragon.

james osterberg paper mache

Make sure you check out more of Jame’s work on his website, Studio Osterberg and his blog.

Here is Heidi’s paper mache monster.  Adorable

heidis paper mache monster front heidis paper mache monster back

Below is Josh’s paper mache Angler Fish.  Magnificent!

joshs paper mache angler fish with leds

PS.  The eyes light up!

Look at Isabel’s (age 8) paper mache lizard.   Fabulous!

isabelle's paper mache lizard

Fernando is a friend of mine who lives in Puerto Rico.   He used my videos and book to make his own Drogon from Game of Thrones.  In fact, he has a girlfriend who looks like Daenerys!  Here they are together.
fernandos girlfriend with paper mache dragon2
He also used the techniques to make this dragon mask.  Great work!
fernandos paper mache dragon mask
Here is a float made by Rolf.  He lives in the Netherlands.  Check out the grasshopper and the caterpillar! They are made with expanded polystyrene.
rolfs paper mache bug on floatrolfs paper mache catepillar on float

This is Ana’s first paper mache dragon.   I think it’s amazing!  His name is “Cacharrito”
anas paper mache dragon

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Last December I was approached by the Dragon Master Foundation.   They were looking for some help raising money for their efforts in fighting cancer.  They asked my if I would make them a paper mache dragon to give away in a campaign.   Now, I get asked all the time to contribute something or other to many causes, most of them worthy.  But as I got to know the people involved in this foundation, the more inclined I was to help.  Trust me, these are dedicated, good people.   They really want to beat this disease.   (Their expense ratio is less than 1%!  No paid staff.  ALL the proceeds  go to fighting this disease.) And I decided I wanted to help.    And they have such a great name (and logo)!  So I made them this dragon.   That is the least I can do to help.   I put a lot of time into this.   I’m hoping that all the people who have asked me to make them dragons will consider trying to win this.  Better yet, I hope they decide to join this fight, with the chance of winning this dragon.   The campaign runs from May 1 to June 15, 2015.

So watch the dragon being made by clicking on the photo below.   The go here to support the cause and get your chance to win the dragon.

Paper mache dragon- white profile

Click this to watch the video