Welcome! This is a site about Paper Mache.   This is my new, revised website.  It is still under construction.  Please be patient.   I will have it up to full speed soon.  Mostly I’m behind re-posting the 25 or so pages I had of other people’s paper mache art.   In case you are wondering, my last webhost suspended my website because I was using too much bandwidth.   Hard to imagine.  So I had to scramble and get this new site up and running quickly.
My name is Dan Reeder.  I’m a paper mache artist living in Seattle, Washingmachine.   I’ve been using my own non-traditional paper mache methods for more than four decades.  I’ve spent most of that time trying to convince the world to give this under-rated, under-utilized art form a try.   Maybe this site will do it for you.  Paper mache is simply a wonderful vehicle for artistic self-expression.

So take a look around.  Follow the links at the top of the page to see some of “My Paper Mache.”   I love to show off the work of other paper mache artists as well.  Check out “Your Paper Mache.”   Perhaps that will be enough to get you interested in my paper mache techniques.  If so, you might want to look at my latest, “Paper Mache Videos.”    And I have “My Books” that explain everything I know about paper mache.   I do sell my work once in a while.   So I have a “Art for Sale” page as well.  There is more “About Me” and “Site Map” (for spiders who are lost).  What else?  Oh yes, I have a “Blog” page that leads to my other Gourmet Paper Mache Blog.   There you can see what I’m working on at the moment.  I detail the making of my latest projects and offer commentary about paper mache, and anything else that pops into my mind.  Finally, because I get asked the same questions over and over and over I decided to add a “FAQ” page.   Thank you for stopping by!

Oh…while you are here….

I participate in the “Top 100 craft site” report.  If you like this site (I think I’m the only paper mache site on the list)please cast your vote for me by clicking the link below.    It will open a window for you to view the list.    Look at the list, or stay at my site and browse.   Either way, thanks for visiting!  And thanks for your support of my rather eccentric art style. 

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