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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  And more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


Michael Mccaffrey’s made his first paper mache dragon trophy.   Here it is with daughter Raven.   Beautiful on both counts!

Michael Mccaffrey's paper mache dragon trophy with daughter Raven


Dulcie Horwitz never does anything small.   Below are a couple of examples.  First, she belongs to a tae kwan do club and they wanted a dragon to be their mascot.  So she assembled a group of volunteers and using my paper mache techniques they made it.  What a beautiful dragon! Fantastic work!

dulcies paper mache dragonDulcie also made a paper mache dragon to accompany a story line her son was involved in at school.   Here are her kids working on the dragon (great book he is using as a guide!).

dulcie and kids making their paper mache dragon

And here is the dragon hanging at school.

dulcie paper mache dragon

Even better, here is “Master Gordon and Company” with paper mache dragon.   Where?  In the castle of course!  Such fun!

Master Gordon and Company with paper mache dragon


I have knows Carlos for a long time.   He is a great paper mache artist.   He is a great artist, period.    Here are some of his pieces.   First, check out his Predator!  Here is the face.

carlos paper mache pedator1

And here is the entire project.  Here is Carlos with his Predator and his son.  Wonderful!

carlos new paper mache predator

carlos paper mache zombie with daughterAnd here is Carlos’ paper mache project along with another one of his adorable kids.

Carlos also made a great paper mache crocodile dragon!  (He dedicated this project to me.  I’m severely flattered.  Thank you my friend Carlos!)

carlos paper mache dragon

And his paper mache dinosaur!   Excellent work!

carlos paper mache dinosaur

Carlos also made this wonderful paper mache alien bust.

carlos paper mache alien

carlos paper mache alien- back

Here is another project made by Carlos.  Magnificent!

Carlos Alberto Moran Martinez's paper mache

And here is Carlos’ latest projects.  A speckled bear and and condor.  Excellent as always!

carlos moran's paper mache spectacled bear 2 carlos moran's paper mache spectacled bear

carlos moran's paper mache condor

Thanks Carlos!  To see more of Carlos’ work, check out his Facebook page.


Now here is Justin and Bonnie with their first paper mache monster “Mantenna.”  Cool!   justin and bonnie's creature

Even though these aren’t made of paper mache, they send a few photos of other work they have done, mainly with gourds!  This guy is called “Salad Fingers”.  Not sure what he is made of.

justin bonnie paper mache salad fingers

And here is Justin and Bonnie’s “Shrek” made out of pumpkins and paint!

justin bonnie Shrek made out of pumpkin

And finally, here is Justin and Bonnie’s “Krang” made entirely out of gourds!  Amazing.

justin bonnie Krang made out of gord


Back to paper mache.  Nicole has some pretty great paper mache creations!  First, it’s always nice to have  part of a beast coming through your wall!

nicoles paper mache beast


And some eyeballs as well!


nicoles paper mache eyeball thing

Nicole also made some cool paper mache license plate covers!  Look at the mouth!  So great!

nicoles paper mache license plate cover

And look at Nicole’s version of a paper mache piggy.   I love this!

nicoles paper mache pig


And one good piggy deserves another.  This time a paper mache “Zombie Piggy”.   Wonderful wonderful!

nicoles paper mache zombie pig

Finally, here is Nicole’s paper mache “Mini-Moose.”    All terrific!

nicoles paper mache mini moose


Here is Michelles paper mache snake.  Very nice!

michelles paper mache snake

And here paper mache Owl!  Excellent!

michelle paper mache sowl

This is Austin Robinson’s first paper mache project, a Lion’s Head.     I love the mane!
austins paper mache lion head
Jane Lennon mades wonderful paper mache pieces.  They are also waterproof, a very difficult thing to accomplish with paper mache.   Here is “Meat and Greet”  Jane is out of Australia.
lennons paper mache meat and greet
Karen made a paper mache throne.    What a great idea!  A few views.
Karens paper mache throne with footstool
Karens paper mache throne
karens paper mache back of throne
Marc with his paper mache “Griffin Monster” costume.  Love it!
marc and griffin paper mache monster1
marc and griffin paper mache monster2


Lisa made this turtle with Celuclay.   The detail is simply amazing I think!

Lisas paper mache boxed turtle1

Lisas paper mache boxed turtle2


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  More photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!


I’ll start with Noe’s paper mache masterpieces.   So incredible!    You can find more at Noe’s art blog here.

noes paper mache 3 noes paper mache 2 noes paper mache 1


My friend Aaron Stewart has his own style of paper mache.   He makes some very unique dragons.   I think they are magnificent!

aaron stewart's paper mache green dragon


aaron stewart's paper mache "glacier"

And look at this dragon trophy!  Wonderful!

aaron's paper mache Guardian Dragon Trophy

Look at this very cool skull that Aaron made!

Aaron Stewart's paper mache skull

Finally, here is one of Aaron’s first paper mache dragons.  I think it is wonderful!

aaron stewarts paper mache dragon 2


Another paper mache artist friend friend of mine, Kelvin, does some great work.   First is one of my favorites.   The term “Paper Mache” in the US often conjures up images of paper mache piggies made by school children.   I’ve often made fun of that characterization of the medium.  But I totally approve of this version.   Not the smoking…but the attitude!  So funny!

kelvins paper mache pig thing


Kelvin also does some fantastic fish!  Here are two.


kelvins paper mache fish

kelvin's paper mache fish

And Kelvin’s wonderful paper mache dog!   This is quite large.

kelvins paper mache dog3

And look at Kelvin’s Predator.   Amazing rendition!


Kelvins paper mache predator

Then there is this funny little guy that Kelvin made.  Not sure what it’s called.

kelvins paper mache thing


My friend Tyson Horn teaches sculpture in his art classes.   His 8th grade student, Makenna, made this fantastic paper mache dog.  I love it!

Makenna's paper mache dog


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I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.  More photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

I love this photo.   This young man, Tosin Olagunju, made some fantastic paper mache birds!  I’ll start with them.

Tosin Olagunju paper mache birds


Peter Thomas is a great artist.   Check out this Tyrannosaurus. It is a combination of paper mache and plastic wrap.   Just amazing.  Peter Thomas' paper mache dinosaur2

And if that isn’t enough, look at his paper mache alien!

Peter Thomas's paper mache alien

Here is Peter using my cloth mache technique on this dinosaur.   That’s pretty cool too.

peter thomas' paper mache dinosaur


I have another friend Juan Beltran who lives in Spain and has become obsessed with paper mache.    I love it!  Here are some of his projects.

You can find him on Facebook here.  Here are some of Juan’s pieces.  First, here is Juan with some of his dragons.

juan beltran's paper mache dragon 2

His blue dragon.

juan beltran's paper mache blue dragon

juan beltran's paper mache dragon 3

And Juan with more dragons and one of his great kids.   I love her attitude!

juan's paper mache dragons


Juan has also made some paper mache insects.   Check out this mosquito.

juans beltrans paper mache bug

And his scorpion.

Juan beltran's paper mache scorpion

And here is his version of my Dark Butterfly.

juan beltran's paper mache dark butterfly

And his paper mache warrior elf princess.

juan's new paper mache woman

And another little dragon with Juan’s son.   Wonderful!

uans beltrans paper mache monster 3

Finally, here is another little baby dragon.

juan beltran's paper mache dragon


Lynne Boltons  makes some great paper mache art.   I love this next piece.

lynne bolton's paper mache art


And here is Lynne’s paper mache girl.  So cool.

lynne boltons paper mache girl


This is Diann’s first paper mache monster, “Snort”.  Cute!

dianns paper mache mr snort2


And here is Tracy’s monster in a cage, “Petunia.”  I love using old bird cages for monsters.

tracys paper mache monster in cage

I love these Screamers.   Travis is a professor in a university in Texas.   He wrote me a very nice note (and written and sent in the mail!) a long time ago telling me that my first book, The Simple Screamer, changed his life, that he would have been an accountant, or something as dreadful (his words) if he hadn’t seen my book.   He made some Screamer  and it changed his life.  Now he is a professor of art history.   I was (still am) so incredibly flattered.

Here is Travis’ alien screamer.   Look at the spaceship he is riding!   So fun!

travis paper mache screamer 1

And here is his screamer on a rope.   Wonderful!  Thank you Travis!

travis paper mache screamer 2


Now I’ve argued that people who send me photos often look like the art they create.   This is Niles with his paper mache dragon “Miguel”.  Q.E.D.

Great work Niles!

Niles paper mache dragon Miguel

Here is Nicole’s paper mache dragon.   Cute!
nicoles paper mache dragon2
And here is her cat with a dragon head.
nikkis cat with paper mache head
And here is Nicole wearing another paper mache dragon head.    Terrific!
nicoles paper mache dragon head
Al Sugarman has been making lots of dragons.  He has certainly mastered my  “cloth mache” techinques.   Here are a few.   He also makes some fantastic Halloween displays.   If you’d like to see more, you can at Sliver of Darkness.
als paper mache dragon2
als paper mache dragon 5
als paper mache dragon1
als paper mache dragon 3
Here are a pair of Alison’s paper mache dragons.  They are the subject of a book she is writing.   Very nice!
alisons paper mache dragons
Here is my French friend Marie’s paper mache monster plant.   Love it!

maries paper mache monster plant


Phyl works at an elementary school.  She made this paper mache dragon for her library.   She is named “Lucy”.

Here she is sans the wings.

phyls paper mache Lucy sans wings

And a surprise was added!  Check out the baby!  What fun!

Phyls paper mache lucy

Mario makes paper mache heads for Halloween.   Here are a few.  So great!
marios paper mache nightmare head
marios paper mache yoda head
marios paper mache marvin head
marios paper mache charlie brown head
Dan C. makes some great paper mache pieces.   Here are a few.   First, his wall hanging called “The Piece”
dans paper mache piece
Here is “Jeeves”
dans paper mache jeeves
Dan’s scene called, “The Move”
dans paper mache the move
A few assorted Screamer Ants!
dans paper mache screamer ants
This is Dan’s “Trapper”
dans paper mache trapper
And finally, Dan’s “Boog”
dans paper mache boog

I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   Here are more photos sent to me from people doing paper mache.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

First, look at Nancy Arsenault’s paper mache birds!   Just incredible pieces! Here is one of her owls.

Nancy Arsenault's paper mache owl

And another wonderful owl just completed by Nancy.

Nancy Arsenault's paper mache owl2 Nancy Arsenault's paper mache owl- back

And some amazing eagles!

Nancy Arsenault's paper mache eagles

Here are a few more projects made by Nancy.  All fantastic!  First, here Zebra.

nancy arsenault's zebra

And a giraffe.

nancy arsenault 's giraffe2

A doll.

nancy arsenault 's pape mache

And Nancy’s Lion.

nancy arsenault's lion

Nancy just sent me her newest project, a fantastic elephant!  Amazing as always!

Nancy Arsenault's elephant

And from the side.

Nancy Arsenault"s elephant side

Oh, and here is Nancy with her dolphin!   Excellent!

Nancy Arsenault and her dolphin


Tetiana Monnier used my videos to make her own paper mache dragon and fish.   Great job!

Tetyana's paper mache dragon Tetyana's paper mache fish

Tetiana just finished another dragon, this time white.  Beautiful work!   And look at her Trojan Horse.  Amazing!

Tetiana Monnier's White Dragon Tetiana Monnier's Trojan Horse


I love Pamela Siter’s paper mache octopus.  Just wonderful!

Pamela Siter's paper mache octopus


Thomas Thiem has made a few paper mache dragons.   Here are a couple.  Excellent.

Thomas' paper mache dragon 1 Thomas' paper mache dragon2


Here is a great paper mache Goblin!   This was made by Jeanne Greenleaf Lebow and is called  “NeneFest.”

Jeanne Greenleaf Lebow's paper mache Goblin NeneFest


Ann-Christine Borja’s  has been making some very nice paper mache art.  Here are three of her pieces.

The first is titled, “Ugglepippi” (owlbird).    Very nice work!

Ann-Christine Borja's paper mache “Ugglepippi” (owlbird)bird

The next is her Ann-Christine’s “Dinobird.”   This is an alebrije, in the mexican tradition of one of her teachers.

Ann-Christine Borja's paper mache alebrije “Dinobird”

And this is Ann-Christine’s “Pica Pica”  (magpie).  Great job!

Ann-Christine Borja's paper mache "Pica Pica" (magpie)


Here is a great paper mache dragon trophy made by Pauline Marshall.   I think this is a really nice trophy!

Pauline's paper mache dragon tophy2


Speaking of dragons, here is Sharyn Evanich’s first paper mache dragon.   Nicely done!

sharyn evanich's red dragon 2


Arthur made this paper mache bird based upon the Pixar short movie “For the Birds”.   If you watch that you’ll know which one this is.

arthurs paper mache bird


Here are a few of Joquim’s paper mache projects, two men and a bug.  Lots of fun here!

Joaquim's paper mache man 1

Joaquim's paper mache man 2 joaquim's paper mache bug

I really like this dragon.  John Cicilio brought it to work and hung it up.    Everyone should have a dragon at work!
john Cicilio's paper mache dragon
This is the paper mache mask Forest made for his son.   Lucky kid!
forest's paper mache mask2
John Dawson has been doing paper mache for a long time.  It shows.  Here are some of his pieces.
First, his excellent Imperial dragon!
paper mache Imperial Dragon By John Dawson
“Hello There” by John Dawson
Paper mache Hello There by John Dawson
And here is John’s “Barbiefeeder”
Paper mache Barbiefeeder By John Dawson
John is also a Bronco fan.   Here is his paper mache fan!
Paper mache Broncos Fan By John Dawson
And here is John himself with one of his masks!
John Dawson's paper mache Dragon head cropped
Below is John’s “Angry Golfer”
paper mache Angry Golfer By John Dawson
Another cool fish.  John calls this his “Ugly Fish”.
paper mache Ugly Fish by John Dawson
And finally, here is John’s paper mache bat.   Great work John!
john Dawson's paper mache bat
I love it when teachers do paper mache with kids.   It is messy and hard work.  I did it for years so I know what I’m talking about.  But the kids will remember those lessons forever.    Josh Young had his kids make “Screamer” heads.    First, here is a “Screamer Convention” (note: “Screamers” refer to the monsters from my first book, The Simple Screamer:  A Guide to the Art of Paper and Cloth Mache (1984, Gibbs Smith Publisher))
paper mache Screamer Convention
And here is a sample of the individual heads.
paper mache screamer head4
paper mache screamer head2
paper mache screamer head3
paper mache screamer head1
And Emily Hamlin teaches paper mache to 6th graders.   What a great bunch of kids!  I got to talk to them on Skype as they were working on their projects.  Again, here is a sampling of the finished pieces.    I didn’t have room for all of the photos.  Great job kids!
emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 2 emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 3 emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 4 emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 5
emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project 6 emily hamlin's sixth grade paper mache project
Here are a couple of Eric Pilkington’s paper mache projects.   A fantastic dragon and a great fish!
Eric Pinlkington's paper mache dragon
eric's paper mache fish 2
And here is William Benson’s first paper mache dragon head (along with some assorted weapons).   Good job!
william benson's paper mache dragon 2
Patricia Thompson has been using my books to make Screamers for a while now.   She even teaches classes to other adults.  Here are a couple of her wonderful paper mache Screamers, Sammy and his brother Stan.    What fun!
Patricia Thompson's paper mache Screamers

I’m always thrilled when people use my books and videos and to make something they love.   If you have paper mache art works that you would like me to display send them to me at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.   Enjoy!

Kristin is another terrific art teacher.   She teaches in Missouri.  After watching a few of my videos one of her 10th grade student’s made this amazing paper mache trophy!

kristin's 10th grade student's paper mache project

 Look at Wade’s paper mache rabbit mask!  And his Steam Punk fish!   Awesome!Wade's paper mache rabbit mask

Wade’s magnificent paper mache fish!

wade's paper mache fish

Cory made this excellent paper mache dragon costume for his daughter.   Beautiful…the costume and the girl!

cory's paper mache costume

Bill Wehmeier made this very nice paper mache “Baby Dragon”.  If you would like to see more of his work, you can do so here.

Bill Wehmeier's paper mache "Baby Dragon"

I love this project.  This is Xenia’s first paper mache project.   A zombie bigger than she is! (Xenia is on the right!  🙂

xenias paper mache zombie outside

This deserves a couple more shots.

Xenia's paper mache zombie

and from the back.

xenias paper mache zombie-back

And check this out.  It even lights up!  Wow!   Fantastic job Xenia!

xenia's paper mache zombie


Beth Bowden decided that her grandson needed something nice for his bedroom.  So she made this paper mache dinosaur!  What a lucky kid!

Beth Bowden's paper mache dinosaur


This is Julie Joest’s paper mache monster, “Bertha”.  What fun!

julie joest's paper mache monster front


Nikki made a paper mache monster, but added a really cool twist…fur!  So adorable!

Nikki's paper mache furry monster

Diann McDonald has been making lot’s of paper mache projects.   Here is a sampling.

Diann Mcdonald's paper mache girl Diann Mcdonald's paper mache man on the moon


Diann’s “Man on the Moon”

Diann Mcdonald's paper mache project

diann mcdonalds paper mache tree house

And Diann’s paper mache “Tree House”.  And below is a cute sculpture based upon her dad and his special car.

diann's paper mache car2

Great work Diann!


Lisa is also a prolific paper mache artist!   Here is some of her work.   First, a great dragon!

Lisa's paper mache dragon

And this is one of my favorite paper mache pieces, a little artist mouse!  Adorable!

Lisa's paper mache mouse

And what would life be without a band of paper mache pickles!  Wonderful Lisa!

Lisa's paper mache pickles


Here is a great paper mache monster made by Colin! Wonderful!

Collin's paper mache monster

John Paul Junk is a teacher.  He made this amazing paper mache dragon for his classroom.  He removed ceiling tiles for this.  I’m sure his students think he’s the best.   I agree.
John Paul Junk's paper mache dragonBart watched my mask making tutorials on Youtube and made his own mask.  Excellent job Bart!
Bart's paper mache mask
Speaking of cool paper mache masks, this is Todd’s.
Todd's paper mache mask
And my friend Miguel Ruiz’s made this fantastic paper mache Ganehsa mask!
miguel Ruiz's paper mache Ganehsa mask


Below is Arthur’s paper mache dragon trophy.   Excellent!
arthur's paper mache dragon face

My friend Glenn Terry has been making great paper mache projects for a while now.   Here are a couple  You can see more on his website

Glenn Terry's paper mache eagle mask

Glenn’s excellent Eagle mask.  And look at his paper mache bike helmet!  I’m sure he gets some strange looks!

Glenn Terry's paper mache mask

And here is one of Glenn’s paper mache monsters.   So fun!
Glenn Terry's green monster

I am a cat lover, so you know how much I love Jaime Diaz’s paper mache cat.

Jamie's paper mache cat
And Jamie’s amazing paper mache alligator…
Jamie's paper mache alligator
Jamie's paper mache alligator 2
Jamie's paper mache fish
… and fish!  Terrific Jamie!
Finally, here is Lisa Dawn Cornwell’s paper mache Gargoyle.   Perfect!
Lisa Dawn Cornwell's paper mache Gargoyle

Last December I was approached by the Dragon Master Foundation.   They were looking for some help raising money for their efforts in fighting cancer.  They asked my if I would make them a paper mache dragon to give away in a campaign.   Now, I get asked all the time to contribute something or other to many causes, most of them worthy.  But as I got to know the people involved in this foundation, the more inclined I was to help.  Trust me, these are dedicated, good people.   They really want to beat this disease.   (Their expense ratio is less than 1%!  No paid staff.  ALL the proceeds  go to fighting this disease.) And I decided I wanted to help.    And they have such a great name (and logo)!  So I made them this dragon.   That is the least I can do to help.   I put a lot of time into this.   I’m hoping that all the people who have asked me to make them dragons will consider trying to win this.  Better yet, I hope they decide to join this fight, with the chance of winning this dragon.   The campaign runs from May 1 to June 15, 2015.

So watch the dragon being made by clicking on the photo below.   The go here to support the cause and get your chance to win the dragon.

Paper mache dragon- white profile

Click this to watch the video